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411mania.com Interviews: Playboy October Playmate of the Month, Pamela Horton
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 10.11.2012

Playboy magazine's Miss October of 2012 is Pamela Horton. Hailing from Wichita, KA, Pamela has been modeling since she was 18 (she's now 24). Having artistic and creative parents, Pamela practices many different art styles including acrylics, pastels, painting, and even sculpting. Her dream job is also to work for a video game company as a character designer. Pamela is a big time fan of comic books and video games, and she is obsessed with playing MMO's. Last week, 411mania.com got the chance to speak with Pamela for an exclusive interview:

Jeffrey Harris: How did you get started in modeling?

Pamela Horton: I've been modeling since I was 18. A photographer sent me a message on MySpace. That sounds really creepy, but yeah, I gave it a risk and he turned out to be one of the best photographers I have ever worked with. And he actually helped guide me into modeling and I've been a nude model since I was 18. So I've always been really comfortable in posing nude. So my stint in Playboy wasn't the first time . . . actually, of course it was the best time, but *laughs* it wasn't the first.

Jeffrey Harris: So how does this work to go into posing for Playboy for models? Is this something you pursue, or does Playboy contact you?

Pamela Horton: Typically women either go to casting calls or they send in pictures directly to the website. And they decide whether or not they want to try for Cyber Girl or a Special Edition or a Playmate test. And I never even tried because I didn't think I had what it took, so I just carried on with my modeling on the side as my main source of income. And on Model Mayhem, I get a message from one of their submitting photographers in Chicago who wanted to submit me for Cyber Girl. He sent my pictures into his editor and she liked me, so she wanted me to come in and test for Playmate. And I went into test and here I am today.

Jeffrey Harris: What made it the best modeling experience for you?

Pamela Horton: I've never been onset with so many people who've been in the industry for such a long time the lighting and the way that the studio was set up was like second nature to them. Without even needing to be told, they know what exactly needed to happen when the lighting was a little bit off or my hair wasn't highlighted appropriately. And everybody was absolutely 100% professional and amazing and super nice.

Jeffrey Harris: I actually read in your article, yes I did *read* your article, that you like comic books and MMO video games which we all happen to love here. What video games and comics are you into right now?

Pamela Horton: I've played World of Warcraft: Legend of Pandaria. I actually have not gotten to level 90 yet. I haven't really had time to do my die hard playing. And I also play League of Legends and Diablo III and I'm going to pick up Guild Wars 2 in a little bit. I've been hearing a lot of good things about that. Plus I played the first Guild Wars so I thought I'd try that one out. And as for comic books, my personal favorite is the Marvel X-Men series, Phoenix Endsong. The artwork was done by Greg Land and he is my idol. I was completely floored at how amazing the content was put together, how the pictures stuck to the story. It was enjoyable overall.

Jeffrey Harris: Have you always been like every guy's dream and been into things like comics and video games?

Pamela Horton: I can thank my dad. He's had a hand in making me the gamer that I am today. He gave me a Super Nintendo when I was 5 years old, and the first game I ever played was Zelda III: A Link to the Past. And I've always almost every console: NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, the PSX, the Xbox, Xbox 360, just everything including handhelds. To be perfectly honest, I was an ugly duckling growing up. I wasn't that typically attractive until I turned about 18. I didn't really have people seeking me out or wanting to date me or anything. So I had more time for videogames.

Jeffrey Harris: Since you are interested in going into game designing some day, are you interested in going to an industry event or convention like E3 or PAX?

Pamela Horton: Actually I've wanted to so bad but because of having I had a situation where I was trying to go to school and I had scholarships and then the recession hit and my scholarships were lost. And I had to stop going to school because I couldn't pay for it. But I haven't been in a financial situation to pickup and travel. But I'm really excited because I know that's a very big possibility over the next year. And I know that PAX just happened and I was so excited at how big it was. And next year they are going to have an extra day. I really want to go to Comic-Con, E3, PAX, basically any convention that will have me.

Jeffrey Harris: Do I need to call up Hugh Hefner and say, "Hey Hugh, get this lovely lady to whatever convention or cool thing she wants to do next year or I'm going to be very cross with you?"

