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Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land (3DS) Review
Posted by Doug Yates on 11.11.2013

Snails aren’t the only things that are bad. Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land is a handful of fun ideas stuffed into a highly flawed package.

The game starts off with Benson asking the slacker duo to mow the lawn (their least favorite activity in the show) followed by them receiving a package. Inside is “The Best Game Ever.” They then get sucked into the television.

This is also half of the story as there is only one other cutscene at the end of the game. There is also sadly a distinct lack of any other show regulars like Skip or Pops.

In a show where old school videogame references are commonplace, it is no surprise that the studio decided to stick to platforming for the base gameplay. The 8-bit tacked onto the end of the title is also a bit of a misnomer as it is much more reminiscent of the 16-bit era.

Later in the game, a space shooter and top-down shooter will be introduced. The unique part is that all of these gameplay mechanics will be utilized in the same levels later in the game.

You can also switch between Mordecai and Rigby at any time during the game. Each of them has their own ability: Mordecai can double jump and Rigby can get through tight spaces.

Which brings me to my first complaint: the complete lack of voice acting. With such a talented team of voice actors already in place—including Mark Hamill, no less—it seems odd that they were not utilized at all.

So much of Regular Show’s humor is audio-based, so the lack of voice acting is a huge disappointment. The chiptunes soundtrack is decent though, and fitting given the game style.

The game starts off as a platformer. The hit detection left me frustrated on multiple occasions, eventually causing me to just avoid certain conflicts altogether. Often, attempting to fight would end in death, sometimes even registering a hit on the enemy, but still somehow killing my character in the process.

The boss fights also rely heavily on the platforming mechanic, which makes for some very frustrating encounters. The first boss took more lives than I would like to admit to finish, though later bosses are not quite as bad.

As mentioned above, the game also features a space shooter and a top-down shooter as part of its mechanics. Both of these mechanics work slightly better than the platforming. The shooter modes are triggered by the right trigger in certain areas of the level.

The space shooter was my personal favorite out of all three styles. The movement was a little twitchy, but overall it handles quite well.

The top-down is also very straightforward and controls the best out of all three styles. It has a more maze-like aspect to it than the rest of the game.

The fourth and final world lets all three of these genres blend into what ultimately ended up being the most unique point in the game. Many of the obstacles would require you to quickly switch from one form to another, then back to accomplish your goal, leading to some of the more enjoyable parts of the game.

Unfortunately, these levels are only the last four of the game, which left me feeling like they didn’t get to realize their full potential before the game was over.

There are plenty of nods to the show scattered throughout the game. The power-ups and enemies are all nods to the show, such as the mullet, which unlocks the Death-Kwon-Do move of The Death Punch of Death.

There are several items throughout the game to collect. Each game style has its own power-up: the mullet for the platforming, a shield for the space shooter and an Uzi for the top-down.

Scattered through each level are three hidden golden VHS tapes which unlock artwork and other extras in the menu. There is also the all-important ‘life’ and also a ‘continue.’

The game’s visual style is very close to the show right down to the backgrounds. The 3D adds a little bit of layering without overdoing it. The characters’ movements are spot on to their show counterparts as well, right down to the victory dance at the end of each level with Mordecai and Rigby pumping their fists and spinning off the screen.

The game is rather short. I clocked about three hours and obtained all of the golden VHS tapes scattered throughout the levels. With 16 levels and four boss fights, it seems a little steep to pay $30.

• Interesting use of multiple genres within a single level.
• Visuals look like they are straight of the cartoon.

• Terrible hit detection in platforming sequences.
• No utilization of voice actors.
• Rather short for a $30 retail release.

The 411:
Overall, despite my gripes, I couldn’t help but continue to move forward in Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land, trying to find the last VHS in the level or figure out how to trick the game into letting me beat the boss. As frustrating as it could be at points, the novelty of jumping through three separate genres in a single level was an entertaining albeit flawed experience.

Graphics8.0Looks like they are straight out of the cartoon and 3D is not overdone. 
Gameplay5.0Terrible hit detection during platforming made points in the game far more frustrating than they needed to be. 
Sound7.0A distinct lack of voice seems like a terrible choce. Chiptunes sountrack is fitting to the game's style. 
Lasting Appeal4.0A short campaign and fairly easy obtainable collectables. Even with a new game+ mode I don't see much reason to come back. 
Fun Factor 6.0Despite wanting to give up on more than one occasion I kept coming back for the interesting mash-up of genres. 
Overall6.0   [ Average ]  legend


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