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Ask 411 08.26.02: WCCW, JT Southern, Kendo Nagasaki, Nidia, More
Posted by Craig Letawsky on 08.27.2002

Summer Slam rocked six ways from Sunday…er on Sunday. Rey Rey has become a much bigger star from a month in the WWE than he was after years in WCW. Lesnar has such an Ivan Drago thing going for him. I thought (feared) for sure they would bring out Hogan to stop Heyman’s interference and set up a Hogan/ Lesnar Main at Vengeance. I’m happy they decided to use Hogan as a special attraction and not a main eventer. Hope I didn’t speak too soon…there’s gotta be a pay-off for Hogan’s man-sized blade job. HBK looked great too for a guy who hasn’t been in the ring for 4 years and broke his back. He must be fine if he let HHH sidewalk slam him on the chair. Just a great PPV all around.

Now, before we get started Brendan Sinclair from Chicago had his question answered last week and that prompted Scott Morris to e-mail me. Apparently he lost Brendan’s e-mail due to a virus and wants to get in touch with him. So, long story longer, Brendan e-mail me and I will give you Scott’s address. Whew. Who says I don’t care about my reader’s happiness? WHO DAMMIT!

Also, I get about 30 virus e-mails a day from you filthy buggers. Cleans yourselves up will ya? Try
Housecall Antivirus. It’s free, it’s on line and it works.

Let’s do some old stuff first shall we?

A bit more on the belt styles debate from the last few columns. Jon Padilla chipped in with this: Thanx for posting my name in the column. As for the belts, the other guy's explanation and mine were both wrong. If you go to - Kayfabe Memories Belt Gallery. you will find galleries for title belts of all different wrestling promotions. As for the WWF belts, there were not 7, but 8 World/Heavyweight belts, 5 Tag belts (also a pic of their predecessor U.S. Tag belt from the Capitol wrestling days) 3 IC belts (the green from Wrestlemania 1 was not the original, and the wrestler shown in the pic of the original looks like it could be Ken Patera), a pic of the North American belt, and the Jr. Heavyweight belt - but who gives a shit about that one? Pretty interesting web site.

It sure is but I believe the original question was about the modern era which I say begins at WM 1. Either way we have it down pat now.

Last time I answered a question about whether Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar ever had an amateur tussle just to see who would win. There was some conflicting info on this as Lesnar stated that they had not so I went with that even though I had previously read they had. However, hours after I posted my column an interview with Kurt Angle hit the net and he said that he had, in fact, had an amateur style bout with Lesnar in the ring before the matches and beat him. Thanks also to Theos and Eric Berman for the correction.

Angle also beat the Big Show which is pretty frickin’ amazing. Although, if you have ever wrestled in high school you’ll know that proper technique very quickly negates the size advantages of the unskilled.

Joshua Cargill has a bit more on Booker’s theme : While the music itself is a mystery to me, the "Yes, no, yes, no" stuff at the beginning is from the start of Kraftwerk's song "Sex Object"

Wow, good pick up on that you techno pop guru. I always thought they were saying “Ice, ice, ice” during the beginning, which, until now, never seemed strange even though they were Harlem HEAT and not Harlem COLD.

I also mentioned last time that Dude Love, Austin and Undertaker had met Bret Hart, Owen and Davey Boy in a tag match on the November 10, 1997 Raw. Demiloki was quick on the draw: Probably just a typographical oversight on your part, no biggie, but I believe November 10th, 1997 was the day AFTER the Survivor Series. Therefore, Bret and Davey (and by proxy, Owen, for the next month) would not have been anywhere near WWF Television.

Uh riiight. Good point. Heh. The match was actually July 21, 1997. Thanks also to Joe Marotta.

Amazingly, Ryan and Jason Smith were the only two to catch this slip-up: Just thought I'd write to aware you to a small mistake in the latest Ask 411. You referenced the phantom title switches between Benoit and Booker T a few years back in WCW. You said it was the US Title, but I believe it was the TV Title. I might be wrong, but I think Goldberg had the US Title at that time. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Thanks dudes…way to keep me sharp.

