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Serious Sam Double D XXL Review (Xbox Live Arcade)
Posted by Todd Vote on 03.15.2013

Title: Serious Sam Double D XXL
Publisher: Mastertronic
Developer: Mommy's Best Games
Players: 1-2
Rating: M for Mature

Serious Sam DD XXL is a platform shooter involving many, many guns, and many many over the top bad guys to use those guns on. Having almost no experience with any game in the Serious Sam franchise, I really had no idea what to expect going into this thing, so I did a little research. Apparently DD XXL is a game where Sam's developers Croteam sanctioning the use of Sam to Mommy's Best Games as part of the Serious Sam Indie Series.

Another way that this Serious Sam game differs from the main series is that it is a side scrolling platform shooter. To my knowledge, most of Sam's games have been FPS titles. Sam doesn't have to go at it alone this time, as a second player can drop in at any time and take control of Dan "Huff" Huffington. Dan apparently was an innocent bystander who was caught in Sam's temporal wake, but shares Sam's affinity for destroying and mutilating monsters. So it is up to Sam and Huff (in local co-op play) to stop what may or may not be the return of Serious Sam nemesis, Mental.

The game controls fairly well, the only thing I ran into problems with, was keeping an eye on everything that is happening around you, while simultaneously being able to aim the guns where I needed them to be aimed. You shoot with the right trigger button, and move with the left stick, while aiming your guns is mapped to the right stick. I found myself constantly having to readjust my aim slightly to hit the targets I was trying to hit. Now this could very well have been a problem limited to myself, and could be attributed to my lack of coordination. I would not fault you for wondering if that was the case. I have played games similar to this in the past with absolutely no problem. I just felt like getting the guns to aim where you needed them could sometimes be a problem. Other than that, the controls are responsive, and everything works pretty well.

Sam and Huff have plenty at their disposal to aid in their quest, including the new jump pad, as well as the ability to stack guns. The jump pad does just that; it gives Sam the ability to jump higher, and also if timed correctly, can be used to wall jump and reach those hard to get at locations. They jump pad is always left where you throw it, until you need it again. When you need it just point where you want it and push LB button. I say 'if timed right', when it comes to the wall jumping, because it has to be just that. In order to pull off the wall jump, you have to fairly quick on your controls. You have to throw the jump pad at the wall, then as soon as you bounce off, you have to redirect your aim to the next wall, and push the LB button again in quick succession. If you miss it, you fall and will have to try again. Don't get me wrong, the jump pad is a nice feature, and it helps more than it hinders, I just feel that implementing it for the wall jumping could have been done quite a bit better.

I guess that bring us to the part that keeps me playing this game, the gun stacking. stacking guns is a great feature, and one I don't recall ever seeing used before. Now we aren't talking about combining weapons to create new weapons. Combining a shotgun with a chainsaw will not create some chainsaw firing shotgun. What the system does is literally stack your guns on top of each other, enabling you them all at once (up to five per stack). you can stack a chainsaw with a Tommy gun and a shotgun. If that isn't perking up your nips, try stacking a grenade launcher with a couple of Tommy guns. the possibilities are only as limited as the number of connectors you find throughout the game. The connectors are highly necessary in order to begin stacking your weapons. You will need one for every weapon you want to add to your stack.

The enemies in the game range from quirky to just plain nuts! Things like kamikaze bombers, and flying chimps that appear to be missing limbs. There is never a shortage of enemies, and occasionally the game with throw such a large amount at you at one time, that trying to navigate through everything, can be quite a daunting task. Fortunately, the game doesn't suffer any slowdown when this happens, none that I noticed anyway.

The story of the game, along with the humor that is written into the game really keep things flowing for you. Listening to Sam spout off one liners, more than once, had left me laughing out loud. The locales take you from Egypt, to the times of the dinosaurs, and back again. The sounds and music choices are fitting for a game of this nature, I especially like the metal-like riff you hear when you acquire a new weapon.

The Final 411
Serious Sam DD XXL is a fun platforming shooter, that has actually got me curious enough to perhaps check out some of Sam's other titles that are available. The gun stacking and fast paced action kept me coming back, and kept the game interesting. Serious Sam is a fun, humorous experience that is well worth your time.

+ Gun Stacking
+ I love the humor of the game
+ Local co-op

- The aiming just seems off at times
- Wall Jumping could have been implemented a little better

Graphics7.5The graphics are decent enough. Nothing mind blowing 
Gameplay8.0Stacking guns combined with the shear chaos on screen should keep you interested 
Sound8.0Great sound, good voice work, and fitting music 
Lasting Appeal7.5local co-op and some challenge missions offer a bit of replay value 
Fun Factor 8.0You should enjoy the gun stacking. Experiment with different stacks to create maximum carnage 
Overall7.8   [ Good ]  legend


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