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Trials Fusion (PS4) Review
Posted by Doug Yates on 07.07.2014

Title: Trials Fusion
Developer: Redlynx
Publisher: Ubisoft
Players: 1-4

The absolute insanity that is the Trials series is back with another iteration and is still great fun to play. That having been said there are a couple choices in design that Iím not sure they thought out particularly well. Newcomers need not worry at the difficulty curve as Redlynx has made Fusion more accessible with plenty of simple-to-understand tutorial levels so you will be riding with confidence in no time.

Anyone who has played the Trials games previously will be completely at home with this newest addition to the series. The controls are still simple and spot on. The only real addition to the control scheme is the use of the right stick to pull tricks while in the air: moving the stick while your bike is at certain angles in the air will cause your rider to do tricks, and different tricks are accomplished by angling the bike with the left stick or simply using a different direction with the right stick.

With the addition of the tricks also comes a new FXM course in each world where you must pull as many tricks as possible in order to gain the points to earn your metals. These courses are a fun aside but also showcase the lack of precision in the tricks as you will often find your character flailing in the air or not pulling the trick you intended, although obtaining gold is still not too terribly difficult, even with these slight issues.

Flying through the first couple of difficulties may give veterans of the series a false sense of security, but will also give newcomers a chance to hone their skills before the real punishment begins. The later levels are still just as nail-bitingly difficult as the previous games.

Redlynx also decided to add in a story of sorts. Your bike has an AI which slowly throughout the game explains the post-appocalypticness that pervades the game. The conversations are very one sided as your rider does not actually talk, but some of them are quite humorous regardless. Unfortunately, if you are not careful you can skip them accidentally by resetting your bike.

There is the addition of the 4-wheel ATV which has an entire world to itself, with the exception of the FMX and skill challenge levels. Playing through the ATV levels seemed as though I had gone backwards in the difficulty instead of forwards as the levels seemed much easier and just did not fit the rhythm of the rest of the game.

Progressing through the game will unlock more versatile bikes, although often levels will limit what bike you are allowed to use. You can alter the aesthetic of the bikes by adding different body kits. Obtaining these kits is done by obtaining gold metals on certain courses and then purchasing them in the garage menu. You may also change the colors of your bike in this menu as well.

The tracks this go around mostly focus on a more futuristic look. Overall Redlynxís courses are extremely well designed and a lot of fun to play through. The skill games are also a lot of fun, my favorite being the infinite trial where the game constantly continues to add new pieces to the track that you are driving.

One of the best parts of the trials games is the user-created courses, and with a ton of courses already available and more showing up every day it definitely adds a massive amount of replay value. More tools and track pieces have also been added to the creator, giving you more options for making new tracks as well.

My biggest gripe with Fusion is the utter lack of online multiplayer. Much of my time with the previous two titles was spent yelling at the screen while attempting to pass a friend and make it to the finish line. Multiplayer will be added later but not having some form other than local just seems like a bad design choice, but hopefully whatever they are coming up with will make up for that.

Visually this is by far the best looking Trials game to date. With full HD graphics and not a dip in framerate no matter the chaos on-screen, itís a treat to play and watch. With plenty of different areas the scenery never gets too repetitive (other than red barrels).

ē Learning curve allows newcomers a chance to find their groove without alienating veterans.
ē HD visuals really make the world pop.
ē Very well-designed tracks.

ē No online multiplayer yet.
ē ATV levels seem out of place.

The 411: Iím always excited to come back and play the Trials games, and while ultimately itís more of the same, thatís not a bad thing. As long as Redlynx can keep turning out tracks of this quality, I wonít stop playing anytime soon.

Graphics9.0Crisp HD visuals make the Tracks and tricks look amazing.411 Elite Award
Gameplay9.5The same great control we have come to expect from the trials games as well as some interesting new modes. 
Sound8.5humorous voiced story moments are an interesting addition 
Lasting Appeal9.5with a ton of tracks in the main game as well as the support of the online community there is always something new to do. 
Fun Factor 9.0The odd addition of the ATV aside this is another solid title in the trials world. 
Overall9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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