Pamela Horton: *Laughs* I think that I can get it to happen on its own. I think my interviews and my interactions in the gaming community will speak for itself and hopefully it'll become a fairly big thing in household conservations . . . at least in the gaming realm.

Jeffrey Harris: Is there a company you'd dream of working for like Blizzard or Epic Games?

Pamela Horton: Because Riot Games comes out with new characters every other week or as often as every other week, they have so much more potential for character designers and I don't want to be like, "Hey! That's who I want to work for." I want to work for basically any company. Blizzard and Riot are two of my absolute favorite gaming companies. I'm a big PC gamer right now, but I still have much love for console games. So yeah, basically any company.

Jeffrey Harris: You're also a great fan of Queen.

Pamela Horton: Yes I am.

Jeffrey Harris: What is your favorite Queen song?

Pamela Horton: It's definitely "Somebody to Love."

Jeffrey Harris: Since you are into the arts and into multiple art styles, have you always been an artistic type?

Pamela Horton: My dad is actually is an engineer and he's always been really artsy, I guess. He's really good at drawing and designing things. He's super-duper smart. So I get my artistic skills from my father. But my mother is very hands on creative. She's always done arts and crafts and craft shows when I was growing up. She makes jewelry and ceramics. And right now she does glass beads. And I do that too, but I learned from her. And my parents together made me the creative, artistic person I am today. And I've always been that way.

Jeffrey Harris: Are you single or dating now? What's going on?

Pamela Horton: Actually I am not single *laughs*. But only to guys. I am single I can date girls. My boyfriend and I have a relationship because I'm bisexual but he's not where I stay committed to him as a man but with women I can have physical relationship with them. I can date them.

Jeffrey Harris: OK, so you are committed to your boyfriend as a guy, but you still see other girls. But does your boyfriend have to stay separate from that?

Pamela Horton: He actually doesn't want to get involved. He and I have this we have such an amazing relationship. He's my best friend. He really is. And I wouldn't want him to be in that awkward situation. Now of course, if he ever wanted to be like, "Hey. I want to go out and have a threesome with two girls and I want to experience this just once," I honestly we have such an amazing trust thing going on that I trust him to do it. He's my best friend and I know that he has my best interest in mind. And he's been my best friend since high school.

Jeffrey Harris: What about your cats and how you got your cats: Moose, Squirrel, and Turtle?

Pamela Horton: I've always been a cat person. My family has always had at least one cat and we've always had a dog, usually a German Shepherd breed. And when I had graduated from high school and when we moved out of Clearwater into Wichita, we had outside cats. And we couldn't have outside cats inside the city because we were afraid they'd get hit by cars and stuff like that. So my parents actually found a really good farm home for them. And we had no cats and no dogs and the house felt really empty. When I moved out on my own, a friend of mine said her cat had just had kittens. And I went out there and out of a litter of all white kittens, there was one black cat and that's my Moose cat. He's my baby boy. I got Squirrel at the Humane Society about two years after I got Moose. And Turtle was actually a gift, an anniversary present from my boyfriend. Moose is the only male. Squirrel and Turtle are female. Squirrel and Turtle are both kind of like his consorts. He snuggles whichever one he feels, *laughs*. He's my little alpha cat.

Jeffrey Harris: What's next for you after the Playboy issue comes out?

Pamela Horton: I am going to be attending Glamourcon in Long Beach on the 10th and the 11th. And that's of course a convention for models and things of that nature. And there's going to be a couple of other of my Playmate sisters there. Riot Games has asked me to come out to their world championships out in LA. And I am super excited about that.

Jeffrey Harris: And where else can we learn more about you?

Pamela Horton: You can follow me on Twitter, @PamelaHorton13. Or Instagram, or my Facebook fanpage. My website is still in the works. It's still really bad that it's still not up yet, but it's still in the works. You can follow me on Twitter. I do answer fan messages. And actually I have a League of Legends gaming account for my Playmate status that people are free to add me on. It's Miss October 2012, and I do play [games] with my fans.

Jeffrey Harris: Alright which movie did you like better, The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises?

Pamela Horton: The Avengers, definitely. I had been waiting four years for that movie to come out and it came out on my effing birthday! I will always, always have a very special place in my heart for The Avengers.

Playboy's October issue featuring Pamela Horton is now in stores.


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