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411mania Interview: Jason Ritter
Posted by Al Norton on 06.29.2012

Jason Ritter has been a familiar face to TV viewers for well over a decade, with regular roles on Joan of Arcadia, The Class, The Event, and can currently be seen on NBC's Parenthood. His latest project is providing one of the voices on Disney's new animated series Gravity Falls, which premieres tonight.

Al Norton: I want to open this interview the same way I did when I talked with Jesse (Tyler Ferguson) and Andrea (Anders) and that's by saying that I really loved The Class.

Jason Ritter: Oh man, thank you so much. Thank a lot. We all loved it to. We had such a great time on that and thought it was going to last at least a little longer than it did, but what can you do?

Al Norton: Not that you spend time dwelling but does the huge success so much of the cast has had since kind of reaffirm what a bad decision it was by CBS to cancel the show?

Jason Ritter: (Laughing) You know what? I definitely think that everything happens for a reason, and I can't imagine Modern Family without Jesse and Walking Dead without Jon and everyone not doing the work they are doing but yes, it does make me a little secretly happy.

Al Norton: How did you get involved with Gravity Falls?

Jason Ritter: I got the script about two or three years ago, loved it, auditioned for it, they liked my voice enough and I got it. We did a pilot and then there was this huge heartbreak for me because I got a live action show and that show wouldn't let me do the cartoon. I went through a whole year thinking about Gravity Falls, that they would recast my character and go on without me and it made me sad.

The live action show I was on got cancelled and I went back to Disney and they still hadn't found someone to replace me on Gravity Falls so I got to jump back in. That was very exciting, that there development phase was long enough where I could do an entire season of another show and still come back in time.

Al Norton: Talk about everything happening for a reason.

Jason Ritter: Exactly (laughing).

Al Norton: Was this your voice work on a series?

Jason Ritter: I had done one episode of a Rugrats spinoff called All Grown Up, where the kids are a little bit older, and I was talking to Mae Whitman (Ritter's Parenthood co-star) about this because I played Anjelica's teacher who she has a crush on. Other than that I had never done anything like it before. This is a huge thing for me and I am having such a great time with it; it's such a funny and unique and bizarre show that I am having a blast.

Al Norton: We will see you back on Parenthood this fall?

Jason Ritter: Yes, they are working on the storylines now but they have asked me to be around for a while, so that's nice. I started to get nervous there would be some sort of horrible accident (laughing) or "he moved to France" but so far everything is still fine. I am excited they are going to let me explore that relationship further.

Al Norton: Right, you don't want the dreaded "Two Months Later" to flash on the screen at the start of the season opener.

Jason Ritter: "Two Months Later" and then cut to an 8 x 10 of my face on a coffin with flowers and everybody crying (laughing). They're not going to do that, thank god.

Al Norton: There are a lot of viewing options parents can chose for their kids; why should they sit down with them to watch Gravity Falls?

Jason Ritter: First of all I think they'll be able to enjoy it, too. Instead of doing what usually happens in cartoons, which are either geared totally towards kids and the parents are left out or they have most of the jokes for the kids and a couple of secret little things for the parents, Gravity Falls is out in the open a really very show. The special thing is that instead of the parents laughing and the kids asking what they are laughing at, everyone is laughing at the same things.

It's a fun show and it's surprising; you think you know where an episode is going and it takes a left turn somewhere even stranger. I feel like people will like it. The kids are twins and they really get along and love each other and they also drive each other crazy, just like any other twins.

Al Norton: I have boy-girl twins who are almost four.

Jason Ritter: Oh wow, I'm sure they will want to watch (laughing).

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Don't miss the series premier of Gravity Falls, tonight at 9:30pm on Disney


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