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AOC Portable USB Monitor (Tech) Review
Posted by Adam Larck on 07.08.2013

After getting some hands-on time with the AOC Portable USB Monitor, itís hard to believe Iíve went this long without a secondary monitor, both for writing and for gaming.

The monitor is mainly billed as being great for presentations on the go. However, this is a PC gamerís best friend if they find themselves being gone from home for an extended amount of time.

The monitor features a 16Ē LED display that can be positioned either horizontally or vertically depending on where you have the pivoting stand set. The stand can also be folded back down to allow easy transportation, making it about as thin as most laptops out there.

For gamers at home, theyíll probably be more interested in getting a larger monitor that can stay stationary where they donít care about cords being needed. This is the greatest strength of the smaller 16Ē monitor, though: the ability to function without a power cord or VGA cable.

The monitor hooks in with just a USB cord, although the cord does split into two USB ports for older laptops that canít give enough power through one port. It can help drain a laptopís power quicker, but if youíre using the monitor you probably have the laptop plugged in already.

The quality of the screen is really nice, with optimum resolution at 1366x768, and the screen also features a glare panel to help cut back any glare that lights could give it.

Thereís also a 16ms response time between the screen and computer, which can really help for split-screen gaming.

Before you plug the screen in, it does require a quick install disc inserted to install the driver for the monitor. After that, you can alter the settings on your main computer as to what side the monitor is placed on and whether itís a separate screen or just a clone of your first screen.

While I did keep the gaming on my main monitor to have no latency at all, I found the USB monitor great for supplemental information, either to show more area in games or to pull up dungeon maps or other bits of info I may need for a game.

For writing or any other business-related ventures you have, itís great to put extra information up on the screen or to allow another person see the same thing youíre working on without having to stand over your shoulder.

To help with the portability, the screen comes in at 2.3 lbs, about the same or a bit lighter than a regular laptop. Sticking both a laptop and the monitor in a laptop bag is no problem and both are easily transportable from place to place.

There is one thing that probably helps the monitor to be so light, and thatís the lack of sound. All sounds are played through your computer, which can slightly throw you off a bit in games when you know action is coming from your right side but the sound is straight ahead from the speaker. For the most part, though, this isnít a deal-breaker.

Prices range anyway from $90-$168 online, depending what dealer you buy from. You can find a full list of suppliers and prices at the AOC website.

Another thing to note is that there is also a 22Ē monitor available for a slightly higher price, although it comes with a separate, detachable stand, not one that can fold into the monitor.

While I didnít check out that model, it has relatively the same stats as the 16Ē monitor.


  • Extremely portable.
  • Only requires one cord.
  • Great monitor for the size.


  • No sound on the monitor.
  • May be too small for some gamers.
  • Bigger model doesnít have a foldable stand.

    The 411:

    The monitor by AOC is a sound choice for the PC gamer that spends equal amounts of time on the road and home that want an extra monitor to help with the gaming experience. While the monitor doesnít feature sound, a simple headset can take care of that problem. A great choice for gamers that are on the go, and even an affordable choice for a casual PC gamer that doesnít want two huge monitors.

    Graphics0.0411 Elite Award
    Lasting Appeal0.0 
    Fun Factor 0.0 
    Overall8.5   [ Very Good ]  legend


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