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Two Tivos To Paradise 03.08.13: Howard Stern, The Daily Show, The Walking Dead, Justified, More
Posted by Al Norton on 03.08.2013

Hello friends. We here in Boston are now in the throes of the big storm that many of you experienced all week – I got rained on, snowed on, and hit by hale at during a five minute walk to my car on Wednesday! – so I hope everyone has made it through yet another blast of winter safely. I am choosing to focus on the start of baseball season being so close as my way of dealing with the winter blues; I am excited for both my upcoming fantasy auction (drafts are for wusses), my 22nd in this league, and for the Red Sox to get started putting the horrors of last season behind them.

Let's do another giveaway, shall we? Season one of Justified is available if you are feeling lucky; go to Al Norton's Two Tivos To Paradise on Facebook, click "Like" if you have not already, and then post "I am Justified in reading TTTP every week" on our wall. As long as you follow our standard rules (one entry per person, one win every six months, must have a US or Canadian mailing address) than you'll be entered! We'll pick a winner at random on Monday so get going!

Another, somewhat longer, look at the upcoming season of Game of Thrones

Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines premieres next month's on PBS' Independent Lens

And for a little bit of fun, here are the Winchester boys…

I wear your granddad's news, I look incredible.

You're Sweet As A Honey Bee, But Like A Honey Bee Stings You've Gone And Left My Heart In Pain
Multiple outlets reported last weekend that NBC was considering a spring announcement that this fall would be the start of Jay Leno's final season as host of The Tonight Show, with current Late Night host Jimmy Fallon seen as the successor. This was followed by a story in Tuesday's New York Post that Howard Stern was the network's top choice to replace Fallon on Late Night and that there had conversations between NBC and Stern about the job.

While the obvious joke is there to be made about Fallon watching his back to not get screwed the way Conan did, the truth is this is an entirely different set of decision makers at NBC, ones aware of just how big a PR hit the network took last time around, so those mistakes definitely won't be made again. By making the announcement now it also means they get to hype next season as "Jay's final goodbye" and then bump their ad rates up.

Fallon is clearly the successor to The Tonight Show, funny and genuine but more relatable to the masses than Conan ever was (that's not a knock on Conan – hell, it might even be a compliment – but it's certainly the truth), and NBC would love him to settle into the job for the next 20 years or so. What he does have in common in a younger audience that usually watched Jay and those viewers will likely follow him to 11:35pm.

Stern taking over Late Night is still a long shot by any stretch of the imagination – I am 100% convinced that all the stories linking him to job openings (Idol, AGT, now this) are leaked by his camp to generate public support – but it actually makes some sense in that his radio deal will be winding down (he's on through 2015), he already has a great relationship with the network thanks to his work on AGT, and what they would pay him and Fallon combined would be way less than what they are currently paying Leno and Fallon. Howard has mellowed a lot over the years – some say to the point of losing his edge – so this isn't anywhere near the controversial move it would have been 10 – 20 years ago. While it would make for some long days, he only does Sirius three days a week and Late Night would likely tape around 5pm, so he'd be home and in bed by 9 anyway.

What's incredible to think about is that David Letterman's deal with CBS is up at the end of the 2013 – 2014 season and its universally assumed he will retire, which means that come September of 2014 Jimmy Kimmel could be the old man of the 11:35 timeslot!

I'll Send You All My Dreams Every Day In A Letter, Sealed With A Kiss
Jon Stewart is taking a 12 week leave from The Daily Show this summer to make his feature film directing debut with Rosewater, an adaptation of the non-fiction book Then They Came For Me: A Family's Story of Love, Captivity and Survival. Stewart also wrote the screenplay for the movie which tells the story reporter Maziar Bahari's 118 days spent being held prisoner in an Iranian prison. During Stewart's absence The Daily Show will be hosted by John Oliver for 8 weeks, with another four weeks of reruns mixed in.

This is the first time anyone has filled in for Stewart since he took over for original host Craig Kilbourn in 1999 and it will be very interesting to see how the ratings are affected. I would have preferred a different fill-in, namely John Hodgeman, or perhaps giving different current correspondents a week each, but Oliver is clearly the number two guy there so I get the thinking. Stewart's current contract goes through 2015, which may shoot down the idea of him taking over The Late Show on CBS when Letterman retires in the summer of 2014 as expected, but it will give Comedy Central a slight peak into their future as they've got to know he won't keep doing this forever, especially if the movie gig goes well.

