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Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS) Review
Posted by Adam Larck on 06.24.2014

Title: Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo

I've always enjoyed checking out the latest entries in the Kirby series.

While they haven't always been great, for the most part the tried and true platforming action has always been enjoyable.

Now, we have Kirby: Triple Deluxe, which introduces a few new features to the formula fans have grown to know and love.

If you've ever played any game in the series, you'll know what to do here. As Kirby, you can suck up enemies, use powers and fly to get from door to door, collecting medals and other trinkets along the way.

The story is pretty negligible in the game. King Dedede's castle has been put in the sky from a giant beanstalk, and Kirby goes to save him. Outside of a bit of a cutscene in the beginning and end, it really isn't mentioned again.

So, since the formula is basically the same, my main focus will be on the additions to the game.

Let's start off with some of the new powers. Besides normal powers like fire, sword, ice, beam, etc., there are new additions like Bell, Archer, Spear and Circus. Bell has a great combo of ranged and close attacks, and Archer has various ranged abilities that make him one of the best long distance fighters in the game.

Spear has a long distance move that can be done only when running, but has some good mid-range attacks, and Circus is more of a power to see once, laugh at then ignore.

The other new power, Hypernova, is only gotten by eating the Miracle Fruit, which is only found in certain levels. The power lets you suck up most anything on the screen, along with larger items such as trees. You don't find the power enough to make it game-breaking, but it does give a good change of pace.

The other thing that Triple Deluxe uses a lot in the main game is the addition of level depth. While you're on the main level normally, cannons and stars will launch you to the foreground and background, letting you get new medals or collectibles needed to unlock the boss battles for each floor.

Medals consist of keychains that feature sprites from past Kirby titles. I actually liked getting these various keychains to see what sprites were included in the game. You can also use Play Coins to get new keychains as well, once per day, and show them and mix and match them with StreetPass.

There are also a few additional modes to try as well. The first mode, Dedede's Drum Dash, is a rhythm-based game that's simple to pick up. The mode just uses three buttons. Left and right moves him around as he bounces and the A button bumps him to the right when he hits the ground and gives an extra beat at the height of his jump.

The music for the three levels are created as Dedede hits the drums as he goes along the level. Each level has a different difficulty level, and the later two levels can definitely give a good challenge as you try and perfect it.

The other mode, Kirby Fighters, feels much more fleshed out. Think of the mode as a toned down Smash Bros. focused just on Kirby.

There are 10 different version of Kirby to choose from, each with a different power. The mode can also be played alone or with friends, and only one cart is needed to play via download play.

Each Kirby has at least 10 different moves that can be mixed and used for good combos. While the sword fighter is always a solid choice, the Archer can mix in some sneaky combos.

The mode has seven different stages that differ and even have some unique hazards to watch out for. Plus, there's also a variation on the Final Destination level for Smash fans.

The mode is fun to play on your own and try different difficulty levels, but is a blast with a few local friends. While Dedede's mode could easily be overlooked, I definitely recommend checking this mode out, at least until Smash Bros. hits 3DS.

Graphically, the game looks just as great as the other handheld Kirby titles out there. The game does use the 3DS function to accentuate the jumps from foreground to background and the little details going on behind the scenes.

The music is also enjoyable to listen to as you run around and suck things up. Kirby has always had an enjoyable soundtrack that's catch, and this doesn't disappoint. In fact, many tracks seem like remixes and additions of old tracks you know and love.

Same Kirby formula you know.
The new powers are great to use.
Kirby Fighters is a great mode after beating the main game.

Keychains seem like they could have been fleshed out more.
Dedede's minigame is forgettable.
Some fun powers from past games aren't found here.

The 411:

Overall, Kirby: Triple Deluxe doesn't break the mold in any way or do anything that may upset fans. Instead, it's more of what fans love and want, which isn't a bad thing. If you have an itch to play as the pink puffball, the 3DS title will definitely cure it, just don't expect anything new to wow or astound you.

Graphics8.0The game looks great, and I like the use of foreground and background for the depth in the game as you jump back and forth. 
Gameplay8.5 The pink puffball still floats, sucks in enemies and has plenty of powers, and it works great on the handheld. Plus, one of the two additional modes are fairly enjoyable. 
Sound8.0The soundtrack has a lot of tunes that are modified from earlier games in the series, so it's great for older fans to hear as they run along. 
Lasting Appeal8.0After going through the story mode twice and playing some of Kirby Fighters, you probably won't find much else to do. However, it will give you something to entertain you on the go for quite a few hours. 
Fun Factor 8.5The pink puffball has always been great to play. Sure, a few spots may frustrate some, but I always came away with a smile on my face. 
Overall8.2   [ Very Good ]  legend


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