Spy683 has some on The Young Dragons: In Mikey Whipwreck's shoot interview, he says that most of the time it wasn't Paul Lauria, but "his friend" Craig Casey. Not Paul Lauria.

I believe both men played the role.

Finally, there’s more on Tajiri’s kicks from Kandriasin: First off, Mr. Letawsky, I would like to comment on what a fine column it is that you writeblahblahblahawesomewondrousmagnificent*cough* Anyway, the Questions: I noticed in your 7.15 column that there were lots of theories as to what made Tajiri's kicks sound so gunshot-like, but was there ever credence given to the rumour that his boots were actually gimmicked to make that sound? I remember someone writing about a live show where ol' Yoshi was practicing snapping off some kicks without connecting with anything, and they were still making those "crack, crack" sounds. I believe I also saw him slapping his chest a couple of times when he'd do those high back kicks to hit someone behind him, but I was just curious as to your thoughts on the subject.

John Pascoe, Shakil Khan, Mathew Theilade, Steve Dicker, Brad Torreano and Nameless46 also mentioned the same thing.

The “someone” who wrote about this was “The Rick” a few years ago. I was aware of it when I wrote the last column but I just can’t see how Tajiri’s boots are gimmicked. He wears ankle high boots and not the full length ones and several times his gi-style pants have come up to reveal black full length tights underneath and the short boots. It’s not like he wears legs pads like RVD or Shamrock. However, they still could be gimmicked …I would just love to find out how.

Alright, let’s do the new stuff before someone leaves the cake out in the rain ‘cause I don’t think I could take it, you know?

Jason AKA The Hitman – Q: Hey. Great column. Been readin this site since I got back into wrestling and on the internet reading about it over two years ago. My question is what happened to Steve Blackman? Last thing I remember was that he and Shane McMahon had that big feud and then his popularity kinda dwindled after teaming with Al Snow. Then he just sorta dissappeared. My friend says he has a neck injury. Like five injured discs. While I also heard that he has some really nasty strain of malaria or something. If you could settle this issue it would be great. As I am wondering also what the likelihood of him showing up to NWA:TNA to feud with Shamrock might be.

Todd – Q: Hey. Great column. Been readin this site since my roommate got me back into wrestling over a year ago. My question is what happened to Steve Blackman? Last I read on this site was he had some neck injury? Then he just sorta dissappeared. Thanks a lot for readin this.

A: Starting off with a two for one here. Sounds like you two guys collaborated, as the wording is very similar in both e-mails. Especially with disappeared being spelled wrong in both. Veeerrry interesting. Anywho, Blackman had contracted malaria in the past but this is not his current problem. Blackman injured his neck in 2001 and has been rehabbing ever since. Earlier this year he started to suffer from severe migraine headaches. He is still under WWE contract but his ability to continue wrestling is in jeopardy. His contract ends in October.


Darren Mathews – Q: I don't know if you've answered this somewhere (if you did can you direct me to it) but I don't see any news ever on why Nidia doesn't wrestle. It's been a year and the new tough enough champions have wrestled and she still has not. Is there a reason she's just a valet? What happened?

A: Nidia has done tremendously well in her trailer trash role and, unlike others coughjackiecough, the WWE has let her develop her ring skills before throwing her out there. I guess her natural acting talents outweigh her in ring assets at this point but they are starting to use her more as seen last week on Smackdown. The exposure of Jackie and Linda has burned the WWE at this point so they are going to be damn sure the Tough Enough people are ready.


Melissa – Q: From what I've been hearing is that true about Sara being pregnant? Because the news came from your website. And how sure are u about this news?

A: I hadn’t heard she was pregnant. Our site eh? I’m not sure at all.