Everybody Keeps Telling Me I'm Such A Lucky Man, Lookin' At You Standin' There I Know I Am
Fox got a head start on setting their fall lineup by renewing New Girl, The Following, Raising Hope, and The Mindy Project for the 2013 – 2014 season. With Bones already renewed, Glee simply a matter of working out a deal, Touch dead in the water, and Ben and Kate cancelled, there really are no unanswered questions in terms of what will and won't return for the network on the live action side. For their animated programming, only The Cleveland Show is up in the air, not a good sign considering animated shows need much longer lead time to produce episodes.

So very, very happy that Raising Hope, which very well might get a Best Comedy Series Norty nomination this summer, is coming back for more as its current run of episodes is as good as any comedy on broadcast TV this season has enjoyed. Also pleased they are giving The Mindy Project the chance to develop; the show has a lot of the right pieces in place, it just needs to fully find its voice. I've compared it on numerous occasions to the first season of Parks and Recreation, where you laughed a good amount and knew they might have something if they could just get the recipe right. Now they'll have the chance to figure out exactly who Mindy's best friends are, who the receptionist is, and how long they want to play will-they-or-won't-they with Mindy and Danny.

Fox's problem with developing new scripted series is the sheer volume of reality series they have to air; Master Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, and The X-Factor, the latter two taking up roughly four hours of programming a week when they are on. Add in that Sundays focus on their animated comedies and that leaves six hours of programming a week, which is not much at all. I think they could use at least one less Ramsay series (I'd love for Kitchen Nightmares, which exists only to belittle its contestants, to go away) and take a few more risks on dramas. Of course, part of the problem is the limited hours and part of the problem is what they choose for those limited hours; how is it possible The Mob Doctor was the best drama pilot they had last spring?!?!? And how did they air all 13 of its episodes while crushing Lone Star after two?!?!?

Like A Coin In Your Mint, I Am Dented And I'm Spent With High Treason
For the past few months we've told you about new programming the big five networks have in development but now we've entered the next stage, with pilots being ordered for the 2013-2014 season…FYI - Any show listed below has been given said order…

Annie Potts will star in the dramedy Murder in Manhattan, executive produced by Ryan Reynolds…Parminder Nagra (ER) and Naveen Andrews (Lost) have joined Patrick Fugit in the political drama Reckless…Seth Gabriel (Fringe) is on board Gothica, as is Melissa George…Kelly Preston signed on as the lead in the comedy Keep Kalm and Karey On, playing the one good sheep in a family of thieves who adopts her brother's kids when he goes to jail. Jane Seymour plays her Mom…

TTTP fave Gary Cole has joined Michael Pena in The List, an action/drama about federal marshals tracking down the people who stole a list of everyone in the witness relocation program. Paul Zbyszewski (Lost, Hawaii 5-0, Daybreak) and Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Gangster Squad) are the creative team behind the project…

Hatfields & McCoys - executive produced by Charlize Theron - is taking shape; set in present day, an unexpected death in the McCoy family jump starts the legendary feud between the two, the matriarchs of each being played by Rebecca De Morney (the more upper class and powerful Hatfields) and Oscar & Golden Globe nominee Virginia Madsen (the blue collar McCoys). Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill, Partners) plays the most successful of the McCoy children, a Doctor with a thriving practice and stellar reputation. Patrick Flueger (The 4400) and Jesse Lee Soffer (The Mob Doctor) are also in the cast. John Glenn (Eagle Eye, The Lazarus Project) wrote the script and the pilot will be directed by Michael Mayer, who helmed the fantastic Smash pilot…Mary McCormack (In Plain Sight) will play Mike O'Malley's wife in the comedy Welcome to the Family, with Desperate Housewives Ricardo Chavira and Justina Machado (Private Practice, Six Feet Under) also on board as the other couple in the story of two families that suddenly have to merge when a pregnancy occurs between their children (as in one kid from each family!)…Megan Dodds (CSI: NY) landed the female lead opposite John Stamos in I Am Victor. Matthew Lillard has signed on as well…Elliot Gould and Martin Short will co-star with John Mulaney in a comedy the latter is writing and executive producing for NBC loosely based on his life (the standup currently is working as a writer on SNL)…

