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411 Fact Or Fiction Movies/TV 4.1.11: Week 273
Posted by Ben Piper on 04.01.2011

So, who's going to be watching Wrestlemania this coming weekend? I mean sure, this is not the wrestling arm of the website, but I can't help but to feel caught up in the hype leading into it. It's the biggest wrestling show of the year after all, not to mention that my fellow 411 staffers have been doing a damned good job highlighting and showcasing their thoughts and feelings leading up to the show on their end. If you don't know what I'm speaking of, I highly suggest that you check out the wrestling zone, as there is some truly outstanding stuff to be found for all of you to read if that sort of thing interests you.

I'm just too lazy to link all the articles one by one. If I did one, I'd have to do them all. And again, far too lazy, and I really don't have the time.

I, for one, will do my best to take in the extravaganza. $55 bucks is a hefty price to pay for a live event that may or may not deliver the goods, (anyone else notice Rock not hitting the kick-up on RAW? ) so I will not be paying to watch it. I'll instead either find myself amongst friends whom have ordered it, or I will be pissed that I'm cluttered in a sports bar paying far too much for drinks. (Five bucks a pop for an 8 oz. beer?)

Completely expecting the latter. * Sigh *

But seeing as it's Wrestlemania week it's apropos that Steve Cook is up in the Fact or Fiction rotation. We'll all sit back and see how he fares this time around. Shawn S. Lealos is going to do his best to layeth the smacketh down upon on him.

1. Duncan Jones will avoid a sophomore slump with Source Code.

Shawn S. Lealos: Fact. I am saying Fact because I really, really want this to be a good movie. Moon was a spectacular science fiction movie, miles above other films in the genre and even better than that year's other low budget phenomenon, District 9. I felt what Duncan Jones did with the movie, considering the budget restraints was magnificent and I was excited to see what he could do with more money. This week, I will have the chance to see for myself. I get to see the flick on Wednesday night so, by the time this column goes live, I will know if I was right or not.

I also have to give Duncan Jones credit for not using his dad's more popular name (David Bowie) to get ahead, relying instead on his own talent.

Steve Cook: Fact. At least it sure seems that way, as critical response has been very positive so far and the trailer makes it look visually impressive. The plot seems interesting. I'm not sure I'm sold on Jake Gyllenhaal in this type of film, but I'm willing to give it a chance. Jones seems like a gifted director with a knack for science fiction, which I'm a wee bit of a mark for. He also deserves credit for being a Bowie and managing to survive this long.

Score: 1 for 1

2. Amy Adams is an excellent choice to play Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman reboot.

Shawn S. Lealos: Fact. Amy Adams is an excellent choice to play anyone in any movie. I'd say that, before The Fighter, I don't think she would have been right for Lois Lane because she was always a princess type character (more Lana from the comics). However, after seeing her performance in The Fighter, my respect for her acting is going way up. Sure, she does not look like Lois Lane from the comics but a great actress is always better than a look alike.

Steve Cook: Fact. For the record, I've had a huge infatuation with Ms. Adams ever since she appeared in the first season of The Office. The episode was called "Hot Girl", and she sure was. I'd seen her in some stuff before that, but that appearance really won me over for reasons that I can't explain. The fact that she's also a great actress is just icing on the cake in this humble observer's opinion. I'm not really sure what to make of them re-launching the Superman franchise yet again after the re-launch a few years ago didn't go to everybody's liking, but this definitely gives me some hope for it.
Score: 2 for 2

3. Insidious will be a better than average horror movie.

Shawn S. Lealos: Fiction. I say fiction because I have already seen the movie. Insidious is a movie that hard core horror fans may dig but most people won't care as much for. It is a fun movie at points – hell, the musical cues are straight out of Drag Me to Hell. And the movie is twisted but, when the end comes, it is dragged straight to hell. It was pretty promising till about the halfway mark but between the Darth Maul looking demon and an ending where the hero acts like a complete moron, I left the theater feeling really disappointed. It is a fun, yet empty, horror movie with nothing to make it better than average.

