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The Walking Dead Season Two, Episode One: All That Remains (Multi-Platform) Review
Posted by Todd Vote on 12.23.2013

The Walking Dead The Game: Season Two Episode One: All That Remains
Publisher: Telltale Games
Developer: Telltale Games
Players: 1
Rated: M for Mature

This review may contain some slight spoilers for season one. Continue reading at your own risk.

Still here? Good. After 2012's game of the year, Season two is going to have some very big shoes to fill. The big take away from the first game was choice. Making the necessary choices to keep you and your group, but especially Clementine, alive. With Lee now gone, and Clementine on her own. We see that this little girl we spent five episodes fighting to keep alive has become, if nothing else, a survivor.

About two years have passed since the events of the first game. We see that Clem did find Omid and Christa, and we meet up with them outside of a truck stop where they intend to clean themselves up and look for anything they can use for supplies. Clem has changed. She seems more quiet, and less willing to interact with people, including Omid and Christa. It makes sense given what this young girl has been through.

Of course Clementine gets separated from her people, and is off on her own yet again. She stumbles upon an abandoned camp site, and looks for food, eventually running into a new group of people. There is a lot of mistrust between the new group. They don't necessarily trust Clementine, and she isn't sure she can trust any of them. There is some talk about what could be a human antagonist for this season of the game, but we aren't really given any solid information.

The new group contains a pregnant woman, a few men, and another kid who wants to be friends with Clem. The girl, Sara, may not be all she seems to be though. After a conversation with her father, where he warns Clem to stay away from Sara. He says she is different. You can't see it at first, but he claims the longer you are around her, the more apparent it becomes. I imagine we will see that play out a bit more in later episodes.

The gameplay remains largely unchanged. They have imported some of the new mechanics they used with Wolf Among Us, and have implemented them here. They seem to add a bit more for the player to do during the sequences where you have to act. It is a welcome addition, and it adds a bit more for the player to do, which is definitely a good thing.

One thing I find interesting is how much different I found myself playing now that I am in control of Clementine instead of trying to keep her safe. Choosing who in the new group you feel comfortable sharing her story with, and who you feel like you should remain weary of. I chose to play her somewhat guarded in my first playthrough. It'll be interesting to see how the choices continue to affect things in future episodes.

I kind of find myself wishing the story would have been given more of a direction here. It seems like the whole episode is just setting up what may come, but you don't really get a solid sense of what that will be. I still enjoyed playing, but it seemed like it was just setting up the season. I suppose that makes sense in a way. In the first game there was always an objective for the group to go after in every episode. I guess I sort of missed that this time around.

The game features the same animation style as the first game, and along with that comes the same hiccups and glitches. They are still minor, and they still do not really distract from the game all that much, but here we are on the sixth episode, so you would think they would be able to hammer that out by now.

+ Clem is back!
+ More choices, and ways to explore how you would handle yourself in Clem's position.
+ DOG!
+ Same intense atmosphere that was offered in the first season.

- Same clitches and hiccups in gameplay
- Story isn't as tight as the first season

The 411:

Though not off to the rip roaring start that season one had, season two is more than capable of holding your attention. I can't wait to see how it plays out. I just wish they would have done a bit more to establish where things were heading.

Graphics8.0While they are nothing special, they do match the tone of the comic books, and that is a good thing 
Gameplay8.5The game play remains largely unchanged. A few tweaks here and there to make it more interactive.  
Sound8.0Intense atmospheres are created with a great score to accompany what is going on onscreen. 
Lasting Appeal8.0A decent start to the second season. Could have gave us a bit more to chew on.  
Fun Factor 8.5It is great to see Clementine back and how much she has grown into an independent young woman.  
Overall8.2   [ Very Good ]  legend

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