Dennis Haysbert is set to star in Backstrom, a drama from Bones creator Hart Hanson…Marg Helgenberger (CSI) has joined Josh Holloway in the drama Intelligence…Emmanuel Chriqui (The Mentalist, Entourage) has joined Charlie Cox, Jorge Garcia, Sam Neil, and Audra McDonald in The Ordained…Greg Garcia's untitled comedy keeps getting better; Will Arnett plays a newly divorced man who suddenly has to deal with his parent's marital issues, with Margo Martindale and (newly cast) Beau Bridges as his parents. JB Smoove and Mary Elizabeth Ellis (best known as the waitress on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) round out the cast…Sara Gilbert, currently a host and executive producer on The Talk, will co-star in Bad Teacher…Kevin Connolly (Entourage) will co-star with James Van Der Beek in Friends with Better Lives

The CW
Anthony Head - of course best known as Rupert Giles - has signed on to The Selection, set hundreds of years in the future and focusing on a teenage girl selected to compete in a battle where the winner marries the Prince and becomes the Queen-in-waiting. This is second consecutive pilot season this has been in development with the network. Head will play the current King.

It's Time To Play The Music, It's Time To Light The Lights
The Muppet Show video of the week…

But You Were Up To Your Old Tricks In Chapters Four Five And Six
Ratings Notes From The Last Seven Days…

Despite facing almost all reruns, Community still matched last week's series demo low…1600 Penn hit a new series low…American Idol won the night in totals and demos but was down almost 30% from this episode last year….

Last Man Standing was up 23% in the demos and also ranked as the most watched show of the night with just over 7 million viewers. Lead out Malibu Country jumped 20% in viewers and 27% in demos…Shark Tank won the night in demos, as usual…Kitchen Nightmares and Touch were both up in totals and demos…

History had a huge Sunday night, with part one and two of The Bible pulling in an average of 13.1 million viewers, making it the most watched cable broadcast of 2013. Lead out Vikings was watched by a still-strong-for-History 6.2 million viewers, with more than 40% of those in the 18-49 demo. To put how well parts one and two of The Bible did last night for History, it had more total viewers and higher demo numbers than anything on any of the broadcast networks. It will likely end up finishing second on the night - and the week - to The Walking Dead in the demos but it topped the AMC drama in total viewers… Red Widow was down 36% from what the premiere of GCB did in that slot last year and tied Zero Hour as the lowest rated in-season premiere of a scripted show in ABC history...All-Star Celebrity Apprentice was down 38% from last season's opener...Amazing Race was up 26%, with lead out The Good Wife up 23%, while The Mentalist finished the evening for CBS down 6% (still winning the hour)...OUAT was down 13% to a new series low...The Simpsons was up 15%...

The Following won the night in both total viewers and demos…The Carrie Diaries was up 25% in total viewers…The Biggest Loser enjoyed their largest total viewer numbers in five weeks…The Bachelor was down in totals and demos…Castle posted its best rerun numbers in just under two years…

NCIS won the night in total viewers and demos, the first time it has ever topped American Idol in the latter...NCIS: LA easily won 9pm in total viewers, with Idol winning in demos...Smash dropped to a new series low, as did Celebrity Wife Swap, down a dramatic 37% from last week's premiere...Hart of Dixie hit a four week high in total viewers...

Without a new Modern Family as a lead-in Suburgatory was down 20% to a new series low…American Idol won the night in totals and demos, the girls edition up from the previous night's all-boys performances…Whitney was up 8% for its best demos in five weeks…