Jed S. – Q: Got a real simple one...I wanna make Hakushi in a game, and I want him to be authentic, but I don't remember his finisher(s). Help? Thanks

A: Hakushi used a springboard moonsault on the outside and then left the guy out there for the countout win. He also used a plancha into the countout at times. The prayer powerbomb was performed for the first time in the US by Hakushi but I don’t believe he was using it as his finisher yet. Brian Cole remembers another finisher as well.

B.C. Hakushi used a somersault head butt drop off the top rope in his debut match.


Jeff Koch – Q: Love the column, very informational and educational. I was trying to dig up some info on J.T. Southern, who was in WCW for a time in 1992 or so and I guess did indies beforehand. He disappeared about a decade ago. What can you tell me about him?

A: Throughout the 80’s JT Southern worked all across the US finally becoming an AWA mainstay. In the late 80s and early 90s Southern continued to wrestle the territories from Chicago to Oregon and in 1990 made a brief appearance as the drummer that Cactus Jack beat up at Clash of the Champions 10. In 1991 he headed to Japan for a stint with UWF-I and feuded with Van Hammer in the WCW upon his return stateside. The whole deal was over who was the better guitar player. Yikes. Southern was let go in June of 1992, headed back to the indys and then faded into obscurity.


Mr. Zzsazz – Q: Whatever happened to XPW out in L.A.?

A: Nothing. XPW is still in bidness and have Shane Douglas as their champion. Messiah, the dude who got his hand massacred by attackers, was a former XPW star. Their website is at XPW Wrestling.


Charles Emanuele – Q: Just have a quick question. Was Ray the Crippler Stevens ever in the Midnight Express? I also heard he died, is that true? Thanks.

A: Both of these questions are in the RSPW FAQ linked below.

Ray Stevens (Carl Raymond Stevens) died May 3, 1996 of a heart attack and was never in the Midnight Express.

Here’s the info on the Midnight Express directly from the RSPW FAQ:

Randy Rose, Dennis Condrey and Norvell Austin formed the Midnight Express in Alabama in 1981. The group moved to Memphis in late 1981 and returned to Alabama in the summer of 1982. During 1983, Midnight Express, Inc. included at one time or another, Rose, Condrey, Austin, the Midnight Stallion, Ron Starr, Rick Harris, and Wayne Ferris. Condrey left Alabama and joined Mid-South in 1983, where he formed a tag team with Bobby Eaton, managed by Jim Cornette, also called the Midnight Express. The Alabama version disbanded in early 1984, while Condrey, Eaton and Cornette would go on to achieve fame in Mid-South, World Class and finally, the NWA in 1985. In April 1987, Condrey left and was replaced by Stan Lane. In 1987, Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose joined as the "Original" Midnight Express, managed by Paul E Dangerously. This group came to the NWA to feud with Cornette, Lane and Eaton.


Christian Charité Colde – Q: Do you follow ESPN classic? I watched my first episode this Saturday, and I'm already confused. Help me out, will you?

In this week's show, the commentators were shilling next weeks match between Iceman King Parson and Solomon Grundy.

Wasn't Solomon Grundy one of the thirteen villains banded from remote galaxies to destroy the Superfriends? Remember the Superfriends? I remember the Superfriends, and it was a fairly old show, but I don't suppose it was as old as that Wild West Wrestling show I saw this week. Was the wrestler Solomon Grundy a giant zombie too? Could wrestling's Solomon Grundy actually be a face (I'm asking because the Iceman was a heelish ol' pimp and I don't imagine a heel VS heel match in a family friendly show like WWW)? Who came first, the DC villan or the wrestler (I'm guessing the DC character here)? Did DC ever object to the gimmick (like when Marvel objected to "Hulk" and Titan had to pay a licensing fee to Marvel)? Only you can help me now.

A: Solomon Grundy is a Mexican wrestler that spent some time in the American territories like World Class in Texas around the 80s. He was active into the late 90s and may still work in Mexico.

