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411mania Interview: Playboy's Miss November Ciara Price
Posted by Steve Gustafson on 10.27.2011

When interviewing a Playboy Playmate, it's interesting to see how the sudden rush of fame has changed them. With Ciara Price you don't have to wonder long because her spirit is so bright, you can just imagine her hanging out in her small town of Maine, laughing and having fun.

Ciara's enthusiasm was so blatantly obvious during the interview I almost wanted to videotape it because reading it won't do it justice. Price was a treat to talk to and she really takes us through the process of shooting for Playboy and her spirit is infectious. She also provides one of my favorite answers ever about what it's like to tell your parents that you'll be appearing in the pages of Playboy magazine.

Steve Gustafson: Hey Ciara! Thanks again for taking time out to answer some questions. Let's get right to it! How did you get started with modeling?

Ciara Price: I first got involved by a photographer named Stewart Smith. He actually approached me and wanted to do a photoshoot with me. At first I was kind of hesitant and I was really self-conscious. He approached me when I was 18 years old. This year he approached me again and said, "C'mon! You should really do it!" And I thought, "You know what? What the heck! I'm never going to look like this again so I might as well!" (Laughs) So I just took the plunge that way!

Steve Gustafson: Wow! I hear about photographers approaching girls for shoots and it can go either way! Now was this shoot for Playboy or something else?

Ciara Price: Yep! It was for Playboy! He's in fact a family friend. He grew up with my mom so it wasn't like it was some random person who wanted to do naked photos of me! (Laughs)

Steve Gustafson: (Laughs) Good, good. Still, that's really impressive that your first photo shoot is for Playboy!

Ciara Price: Yeah, I had never shot before. I think the first thing I ever did was when I was 16; I did a snowsuit thing for Olympia Sports Catalog.

Steve Gustafson: Nice! That's really something though. To go and do Playboy right off the break! Now how did it work? What was the process like?

Ciara Price: Well. when he submitted my photos I heard back that day and they wanted to fly me out for a test shoot. I went out there 3 days after my birthday; only a week after they called me. Then two weeks after I had heard back they called and said, "Yeah, we want you back for Playmate!" I was like, "OK!" (Laughs)

Steve Gustafson: They don't mess around! That's quick! Now when you heard you were going to me Miss November, who was the first person you told?

Ciara Price: I definitely told my parents first because they were sitting down with me at the time. I didn't tell them I was doing it because I didn't want to get them upset for nothing. But I was like, "Oh crap." (Laughs) My photographer was my correspondent with Playboy and he was like, "Tell your parents the good news!" It was, "Oh crap!" (Laughs) I told them like, "Mom, dad, I'm going to L.A. to shoot for Playboy." My mom was like, "What! Get off the phone now!" (Laughs) I said, "I gotta go Stew..." They were like, "Why didn't you tell us? Why didn't you say anything?" I was like, "Because you'd act like this!" But my mom said, "You know what? Playboy is very respectful and classy. Good job!" Then my dad was like, "Come here." And I was like, "Uh oh." Then he said, "High five kid!" (Laughs) Wow!

Steve Gustafson: (Laughs) Wow is right! That's awesome. I'm always curious how parents react when they learn their daughter will be gracing the pages of Playboy and that's cool that yours was so supportive!

Ciara Price: Yeah! They always wanted me to model but this was probably not what they had in mind! (Laughs) But it's Playboy, a huge, huge magazine worldwide. I mean, such a great opportunity because it's so well known!

Steve Gustafson: Oh yeah. The Playboy brand is so respected and recognized. Now were the test shots used for your pictorial or was that separate? What was it like?

Ciara Price: Well, they do a test shoot and if they like it they bring your back to shoot again for Centerfold. If Hef approves the pictures you're in. It all happens within a two week period; we shot everything, Centerfold, pictures within that two week period.

Steve Gustafson: So fast. Wow. How did the actual photo shoot go? Were you nervous?

Ciara Price: At first. When I first got there I was really nervous. I got there and I don't know anyone; no one I'm comfortable with. But then you look around and think about how they are more worried about the lamps then looking at me naked! (Laughs) They are so great! They make you feel really comfortable and make it a lot of fun!