All The Young Dudes, Carry The News
Industry News, Notes, and Hot Rumors…Robert Kirkman, executive producer of The Walking Dead and creator of the comic book the show is based on, is working on a new show adapted from his to-be-released comic series about exorcisms. The main character is a man who has been possessed at times throughout his life and whose journey to find peace leads him to the potential end of days. No network is attached yet but based on the record breaking success of Dead there will likely be a huge bidding war…Syfy has ordered a first season of Helix, a drama created and executive produced by Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica). The show focuses on a group of scientists in the Arctic investigating a disease outbreak and trying to keep it from going worldwide. Steven Madea (Lost) will be the showrunner for the series, which should premiere in the last quarter of the year…ABC has cancelled Zero Hour, pulling the show from the Thursdays at 8pm slot after three very low rated airings, the first of which was the network's all-time lowest rated in-season scripted series premiere. Shark Tank reruns will occupy that time slot for a couple of weeks until Wife Swap takes over at the end of the month. It's unlikely the remaining Zero Hour episodes are aired but they should be available on the network's website at some point in the coming months…When tapings for the audition rounds of the new season of America's Got Talent began on Monday Heidi Klum joined returning judges Howard Stern and Howie Mandel as well as newcomer Mel B, the first time in the long running summer hit's history that they had a four person panel…Production on the HBO original movie The Normal Heart doesn't start until later this year and it won't air until 2014 but it's already shaping up to be one of the more high profile TV movies in recent memory; we already knew that this adaptation of Larry Kramer's Tony award winning play was being written by Kramer and directed by Ryan Murphy, with a cast headlined by Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo, and Matt Bomber, and now Emmy & Golden Globe winner Jim Parsons and Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) have come on board, the former playing the same role he did on Broadway in a revival of the play two year ago. The story takes places in early 1980's New York at the beginning of the AIDS crisis…Lifetime has reversed its earlier decision to cancel Drop Dead Diva and has now placed an order for a 15 episode fifth season. This sort of change in direction is pretty rare and comes after the network and Sony TV, which produces the show, came to an agreement on a new financial model…Esquire Network ordered two original series; How I Rock It is hosted by NBA star Baron Davis and looks at the style of musicians, athletes, and celebrities, and Risky Listing follows a real estate agents who specializes in commercial leasing for bars, restaurants, and night clubs. They join Knife Fight (a cooking competition show executive produced by Drew Barrymore and hosted by Top Chef winner Ilan Hall) and The Getaway (executive produced by Anthony Bourdain, celebs show viewers their favorite hangouts in their favorite cities). Also on deck for the network are reruns of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Parks and Recreation, and Party Down…Jeff Foxworthy will host The American Baking Competition, a new culinary-themed reality show premiering on CBS at the end of May. High quality amateur bakers strut their stuff, with one person coming away with cash and prizes. The series is based on the British hit The Great Bake Off and Paul Hollywood, the star judge from that show, will be a judge on the US version as well along with Marcela Valladolid…ABC has ordered an extra episode of Shark Tank, bringing the current season's run to 26. The show is up 17% in season four, it's best ever, and regularly wins not only its time slot but the entire night in the demos…Disney Junior has renewed Sofia the First for a second season. The animated series is cable TV's most watched show with 2 -5 year olds and Disney already has toy and clothing lines in the works as well as attractions planned for their theme parks…Fox Sports Media Group will announced the launch of Fox Sports 1, its much talked about national sports channel. Earlier in the week on The View Regis Philbin confirmed what you read here a few weeks back, that he will host a daily sports talk panel show on the channel (think of it as The View talking about sports). Fox Sports 1, which will go live in August, will also have Major League Baseball, NASCAR, college basketball & football, UFC, and soccer (the network has the rights to the 2018 & 2022 World Cups), and is getting into the reality series game with Being Mike Tyson…Fox has released its spring season finale dates...4/5 - Kitchen Nightmares, 4/26 - Touch, 4/29 - Bones & The Following, 5/7 - New Girl & The Mindy Project, 5/9 - Glee, 5/12 - Bob's Burgers & American Dad, 5/15 & 5/16 - American Idol, 5/19 - The Cleveland Show & The Simpsons & Family Guy (all one hour each)… Jane Lynch and Wilmer Valderrama have joined Chi McBride, Horatio Sanz, Penny Marshall, and Will Sasso as voices in Murder Police, a new animated comedy from Fox created by David A Goodman (Family Guy, Futurama) and Jason Ruiz…Scott Bakula has landed the male lead opposite Geena Davis in TNT's untitled pilot about a female bail bondswoman/bounty hunter. Executive produced by Dean Devlin (Leverage), the cast also includes Gloria Reuben, Enrico Colantoni, and Marsha Mason. The series is based on the real life of Mackenzie Green and the pilot was written by Amy Berg (Eureka, Person of Interest, Leverage) and Scott Prendergast (Wilfred)…This summer's 10th season of TLC's What Not to Wear will be the show's last…Oscar nominee Jeffrey Wright will be a regular on the upcoming season of Boardwalk Empire…Joy Behar, the last remaining original member of The View other than series creator Barbara Walters, will leave the show after 16+ years when her contract is up in August. Behar told the network she did not intend to renew as she wanted to move on to other projects, one of which is rumored to be a new show on CNN…Workaholics star/writer/co-creator Anders Holm has signed on for (at least) four episodes of The Mindy Project as a new love interest for the title character…With Golden Boy winning the Tuesdays at 10pm time slot in totals and demos its first two weeks CBS has changed up their schedule a bit, continuing Vegas' hiatus a bit longer and then moving it to Fridays at 9pm as of April 5th. That means Golden Boy, which was supposed to move to Fridays at 9pm as of tomorrow, will continue to enjoy the two NCIS franchises as its lead-in, greatly strengthening its chances for a second season.