The DC Comics Solomon Grundy far outdates the wrestling one. Solomon Grundy first battled Green Lantern in the pages of All American Comics in 1944. A resurrected Zombie-like psychopath Grundy battled Batman, Superman and the JLA and JSA over the years.

However, neither wrestler nor comic company have claim to the name. In fact, it comes from an Old Nursery rhyme (this is the basis of the comic book monster taking the name as he hears people reciting the nursery rhyme when he awakens and likes it so much he adopts it).

The Rhyme goes…

Solomon Grundy,
Born on Monday
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday
And that’s the end of Solomon Grundy.

There is a movie planned on the nursery rhyme that looks to star either Adam Sandler or John Cusack. The movie is in no way similar to the DC Comics character but tells the story of a man who grows to maturity in a week.

And yes I remember the Superfriends. They ripped…until Zan and Jayna showed up. Damn them and their Wondertwin powers. Come to think of it, Marv and Wendy sucked too.


Patrick Q: Hey, I'm an avid reader of your groups editorials at 411wrestling.com. You guys are the wrestling gurus so I have a few questions I would like to ask:
1.Whatever happened to Gillberg (Dwayne Gill)?

A: Gillberg still makes the odd indy appearance under the Gillberg name. The WWE has pretty much left him alone as he isn’t really making a ton of money off the gimmick.

Q2. Has WWE changed it's policy to avoid bloodshed as much as possible now?

A: No but they are using it sparingly to give it the importance it deserves. If you see blood in every match the effectiveness is lost. They have used it very effectively with Hogan blading for Lesnar and in the HHH/HBK match last night.

Q3: How come Raven got demoted to Heat only?

A: Who knows. That is an angle that didn’t really seem to make sense. Why push no talent guys when you have a good worker with good potential. Just one of those strange things.


Jay- Q1: There are a few questions on wrestlers that I like to know Q1.What happened to Gangrel and is he still wrestling?

A: Gangrel (David Heath) was on the WWA Roster along with his wife Luna Vachon. He is using his Vampire Warrior name and you can catch him on the indy circuit.

Q2.What happened to the ultimate Warrior i heard that he died but im not sure?

A: This is one of the bad ones that will not die. Please check the RSPW FAQ linked at the bottom of the page or search the archives for this one.

Q3.Is there gonna be any chance that DX will be forming again?

A: Maybe but they pretty much killed the chances with their DX tease a few weeks ago on RAW.


Bob Lane – Q: Great column, BTW. I have a question pertaining to Ric Flair beating Randy Savage Starrcade '96. Flair won the title after he it Savage with a "foreign object." What was that object? I watched the PPV, but they never said what it was.

A: Actually Bob, it was Starrcade ’95 that Flair beat Savage with…according to 411’s own Scott Keith and his retro post…brass knuckles.


Eric M. – Hey Craig! Glad you showed up after your absence there. Scared a lot of us since you have the best column and all. Anyway, I just have a couple of questions that I'm sure you can answer because I can't.
Q1: What in the blue hell is a smark? What do you have to do to become one?

A: Marks are what the old time carnys and wrestlers used to call people that weren’t wise to the con. A Mark thought everything about wrestling is real. You were probably a mark at some point in your life as was I. Smarts are people who are in fact that wrestling is staged and the athletes are actors. They are people who read the Torch or Observer and check out the websites. Recently the terms Smarks has been brought into the lexicon meaning that even though you know things aren’t real you still react emotionally to backstage happenings. Smarks take the whole business too seriously and buy into the con even though they know better. To me, the term Smark is a self-deprecating nod to one’s own markish tendencies. The word is a bit subjective so others descriptions may vary.

Q2: My other question is I remember watching RAW one time where Chris Jericho showed some humiliating footage of Vince McMahon performing some kind of song at the Slammys back in the late 80s-early 90s that saw wrestlers like Randy Savage, Dusty Rhodes and the like playing instruments, then a curtain rose and the Immortal Hulk Hogan struck us all with his electric guitar bit. What is the name of this one-hit WWE wonder? Thanks alot Craig, hope you can help me out here man!

