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411's Live! NWA: TNA Coverage: Dupps, Shamrock Vs. Sabu
Posted by Ashish on 07.24.2002

-Goldylocks is backstage with the Dupps. She says she will walk off if they make any other inappropriate comments. Dupps wanted a match and said you can get a match by bumping in to someone (ha). Bo Dupp bumped into Ian Harrison and we have a match.

Ian Harrison vs. Bo Dupp
-Another very bad match. Stan Dupp ran in causing Ian to get the DQ win.
Winner: Ian Harrison

-Shamrock finally found Jarrett backstage and the two had a brawl. Don Harris tells Shamrock he will handle Jarrett, and to go wrestle Sabu.

-They showed highlights of the Sabu ladder match from last week.

NWA World Title Ladder Match
Ken Shamrock vs. Sabu
-Remember, the rules here are that you can win by either climbing the ladder and getting the belt, or via a submission hold. TNA has not hyped up this match at all throughout the entire show which is not smart. There is also very little time left for this match, which is not a good indication. A few minutes into the match, Tenay says TNA security has left the building due to being sick of having to break up so many brawls. So to keep things in order, Ricky Steamboat returns next week. The match itself was a huge disappointment and riddled with mistakes. Shamrock went up the ladder to get the belt. Malice was supposed to run down and stop him, but took forever to come down and thus ruined the entire spot, forcing Shamrock to stall on the ladder. Malice finally did come down, knock Shamrock off the ladder, go up and get the title, and leave with it. Very bad finish.
Winner: Match Thrown Out

-It sounded like they made some sort of announcement before the show ended but it got cut off.

Lasting Appeal 
Fun Factor  
Overall   [ Torture ]  legend


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