Turns Out Not Where But Who You're With That Really Matters
The Best of What's Around AKA The Best Thing I've Watched In The Last Seven Days…
As God is my witness, I swear I will not forget about Justified come the summer. I keep a notebook of Norty Nomination thoughts all year round – seriously, I do – but there is no doubt that shows currently airing new episodes when I'm putting the lists together have a slight advantage because the emotional resonance is fresh, which may be why Justified running in January leads to it being left off a lot of year end best lists and perhaps people's Emmy ballots as well but this simply cannot happen. There is no doubt that Justified's 4th season is among the best series TV has had to offer in 2013-2014 and should be recognized as such.

Timothy Olyphant has been widely praised for his work on the show but this has clearly been his finest season, with the episode from two weeks ago being perhaps the best hour he has ever turned in, staying fully in character while giving us glimpses into a level of vulnerability we aren't used to seeing.

The Boyd – Ava relationship is one of my favorite on all of television right now, where despite their chosen field of work, they have a healthy love and respect for one another and are actually better partners than most.

Where Justified has always thrived is in the casting of its supporting roles, and the addition of Patton Oswalt and Mike O'Malley to a group that already included Jere Burns, Stephen Toblowsky, Matt Craven, and Rick Gomez has made it that much stronger. Jim Beaver's work as Shelby has been so good as to put him in the same sentence with the likes of Jimmy Smits, Goggins (for Sons of Anarchy), Ray Romano, and William Daniels as the top guest performers of the year.

Another area where the show has excelled is in the slow build, introducing plot points at the beginning of each season that eventually all come together in ways you could have never imagined and in doing so allow us to get to know these characters that much more.

Justified is one of the best shows on TV. There, I said it again.

People Say I'm Crazy Doing What I'm Doing. Well, They Give Me All Kinds Of Warnings To Save Me From Ruin
What's flashed before my eyes the last seven days…I was both highly entertained and greatly frustrated with this week's Once Upon a Time; trying to keep it spoiler free, the more Neal, the better, but at the same time the whole "knife, knife, who's got the knife" thing was so predictable that it was anti-climatic. And, as others have pointed out, Charming/David is perhaps the most inept law enforcement officer of all time, especially for someone who was a championed warrior...I've enjoyed The Taste and since it really couldn't cost too much to make I would love if ABC brought it back as a summer series or perhaps something to run in December and January, when most shows were in reruns. That's when a game show or reality competition show would be a fun alternative for viewers who don't want to watch a crime they've already seen be solved be solved…Three weeks in and I am still fully on The Jeselnik Offensive bandwagon. What I love about it as well as its network mate The Burn is that they know their humor isn't for everyone and they don't care. It's not really that they want to offend anyone, they are really more trying to entertain those who enjoy that sort of comedy and assume folks who don't will watch something else. It's not a matter of being "anti pc", it's more of filling a niche with a specific comedic point of view. Considering how much of TV is lowest common denominator programming in terms of its willingness to take chances, Comedy Central should be applauded for giving some talent comedians a well earned spotlight. Plus I just love all the jokes he makes involving the word "panel"…Another week, another wonderfully absurd and over the top half hour fromSuburgatory…I got caught up on Revenge this week and came away wishing it was Aiden who had died in the boat explosion…I don't think the current 4th season of Community has been its strongest but I'll still take it over 90% of what's on TV…The season premier of Psych wasn't the funniest episode the show has ever done but did a great job of demonstrating James Roday's range. You know what, I take back what I said – The Cranberry blowing up followed by Gus' vomiting was easily the single funniest moment of the TV week…Inside Comedy is 100% a "Guaranteed Good Mood" show for me, one of the few shows that has me wishing it was longer every time it ends…Huge missed opportunity on SNL this week; their Walking Dead and Shark Tank sketches were barely passable, if that, and both provide so much material to work with the writers should be embarrassed. On the plus side, it was great to see a real comedian do the monologue...