A: The song was called “Stand Back.”

B.C. This was the 1987 Slammy Awards shown on USA. Several songs were performed including the one mentioned in the above question. However Dusty Rhodes was not in the promotion yet. The lovely bi-talented wrestlers/musicians included The Killer Bees, JYD, Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, Brutus Beefcake and Hulk Hogan (on base guitar).


Albert Rehrer – Q: What happened to the wrestlers in Florida Championship Wrestling of the 80's. Of course there was Dusty Rhodes, Harley Race, and the occasional Ric Flair, but what about Kendo Nagasaki, Cowboy Ron Bass, Brian Blair, Mike Graham, Great Kabuki, to name a few. Just wondering you have any info for anyone. Who can forget Gordon Solie? Thanks

A: Kendo Nagasaki was one of Britain’s most famous wrestlers. He started in the early 60s in England and eventually moved to North America where he toured with Stu Hart’s Stampede as well as touring all across America. Kendo is not Japanese as he unmasked several times. He was born in the Northern part of England but studied Judo, Akido and Kendo. Nagasaki retired due to injury in 1978 but returned in the early 80s. He retired again in 1993 and then returned for one final match in March of 2001. Nagasaki is a successful businessman in England and is an alternative healer of some renown.

Cowboy Ron Bass is retired in Florida and owns a health food store.

I covered Brian Blair right here in Ask 411 12.04.01.

Mike Graham was an agent for WCW and has worked a bit with XWF after the buyout.

Kabuki has become a successful restaurateur in Tokyo.

Gordon Solie passed away from throat cancer July 27, 2000 at the age of 71.


Chris Jones – Q: Hey - great article. You mentioned the intercontinental tournament from 1998 in your last column, but what about the one from the late 80s/early 90s era? Mr. Perfect ended up winning it. Who was in that tournament? It started when the Utlimate Warrior couldn't keep both titles.

A: The tournament happened between April 4-23, 1990. Mr. Perfect beat Jimmy Snuka in round one, Roddy Piper and Rick Martel ended in double DQ, Dino Bravo and Brutus Beefcake ended in a double count-out, Tito Santana beat Akeem. Both Tito and Perfect received a bye through the semis and Mr. Perfect went over Tito Santana to win the belt.


Setor the Destroyer – Q: I've been trying to find out this question for years. Was Tony Atlas a legitimate Mr. USA/Universe ? Or was it just a made up gimmick? Thanks!

A: Tony Atlas (Anthony White) was a legit Powerlifting and Bodybuilding champion. He was the winner of the Mr. USA Bodybuilding championship in 1979 and 1980. A bad addiction to cocaine nearly cost Atlas his life and killed his career. At several points he was homeless and even at the age of 48 he still does independent dates on the weekends in order to make ends meet. A pretty sad end to a major 70-80s star.


Jan Herrmann – Hi, Craig, it´s Jan from Germany ! I recently found your column on the web and could not stop until having read all ASK411s in the archives. Man , your mind must have the size of a little moon:

Not really, but my head is the size of a basketball.

...Here are my questions Q1. Could you give me some information on the Warrior´s Pre-WWF career in WCCW, Mid South ... ? Please tell me about some feuds, titles held, teams and especially storylines ... Don´t let out the BladeRunners/Freedom Fighters-Time.

