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Ten Deep 12.30.10: Ten Most Wanted Films of 2011
Posted by Mike Gorman on 12.30.2010

" Ten Most Wanted Films of 2011"

As we get ready to celebrate the end of 2010, let's turn an eye towards 2011 and the bounty of films that lay ahead. When I first conceived of this list I thought it would be a nice, simple list to put together during this crazed holiday week. I was wrong. I did not realize that there were that many films coming out in the next year that I was excited to see.

After several goes at whittling down a list of 30+ movies, I was able to come up with a list of ten that I truly think we should be looking forward to. If you're a regular reader I think you will not be surprised by several of the films I have selected but I do hope I have tossed in a few curveballs.

10. Fright Night

This list begins with a remake of an 80s vampire classic. The original film had a campy hilarity to it that I think they might be able to recapture with the cast that has been assembled. Colin Farrell has the potential to truly go over the top in a good way as the smarmy vampire who moves into town. Through in the impeccable comic timing of Doctor Who's David Tennant and a dash of McLovin' and I really do have high hopes for this one. Seriously.

9. I'm Mortal/Now

In the future there is no sickness or aging, so in order to prevent the planet's resources from being devoured, our time will be limited and how long you get to go will be based on what you can pay. That is the premise of the film in the number nine spot. While it pays homage to other sci-fi films that have come before, ie. Logan's Run, there is something truly unique here that could really become an epic tale. Now before you get all huffy about the film's lead being Justin Timberlake, I think we have to agree that his dramatic skills have grown of late and he may just be ready to carry this blockbuster.

8. Scream 4

Call me nostalgic but I got geek goose bumps when I heard that not only will the original cast be reuniting for this franchise revival but Wes Craven himself would take the helm. The original Scream redefined how we looked at the horror genre and I am sure that someone as truly talented as Craven would not return to the property unless he felt that he once again had something unique to say. I'll be there on opening night, watching the frights through my fingers!

7. Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America is my underdog call for the year, and maybe it is naive, but I think that they could finally be on the right track to give this character the attention he deserves on the big screen. I can admit that my faith in Chris Evans' ability to pull off the presence needed to be Captain America is in no way firm, but I am willing to give him a chance. Maybe he will rise to the challenge much in the way a scrawny Steve Rogers did during WW II when he became the star spangled hero.

6. Paul

I'll be honest here. The premise of this film is not important. I mean, it is a great concept and would probably make an interesting film regardless of who is starring in it but at the end of the day it is the two leads that have me chomping at the bit for this one. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost come together again in this tale of an alien who needs help getting home. Pegg and Frost could probably manage to squeeze comedic genius out of the business section of the Wall Street Journal if they given the challenge. I am certain this will be one fantastic ride.

5. Limitless

Here is one of the films that I had not heard too much about until recently and I liked what I heard. What is a pill could make you better? Could make you the ultimate you? We'll find out when Bradley Cooper gets full access to his brain through pharmaceuticals. This one looks like a fresh take on the "be careful what you wish for" cautionary tale.

4. The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made

The title says it all. I mean, would they lie? I don't think that the Muppets could lie so there will most likely be some magic on the screen when they come together to try and save the Muppet Theater. It has been way too long since we saw them on the big screen and I for one cannot wait.

3. Super 8

It is not a sequel to Cloverfield regardless of what you have heard, but it is a distant cousin as we will once again be treated to a creature feature created by J.J. Abrams. There is not too much known about what exactly will be taking place but the creepy flashes we have seen have me ready for more. Something has escaped from government captivity and several teenagers are poised to make the discovery of the lifetime, luckily their camera will be rolling so we can see what happens.

2. Green Lantern

This is the film I have been waiting for since I was kid well over twenty years ago and first read of Hal Jordan's emerald adventures. I cannot believe we are so close to seeing the power ring come to life on the big screen. The younger Jordan was a bit of a devil may care daredevil and I think that Ryan Reynolds will be perfect for capturing that spirit. It will hopefully be through his adventures that the character's maturity and strength of will develop. I really just can't wait to see giant green constructs being tossed around.

And lastly…

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

I may not be a pre-teen kid whose life has revolved around the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends but I have been along for the ride since the first film premiered almost ten years ago and I cannot wait to see how it ends. The first part of this saga's finale was the best of the films produced so far and if they can continue to build upon its intensity and mood, then we are in for one heck of a last film. Soon we will say goodbye to a world that has come to life in front of our eyes over the years as Harry will face his final confrontation with the dark wizard Voldemort. It is said that only one of them will survive. If that's not something to look forward to next year I am not sure what is.

As I said, this was no easy list to compile. That said, I would like to leave you this week with the next ten films in my ranking so you can see the flicks that almost made the list. Enjoy.

11. Sucker Punch
12. Super
13. Thor
14. Cowboys and Aliens
15. Sanctum
16. The Green Hornet
17. Priest
18. Battle: Los Angeles
19. Rise of the Apes
20. X-Men: First Class

I look forward to seeing which films you are excited for next year in this week's comments. Have a look ahead yourself and then ring in 2011 itself this week! Happy New Year All!

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