Steve Gustafson: That's what I always hear. They do this all the time and go out of their way to make the Playmate feel comfortable. Now here's the big question: How has your life changed since becoming Miss November?

Ciara Price: It's changed a lot! I'm just a girl that came from a small town in rural Maine and now I'm living in L.A. signing autographs! (Laughs) I'm like, "Really? You want my autograph?" They look at me weird and I'm like, "OK!" (Laughs) Before I'd be sitting in my room, on the computer. I worked for Verizon before I came here! Now I'm flying out every other weekend, doing promotions and events! It's great!

Steve Gustafson: (Laughs) Yeah, I can just imagine what it must be like to have the spotlight throw on you! It must be crazy. Now I read that you want to start your own photography studio. Is that right?

Ciara Price: Yes! I've always been into photography, I do it as a hobby. I thought it would be so cool that someone who worked with Playboy, especially a Playmate, could turn into a photographer and could help the girls through the process. The photographers they use now are great and so much fun! You know girls are more comfortable with girls and could really help through the process.

Steve Gustafson: That's a great idea! That would be really cool to set up. Now I also read that you are doing something with Race for the Cure, what's that about? How did you get involved with that?

Ciara Price: Bunnies for the Cure! I got involved because my Aunt had breast cancer like five years ago and I wanted to get involved with charity work as much as possible. My brother had another type of cancer and I really wanted to help with a charity event to help find a cure. What we are doing this month is that for every new follower to @Playboy on Twitter, Playboy will donate 10¢ to the charity. Then in March me and 20 other Playboy Playmates will be doing the Race for the Cure!

Steve Gustafson: OK, so everyone: Get on Twitter and follow @Playboy NOW! That's wonderful. Now are you involved with any other charity work?

Ciara Price: Back home there's Camp Sunshine. (www.campsunshine.org) It's to help kids with cancer. My dad fishes so he'd bring the kids out with him and I'd go with him sometimes. He'd explain to me that these kids might not be here next year and I'd just starting bawling. Anytime my dad does that, brings the kids out I'd go with him. You get so attached to them! It's so sad and so hard that I just want to give myself up so they'd have a few more years.

Steve Gustafson: That sounds like a great charity. I'll be sure to let people know to check out www.campsunshine.org. Looks like you have a lot on your plate. Anything else coming up for the end of the year?

Ciara Price: I think I'll be going to Australia in December to host an event! I want to do as much as possible to promote Playboy and my issue. It's going so fast; I'm still in shock! (Laughs)

Steve Gustafson: I bet! Now with all you have going on, do you have any time to watch TV? Any shows that you must watch?

Ciara Price: I watch Boardwalk Empire! Anything that deals with history and drama. Lots on HBO. And because I'm a girl...(Laughs)...I love True Blood and Vampire Diaries! (Laughs)

Steve Gustafson: Of course! (Laughs) Boardwalk Empire is awesome! What about movies? What was the last movie you saw in the theater?

Ciara Price: That would be Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was great. Steve Carell, Emma Stone. There was a line that he said, "Sorry that he let you go...", that reminded me of a guy I used to date. Now he's snapping his fingers! (Laughs)

Steve Gustafson: (Laughs) I bet! OK, you have a ton of new fans. Where should they go to stay in the loop of all the things you have going on? Where's the best place?

Ciara Price: My Twitter account! My phone is connected to my hand! (Laughs) But I keep it updated, what I"m doing, charity work, events, eveything! It's @Ciara_Price!

Steve Gustafson: Nice! What about a website?

Ciara Price: A website is still in the works!

Steve Gustafson: Cool! If people follow @Ciara_Price on Twitter they'll be able see how that progresses! Anything else you want to give a shout to?

Ciara Price: Stewart Smith! He's a great photographer who works with Playboy and does Centerfolds and Special Editions. His site is www.stewartsmithphoto.com Check it out!

Steve Gustafson: Will do! Ciara, thank you so much! It was great talking to you! Take care and all the best!

Ciara Price: Thank you so much!

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Photos courtesy of Playboy


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