A: The Ultimate Warrior (Jim Hellwig now officially Warrior) debuted in 1985 in Memphis at the same time as fellow bodybuilder Steve Borden (aka Sting) in a team called Powerteam USA then the Freedom Fighters with Warrior being Rock and Sting being Justice. The team was in an angle where they were bodyguards for Eddie Marlin to fend of Bill Dundee. They also feuded with Phil Hickerson and an eventual heel turn saw them take the name Bladerunners and Sting became Sting. They joined up with Dundee and were part of the celebrations that took place when Dundee beat Jerry Lawler and forced him to leave Memphis. The team often appeared in the Mid-South territory which became UWF. They split in 1986 and Rock left for World Class in Texas and began calling himself the Dingo Warrior while Sting found singles success in the UWF. As the Dingo Warrior he feuded with Matt Borne and Buzz Sawyer as a face before teaming with Lance Von Erich to capture the WCWA Tag Titles. Warrior also won the WCWA Texas Heavyweight title. Warrior debuted in late 1987 on WWF TV even though he had worked house shows for months previous.

Q2. There was a guy in WCW named Frank Anderson in 93/94 (?) Who was that, they said he had competed in the Olympic Games. Tell me something about him.

A: Frank Anderson had competed in the 1984 Olympic games for his home country of Sweden. He captured the Silver medal in Greco-Roman wrestling for the Light Heavyweight class. He was fired from WCW for getting caught with steroids.

Q3. Where do you get these damn good biographical information ? I simply cannot find a bio-Page including that much lesser known wrestlers. Thanks for reading my e-mail. Go on like that !

A: There’s not much out there that is really reliable. The RSPW FAQ listed below has quite a few bios. Searches often turn up small articles in local papers about lesser known stars. It’s tedious work finding it though.

I will. I WILL go on like that.


Tim Chervenak – Q: Back when Bobby Heenan was an announcer on WWF Superstars, I remember him always referring to the jobbers they used as "Ham and Eggers". Where does this term come from and what does it exactly mean?

A: Ham and Eggers is not a specific wrestling reference. Ham and Eggers basically means average workers or people who do the job but barely. They are the lower to middle skilled workers. It is often used in sports to describe a teams skills or lack of and quality of players but I have seen it used in politics as well. I’m not sure where it originated though but I’ll bet it had something to do with the average people eating ham and eggs while the higher skilled or upper class ate well.


Troy Hepple – Hey, great column, very helpful. Now to my questions-
Q1: Is there plans to give pushes to people like Justin Credible, Shawn O'Haire and Jacqueline?

A: Shawn O’Haire has been seen on some of the secondary shows and may get his shot fairly soon. Justin Credible looks to be stalled. Jackie is getting exposure as a female referee and that’s about as good as it gets for her.

Q2: Why is the WWE giving all this time to people like Lesnar, Cena, Orton and Batista? They all suck in my view and should be tweened at least a tiny little bit, instead of having them Main Event Summerslam or face Main Eventers and Former world Champions.

A: I think you are being a bit too critical. The WWE can’t seem to win. When they push the same old guys we bitch about not pushing new guys. When they push fresh new guys we bitch that they suck. If they brought someone in and then had them lose we’d bitch about them getting buried and that being no way to get a new guy over. I think the WWE does need to work on giving the guys character though or at least a back story of where they came from. Not everyone has to be a rookie. Look at Edge…they brought him in with a back story and rarely called him a rookie. Why not let on that the new guys have experience and didn’t just fall of the Tough Enough truck?

Q3: Is there a chance that the RAW and Smackdown rosters could be broken up into WCW and ECW wrestlers?

A: Nope. WCW may return in name only but the wrestlers will never be divided by what brand they came from.

Q4: What ever happened to people like Taka Michinoku and Essa Rios? Because now it seems that the entire Cruiser Weight division is populated by former WCW wrestlers.

A: WCW did have the very best Cruiserweights in the world at most times so I think it’s okay to populate the WWE ranks with them. On the other hand, Essa Rios was unfortunately released. I really liked the guy but his poor English skills hampered him in the WWE’s eyes. TAKA was injured and then given time off to return to Japan for a family business.

Q5: Is there a chance that the WWE will look at e-feds to find some interesting matches, or go back to ECW and WCW's days? So then maybe we could have a Wargames match, Three Matches in a Night (Forget the name) or even a Barb Wire ropes match? Or some of those matches that have been though of in E-feds that would never have been thought of by a WWE employee.

