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Strike Suit Zero Director's Cut (PS4) Review
Posted by Doug Yates on 04.28.2014

Title: Strike Suit Zero Directors Cut
Developer: Born Ready Games
Publisher: Born Ready Games
Players: 1

It baffles me why there are not more games of the space flight genre on consoles, but any time there is I am always excited to try it out and Strike Suit Zero does a decent job of filling that void. Born Ready Games has brought their successful Kickstarter project over to the PS4 with a few tweaks to gameplay for the director’s cut.

The storyline is nothing we haven’t seen before, but it still holds the campaigns together fairly well. In the first campaign Earth receives a mysterious signal detailing methods for space travel. Using these plans Earth expands out across the galaxy, colonizing worlds along the way. The colonies revolt against Earth’s rule and a war begins between the factions. You play as a voiceless Earth soldier named Adams who must fight off these colonists.

Progressing through the game will unlock more ships for you to pilot, including the strike suit. The strike suit unlocks early in the game and is the go-to ship for most of the game with the exception of a few missions that force you to use a different ship. Being able to switch between third-person and cockpit is also nice for a more authentic experience.

The strike suit is a ship with two modes, the pursuit mode and the strike mode which consists of your ship turning into a giant death spewing robot. When using the strike mode your ship becomes far less maneuverable but gains weapon systems capable of annihilating an entire enemy squad in a single go. The strike mode can only be activated when you have gathered enough flux energy—which is obtained by destroying enemy ships—to transform. Each action you perform while transformed will diminish that meter as well, so planning is required to use it to its full potential.

The controls can be a bit hectic with L2 as the thrusters, face buttons for changing targets, and weapons triggers for thrust and weapon fire, and the R3 button for an extra speed boost. Both sticks are used for movement of the ship, which makes for easier aiming and maneuvering. It can take a bit of time to get used to all of this, but once you do it’s a fairly smooth ride. The lock-on is unfortunately finicky, and scrolling through enemies to get to the one you need for a certain goal can cost you precious time in getting to your goal, so it can cause you to lose the objective.

The game does tend to be repetitious as the missions are not particularly varied—being mostly escort missions or shoot everything missions—but with the sheer amount of enemies it will throw at you that concern fades fairly quickly. The downside is that there are often spikes in the difficulty which can be extremely frustrating. There is also the occasional mission that forces you to use a ship other than your strike suit, which given the title of the game doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The upgrade system for your ships are based on optional objectives within the missions such as destroying all torpedoes aimed at the ship you are escorting. Completing these missions can be extremely frustrating as often you are already struggling to survive without these further obstacles.

Space shooters often have extremely limited areas for combat, but that is not the case with Strike Suit as the openness of the levels gives plenty of room for movement and the occasional escape to recharge your shield. The backgrounds for each area lend an excellent backdrop for the chaotic combat with beautifully rendered planets and spacescapes despite their static nature.

The soundtrack for the game is an interesting mix or electronics and eastern style instrumentation and adds a great ambiance. The voice work is well done, but can sometimes be hard to hear over the ambient noise of the game as the story moments are played out in radio conversations while you are in your ship.

• Fun and rewarding combat.
• Beautiful backdrops make battles a treat to look at.
• Interesting musical score.

• Difficulty spikes can be punishing.
• Repetitive mission structure is mildly irritating.
• Tedious submissions to enable upgrades.

The 411:
It may not be perfect, but in a genre not often represented on the consoles it’s nice to have a decent space combat game in my library. Despite a couple issues I greatly enjoyed my time with this game and look forward to future works from Born Ready Games.

Graphics8.0Great backdrops and fun battle effects make for a thematic shooter. 
Gameplay7.0Difficult targeting system and complex control scheme can be cumbersome. 
Sound8.0Interesting musical score and decent voice acting. 
Lasting Appeal7.0Plenty of missions over the course of two campaigns but not much else to do. 
Fun Factor 7.5Solid space shooter with a steep learning curve. 
Overall7.5   [ Good ]  legend


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