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Rayman Legends (PS3) Review
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 09.09.2013

Title: Rayman Legends
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Genre: Platform
Players: 1-4
Rated: E10+

Rayman Legends is some of the most fun I’ve had playing a game the entire year. Rayman Legends is a pretty basic platform, but it’s infinitely charming with a great sense of fun and delightful energy. The game was a delight to play through, and the soundtrack for this game rocks. It’s literally one of the best soundtracks I can recall for a game in recent memory. Rayman and his friends are back to save their friends, the Teensies, from a group of evil Teensies and nightmares who have grown in power while Rayman and his knight friends have slept. And so Rayman goes on a quest to save the Teensies and Lums.

The art style and the vibrant, visual world Ubisoft has created here is outstanding. The game’s art style is unique, colorful, and amusing. This is essentially a 2D platformer, though with that, the developers get a lot more out of the gameplay with the elaborately designed levels. The stages almost remind me of the worlds created by Hayao Miyazaki in animation. The foregrounds and backgrounds are beautifully animated with lots of activity bustling about. The game looks so appealing and charming looking like a classic 2D animated game with sprites instead of CG models. Controls are simple, smooth, and responsive for the gameplay for Rayman and his supporting cast. Murfy the greenbottle fly accompanies Rayman on his journey. In the PS3 version of the game, Murfy is mainly controlled by the CPU there are segments where you are concurrently controlling Murfy to help you out in beating the levels: cutting ropes, pushing levers, slapping or tickling enemies. The stages all have varying degrees of difficulty. The stages that have different approaches are the most fun like when you are in a quicksand area and you have to out run ships and structures that are sinking around you or you have to outrace a wall of fire. Some of the levels do get a tad frustrating at times such as some of the rather cheap boss fights like when you a dragon or when you are trying to explore an area only to find that it is actually a pit that forces you to fall to your death or an enemy that will gobble you up or make you pop. The game encourages you to explore the levels to find little hidden passages, but sometimes veering off is a little frustrated.

In terms of replay value, the game is packed with content. The game has about 120 levels which include remastered levels from Rayman Origins. My favorite levels were the music-based ones set to covers of famous songs such as “Black Betty” or “Eye of the Tiger.” Getting through these levels and playing to the beats is more fun than I’ve had playing any Guitar Hero game. The game also provides side quests and daily challenges you can play through as well. In addition, you can play co-op with up four friends at once. The game also features a fun soccer mini-game called Kung Foot.

And now to the game’s soundtrack. The game probably has the best soundtrack and music I can recall for quite some time. The BGM to the variations of classic songs are awesome and one of the main highlights of the game. The sound design is incredibly crisp and well made. The music for this game is simply amazing and deserves an award.


  • Great platform gameplay with lots of levels to explore and have fun with.
  • Multiplayer and playing through levels with your friends is a lot of fun.
  • The vibrant and animated world looks fantastic.
  • One of the best gaming soundtracks ever with some delightful renditions of classic songs.


  • Some boss fights at times feel a little too cheap and difficult.
  • Exploring alternate paths in some areas is a little too perilous.

    The 411

    Rayman Legends is a great throwback platform game with great, classic graphics and a tremendous soundtrack. This is a must own for fans of classic 2D platformers or the Rayman franchise.

    Graphics10.0The game looks great. The levels are beautifully design and the world Ubisoft has created is delightful.411 Elite Award
    Gameplay9.0Overall the gameplay is great with solid controls and some very fun levels with great variations that never become too repetitive. 
    Sound10.0The soundtrack and sound design for this game is exceptional. The music and renditions of old songs are amazing. 
    Lasting Appeal10.0There is tons to do in explore with over 100 levels, mini-games, and online challenges. Co-op adds a lot more replay value to the game as well. 
    Fun Factor 10.0This is one of the most fun games I've played all year. The energy and charm of this series is fantastic. 
    Overall9.8   [  Amazing ]  legend

    All 5 Rayman Legends Screenshots


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