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Product Review: INNEX Accessories - Firecore Console and Handheld
Posted by John De Large on 11.14.2009

If you feel like playing some NES or SNES games, you've got a few options.

1) Bust out the old discolored SNES and hope the AV cables haven't disintegrated yet.
2) Find an emulator and ROMs.
3) Get INNEX's Retro Duo Console

Most people who got the Retro Duo tend to ask "Where's the console that plays Genesis games?" and "How come the Genesis gets no love?" For a while I thought that the guys INNEX had actually snubbed the 16-bit console that all the 90's cool kids played, but then I discovered that they had something out there for all the Sega enthusiasts: The Firecore.

This is bad-ass in a glass, right here!

The Firecore is a tiny console that comes with 20 pre-loaded Sega Genesis games (the good stuff too, like Alien Storm, Altered Beast, Golden Axe and Sonic and Knuckles). The Firecore also plays any North American or European cartridges (even the busted up ones!) that you may have left over from the golden decade of gaming and it even plays "pseudo 32-bit games," which likely means it can play 32X games. I wouldn't know for sure since I don't have any 32X cartridges laying around.

Upon firing up the Firecore for the first time, I was treated to an easy to use interface that let me pick my choice of pre-loaded game. The interface used is simple enough, even if it looks like it was designed in MS Paint. The controllers are pretty nice and are very familiar looking, since they're basically the same as the six buttoned Genesis controller. The controllers handle well; just like the Retro Duo's controls before it there is no lag between input and action. As for the games themselves, the in-game graphics are crystal clear and the games are quite the faithful ports and they will play just as you remember them!

If all of these Sega games are starting to sound enticing to you, but you'd rather not hook another system up to your TV or maybe you're kind of gamer who likes game-on-the-go, INNEX has you covered yet again with their handheld version of the Firecore. This sweet little handheld has all the same features of the Firecore (minus the ability to play the cartridges) and runs on just 3 AAA batteries!

As cool as the Firecores are, they aren't perfect. While playing them, you might notice that the music sounds a little off. If you're expecting to hear familiar music while you play your favorite throwback, then you might be surprised when you end up hearing what sounds like an arranged soundtrack. Also, I like the selection of games on here, but having Sonic 3, Toe Jam and Earl or what seems to be everyone's favorite, Comix Zone on the play list would've been awesome. In fact, I'm willing to bet the inclusion of the latter game would've caused the Firecore to disappear off shelves as fast as possible. In fact, if the Firecore only offered the ability to play just those 3 games, I'm pretty sure retro gamers everywhere would've been happy.

The 411
If you miss those Sega Genesis classics, but all you've got are cartridges or you've never even played a Sega Genesis game, pick this console up and give it a try! It's small, easy to set up, comes equipped with a varied playlist of games, plays old favorites and even supports two players! What else do you want?

Graphics0.0411 Elite Award
Lasting Appeal0.0 
Fun Factor 0.0 
Overall9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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