TV Pick Of The Week
NBC has been having some major ratings issues this winter, finishing fourth in the demos in February sweeps behind CBS, Fox, ABC, and even Univision!! Part of the issue is they put their two of their top performing drama series on long breaks (Revolution isn't back for another three weeks) and everyone at the Peacock network is crossing their fingers that the return of Grimm tonight at 9pm will stop some of the bleeding. Yes, it's now going against Shark Tank, which regularly wins the night, but if the show finishes a strong second at 9pm they will be pleased.

Don't miss Grimm, tonight at 9pm on NBC.

Hope You Need My Love, Babe, Just Like I Need You
Here as some other noteworthy viewing options from the next seven days…
*Season two of NBC's highly entertaining Fashion Star debuts tonight at 8pm.

*ABC offers up an NBA hoops doubleheader on Sunday; Celtics – Thunder at 1pm followed by Bulls – Lakers at 3:30,

*The Bachelor hands out his final rose this Monday at 8pm, followed at 10pm with the annual After the Final Rose special.

*Look for a LOT of familiar faces to pop appear when J.R. Ewing is laid to rest this Monday at 9pm on Dallas.

*The new season of Hell's Kitchen begins Tuesday at 8pm on Fox.

*19 Kids and Counting (TLC) is back for a new season this Tuesday at 9pm.

*The Taste (ABC) crowns a champion this Tuesday at 9pm.

Two Tivos To Paradise
3 Days to Open with Bobby Flay, 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, After the Catch, American Idol, Antiques Roadshow, Archer, Arrow, Around the World in 80 Plates, Auction Hunters, Baby Daddy, The Big C, Boardwalk Empire, Being Human, Betty White's Off Their Rockers, Bones, Breaking Bad, Bunheads, Burn Notice, Cake Boss, Cake Boss: Next Great Baker, Chicago Fire, Chopped, Comic Book Men, Community, Cougar Town, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Deadliest Catch, Deception, Destination Truth, Fact or Faked, Falling Skies, Family Guy, Flipping Out, Food Network Challenge, Food Network Star, The Franchise, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Lab, Glee, Great Food Truck Race, Grey's Anatomy, Happy Endings, Haunted Highways, Haunted Treasure, Hawaii 5-0, Hollywood Treasure, House of Lies, How I Met Your Mother, Inside Comedy with David Steinberg, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, Iron Chef America, The Jeselnik Offensive, Justified, Key & Peele, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Law And Order: Special Victims Unit, The League, Longmire, Lost Girl, Louie, Mad Men, Major Crimes, Men at Work, The Middle, Mike and Molly, The Mindy Project, Modern Family, Monster Man, Nashville, Necessary Roughness, New Girl, The New Normal, Next Iron Chef, The Office, Outside the Lines, Parks & Recreation, Project Accessory, Project Runway, PSYCH, Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook Off, Raising Hope, Real Time With Bill Maher, Restaurant Impossible, Revenge, Revolution, Royal Pains, Rules Of Engagement, Saturday Night Live, Shark Wranglers, So You Think You Can Dance?, Sons of Anarchy, The Soup, Suits, Suburgatory, Supernatural, Top Chef, Top Chef Just Desserts, Top Chef: Masters, Top Design, Tosh.0, The Vampire Diaries, The Voice, The Walking Dead, Warehouse 13, Worst Cooks In America,

People Love You When They Know You're Leaving Soon
Here ends another Two Tivos To Paradise.

We'll be back next week with all the headlines from the last seven days!

Sources for this week's column include Daily Variety, Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, and Hollywood Reporter (plus the web sites for those publications) as well as Aintit.cool.com, TVline.com & Deadline.com.


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