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Nascita Gaming Mouse and Dimora Mouse Pad (Technology) Review
Posted by Marc Morrison on 11.08.2013

A good gaming mouse is one of the more forgotten but necessary parts if you want to do any gaming online. Usually people will just use any old mouse with their high-end computer and then wonder why they are terrible at games. Itís because theyíre using some seven year old Microsoft Intellimouse. Even most gaming mice arenít great, but the Nascita one is actually quite nice.

 photo BoxOpen_zps531be06c.jpg

For reference, Iíve had a Logitech G9 Laser Mouse for the past few years. Itís held up fairly well but has started to show its age some. Iíve also been using the same mouse pad with it, just some Best Buy one, for about the same length of time. Both were showing their age though, so I hooked up both the new mouse and the pad and got to business.

The Nascita, made by Feenix, is at first glance a fairly basic gaming mouse. Having only five buttons (LMB, RMB, Wheel Button, and two buttons for backward/forward), it doesnít have the dozens of needless buttons most mice seem to have these days. It also has two additional buttons for DPI (dots per inch) switching which adjusts the speed/sensitivity of the mouse. These two buttons are recessed into the mouse a little more so they donít stick out as your hand rests against it. The glow from the mouse is a white one which illuminates the logo, two little spots on the front of the mouse and the LCD display for the DPI settings.

 photo MouseUpFront_zps54878129.jpg

Put simply: the mouse works great. Itís not as adjustable as some mice, no new covers or adjustable grips (like the R.A.T. series) or anything like that. There is no weight management system either, although the previous model did have weights you could insert to adjust this part. The 2014 model did away with this for sheer simplicity and function. Itís hard to express feel in a review but the mouse just ďfeelsĒ right. It fit my hand perfectly and glides across the Dimora pad. The DPI settings can range from 800 to 8200 with the setting of 1600 or 2000 working best, at least for me. The higher it goes, the more squirrely the feel gets with it moving very fast. Some people like to have a high DPI but itís not for me.

 photo LCD_zps3519b796.jpg

All that is included in the box is the mouse, two extra rubber feet, and a contact card for a tech specialist with the company. The nice thing is that the mouse doesnít require drivers to work out of the box. My G9 also kind of had this function but the more complicated controls could flummox Windows, forcing me to download Logitechís software bundle to do certain things. The Nascita doesnít have this concept because it doesnít need it, the mouse just exists on its own and isnít cluttered with extra stuff. Although it does have a beaded cord which should help prevent any tears and increases durability immensely.

The Dimora pad is also nice (and works well with the mouse), but there is a bit of caution with it. Youíll need a fairly large desk to use it to its full potential. It measures 13 inches by 11 inches, approximately. My desk isnít large enough for it to lay in the landscape (traditional) way, so I set it up vertically (portrait) and then it just fit. Itís made of a solid piece of plastic with a nice bezel all around it, with the logo in the corner. It stuck to my desk well, which is important since youíd rather not have it slide around.

  • The mouse feels great
  • Excellent DPI options
  • The pad is smooth to use

  • A bit expensive
  • The pad is very large, so youíll need some space

    The 411

    The Nascita Mouse just has an overall elegant simplicity to it. Even with my G9ís problems, I thought it was good, but this mouse blows that one out of the water. It may be a bit pricey for some, $97 for the mouse and $36 for the mouse pad, but you do get what you pay for. I would gladly take this mouse over the R.A.T.7, a Logitech G600 or a Razer Naga. There is something to be said for quality, straightforwardness and tactile response, and this mouse (and mouse pad) check off all three in spades.

    Graphics0.0411 Elite Award
    Lasting Appeal0.0 
    Fun Factor 0.0 
    Overall9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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