Steve Cook: Fiction. Since Lealos has already seen the movie and knows more about these things than I do, I'll take his word for it. The trailer didn't really do a whole lot to make me want to see it. However, I take umbrage with his assertion that a demon that looks like Darth Maul isn't awesome. Maul was the coolest thing about Phantom Menace and I was outraged that they killed him off before Episode 2 & 3.

Score: 3 for 3


4. Super will live up to its name.

Steve Cook: Fact. This thing looks like it could either be really funny or really horrible, with no middle ground. Rainn Wilson as a superhero has a lot of potential for hilarity, and with Kevin Bacon as his arch-nemesis…let's face it, somebody had to be on a heck of a lot of drugs when they came up with this one. Reviews haven't been too excited about the concept, but I'm interested in the idea of Dwight Schrute as a superhero. Ellen Page as Wilson's sidekick is another casting decision I approve of, and I love who they chose to play God. Eat your heart out, Alanis.

Shawn S. Lealos: Fact. There is no way this movie will be anything less than super. Sure, there are a lot of people out there who will think it is stupid and most of them don't get James Gunn's sense of humor. I think the guy is hilarious and his time with Troma might have something to do with that. His last feature film, Slither, was fantastic and he spent the time since then making internet shorts (PG Porn and some X-Box shorts) and co-hosting Scream Queens on VH1. I think the guy has a true love for what he does and it shows through in everything he does. I can't wait to see this.

Score: 4 for 4

5. Child's Play should not be remade/rebooted.

Steve Cook: Fiction. I'm not a huge fan of reboots in general, but I think the Child's Play franchise has marketability & the potential to do well with a new audience that didn't grow up on that mischevious little Chucky doll messing stuff up. The merchandising is fairly simple, and the concept of the movie is pretty hard to mess up if you're really into the horror movie thing. Have Chucky go crazy and kill lots of people, then he gets his comeuppance in the end. That's all you need, and it's enough to get enough people to watch in order to make it worthwhile. Just don't get too crazy and make him not funny.

Shawn S. Lealos: Fiction. I'm not a super fan of the original, so why not? They remade/rebooted Nightmare, Halloween and Friday the 13th, which were superior films to Childs Play, so why not? They need to keep the doll as Chucky and should go ahead and let Brad Dourif voice him. I really don't think I can hear another voice coming from Chucky's mouth. I loved the satire direction the series went over time but, if they remake it, let it be a straight up 80s horror movie.

Score: 5 for 5

6. Hypothetically speaking, you'd be thrilled if Will Ferrell permanently replaced Steve Carell on The Office.

Steve Cook: Fact. I'm in the camp of people that aren't really excited about the possibility of an Office without Michael Scott, and I'm also in the camp of people that think the show has been heading downhill for the last three seasons. There are still flashes of brilliance, like the "Garage Sale" episode that aired last week and featured a closing scene that was one of the best in Office history, but the hits seem to be out-numbered by the misses these days. So why do I answer "Fact"? Easy, it's Will Ferrell. There aren't many more hilarious people in the movies/television world than Ferrell, and if anybody can bring the zaniness to the show that Carrell did, it's him. I don't have faith in many people to freshen things up on the show enough to bring it back to its status as "most awesome thing on TV", but I think he could do it, and he is currently my second choice to take the role of Regional Manager. My top choice? Ricky Gervais as David Brent.

Shawn S. Lealos: Fiction. I could care less who takes Steve Carell's place on The Office because I've never been a big fan of the show. It's humorous but it just isn't something I cared to watch more than once or twice. Now, as for Will Ferrell, I am against him taking the role permanently because I think he makes good movies. I loved The Other Guys and feel he has more Anchorman and Talladega Nights movies in him to make. Taking on a starring role in a major sitcom will take time out of his movie making schedule. Sure, Steve Carell found time to make movies but that defeats my argument so I choose to ignore that fact. I agree with Steve Cook, let Ricky Gervais take Carell's place – it's his role anyway.

Final Score: 5 for 6

To be fair, I know full well that there's no way in hell that Ferrell will wind up going back to TV full time anytime soon, despite the fact that he was hinting (perhaps jokingly) at it. Hence why I started that last question with ‘hypothetically speaking'…

And that was the one that wound up biting me, as I was pitching a perfect game up until then. Oh, well. Many thanks to Shawn and Steve for coming around to take part.

See you next week!




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