A: If they were smart they might cruise the e-feds for some ideas. I’m not a big e-fan. Some of it is crap but I do understand that there are some good ideas out there. If I were one of the junior writers on staff I would very quietly start pilfering ideas from the internet. As far as it becoming a standard WWE practice, or even an acknowledged one, it’s not likely. WCW gimmick matches would be cool though. The triple cage rocked.

Hey, want to hear my fantasy booking thingy? I wrote about it a year or so ago in the column. It involved Raven bringing Kane into his flock and making Kane realize that his face wasn’t really burned. It was emotional scars from his parents dying in the fire and Paul Bearer’s upbringing that caused him to think he was disfigured and wear the mask. This would explain why his arm was not burned when he stopped wearing long sleeves. As far as why DX retched when they saw his face it could be because he was so mentally scarred that he disfigured his face with makeup. Or maybe he felt he didn’t deserve a bath or something. Possibly he tried to eat spaghetti through his mask. Whatever. At the end Kane would unmask and be a healed human being. Of course, Raven would turn on him, burn his face with acid or fire and force him to put the mask back on. Feud city baby.

Neat right…then I saw Vanilla Sky last night and Kurt Russell hinted that Tom Cruise wasn’t really physically scarred under the mask and was only emotionally scarred so he wore it. Freaky no?

Ahem…carrying on…

Q6: What are the chances that Terri, Torrie and Stacy will become full time wrestlers?

A: Why? I’m not sure there’s a reason for it. Women’s matches, as a rule, tend to suck. Why make them wrestle more?

B.C. Dude you’re gonna get heat on that LOL. Anyway to note Japanese women wrestle much harder and more entertaining than American Male wrestlers (in the WWE for the most part anyway). But female American wrestling tends to suck. The American women that are good go to Japan anyway, Women who stay in the States for the most part are here because A. They suck or B. they rely on looks and are pansies.


Michaelangelo McCullar - Cool column! I thought I'd drop you a line and see if you could answer some questions for me.
1) I grew up in Dallas watching WCCW. There was a wrestler who was around for a while who was "blind". Who was he, and was he really blind?

A: I believe your talking about the acetone hair tonic that Gino Hernandez blinded Chris Adams with. No he was not really blind but they sure played it up well. I remember following it in PWI at the time.

Q2) What happened to Brian Adias?

A: Brian Adias (Brian Gower) looks to have retired from wrestling in 1991. He spent his entire career in WCCW and the GWF in Texas and still lives in Texas. Apparently he is a car salesman.

Q3) And finally, Kerry Von Erich used to come out to the ring to "Tom Sawyer" by Rush. What music did Kevin and David Von Erich come out to? Thanks,

A: Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold” was Kevin’s music while David used ZZ Top’s “La Grange” and Tanya Tucker’s “Texas (When I Die).” Kerry also used Blondie’s “Call Me.” That’s just weird.


Okay that’s it for this time. Keep sendin’ in questions. It may take a bit but I’ll get to ‘em.

Thanks tons for reading, I really appreciate it. Please drop me a line at Ask411now@hotmail.com



P.S. Wherever you see the initials B.C. that’s 411’s Brian Cole chipping in with something I have missed. Make sure to check out Brian Cole’s site for thousands of wrestling videos from around the world at Wrestlingods.com. You can never watch too much wrestling I always say.

P.P.S. Remember, There’s an easy way to check if your question has already been answered in the archives. Just cut and paste “Ask 411””the subject of your question” both in quotations into the Google.com search engine. It will give you all columns that I mentioned with the name of the wrestler you are wondering about. You may not be able to link directly to the column from Google but just look at the date and then open the 411 archives and get that column from there.

You also might find your answer in the RSPW FAQ or The Classic RSPW FAQ.


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