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Alternate Takes 03.30.13: Top 10 Comic Book Aliens
Posted by Shawn S. Lealos on 03.30.2013

Welcome to Week 247 of Alternate Takes, my name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world.

This week saw the awesome return of the Guardians of the Galaxy to Marvel Comics. For those fans who don't know anything about them, or didn't pick up the free digital comics that introduced each member of the team in a mini-story, Marvel smartly threw Iron Man on their team and then sent them to Earth to defend the planet from an intergalactic attack. It was an action packed first issue and they didn't waste any time getting right into the action. While that is kind of sad for anyone who wanted to get to know the characters, those who want action were not disappointed.

I recommend picking up on this new series because it looks like it will be pretty good.

With the new Guardians in stores now, I figured what better time to look at this topic. The Top 10 aliens in comic books. And, since there are so many aliens to choose from, everyone will have something to complain about this week!

Beta Ray Bill
Beta Ray Bill photo: Beta Ray Bill 442px-Beta_ray_bill.jpg

Beta Ray Bill became Thor by complete accident. When he was in a fleet of ships nearing the milky Way Galaxy, Nick Fury asked Thor to investigate. When Thor approached the ships, they detected him as a threat and opened fire on him. Thor attacked back and he fought Bill. Unfortunately for Thor, he lost his hammer for more than 60 seconds and turned back into Donald Blake. When Bill grasped it, he was deemed worthy and gained the powers of Thor. Odin, being the dickhead father that he is, transported both to Asgard and then said that Bill and his son should fight to the death, the winner getting the power of Thor. Both men fought to exhaustion, but Bill was the last man standing and refused to kill Thor. That allowed Odin to see his nobility and he gave him the powers of Thor with a new hammer called Stormbreaker.

Superman photo: Superman tumblr_mk71bezexO1r0feako1_500_zps1b2c95bb.jpg

Not much to say here. Superman is Kal-El, the last son of Krypton, and the greatest hero the earth has ever seen.

Sinestro photo: Sinestro Sinestro.jpg

I am only listing one character from the Green Lantern Universe, so no Kilowog (sorry), but I can't make this list without mentioning Sinestro. At one time Thaal Sinestro was the most powerful member of the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro was sent to Earth to mentor a new, young Lantern named Hal Jordan. While with Jordan, he realized they shared a common trait, the willingness to question everything and everyone. Sinestro remained on earth for weeks with Jordan. He taught him the importance of trusting his fellow Corpsmen while never allowing his drive to seek truth and argue against the theologies he disagreed with. When he left Earth, he considered Hal Jordan a friend and someone he could trust. When, months later, Jordan visited Sinestro's world and found it a world free of crime he accused Sinestro of ruling it with fear, the worst crime imaginable among the Green Lantern Corps. He was stripped of his ring and exiled to the Antimatter Universe where he met the Anti-Monitor and forged the yellow power ring, installing fear across the universe.

Galactus photo: galactus galactus.jpg

Galactus was born Galan, the sole survivor of the universe that existed prior to the current universe. His universe was in its final stages of collapse. Originally, like all universes in the Marvel Comics continuum, this universe had been a "Cosmic Egg" a primal sphere of disorganized, dense, compact primordial matter. The sphere underwent a "Big Bang," an explosion that hurled the matter outwards, where much of it eventually condensed into stars and planets. This universe expanded in size for billions of years, and then contracted, undergoing a "crunch" over the following billions of years. All of the matter was plunging towards a central point, where it was collapsing into a new "Cosmic Egg." At the moment Galan's universe met its end, the Phoenix Force amassed the positive emotions of all living beings in the cosmos to preserve them from eternal damnation, enabling the Sentience of the Universe the previous universe's equivalent to Eternity to meet with Galan. Within the "Cosmic Egg" the Sentience of the Universe revealed itself to Galan and informed him that though they both would die in the final moments of the universe, they would both survive through a joint heir born into the next universe. The Sentience of the Universe merged itself with the mortal Galan and thus Galactus, the devourer of worlds, was conceived.

Thanos photo: Thanos thanos.jpg

Thanos was born with grey, hide-like skin and a massive body, looking more like a Deviant than the Eternal he was. Unlike his peaceful brother Eros, who later became the Avenger known as Starfox, Thanos became ultimately evil and nihilistic. This was brought about when Thanos developed an infatuation and love for the embodiment of Death who, in female form, became his companion. Thanos conducted a nuclear bombardment of Titan that killed millions of his race and then eviscerated his own mother.

Thanos eventually set out to annihilate everything that lived in honor of Death and found the opportunity in the form of the Infinity Gems, the remnants of one of the earliest beings from the time of the universe's creation. If all the gems are combined into the gauntlet, the being who wears the gauntlet has almost unlimited powers. Thanos' goal was to use this gauntlet to destroy the universe. He started off by eliminating half of the population of Earth. He kidnapped his brother and removed his mouth. Thanos then sent a shockwave across the universe, destroying the exit to Asgard just as Odin was gathering his warriors to fight. The west coast of the United States fell into the ocean, the east coast hit by tsunamis. Japan simply ceased to exist.

Thanos went on to defeat Chronos, Master Order and Lord Chaos, Galactus, Stranger, Epoch and more. Mephisto, Eternity and even Death herself attacked but no one could beat Thanos. Finally, it was Thanos' own arrogance that proved his downfall as he developed the greatest power of all but lost concentration and control of the gauntlet by doing so. Thanos eventually agreed to help the heroes of earth fight to regain the gauntlet that he lost. Adam Warlock regained the gauntlet and the war was ended. Thanos was finally killed by Drax the Destroyer in the Annihilation storyline.

skrulls photo: Skrulls sc00047745.jpg

The Skrulls are a breed of green skin humanoids from the Andromeda galaxy. They are a fierce warrior race that have become one of the oldest surviving races in the known universe. In the beginning they were a peaceful, scientifically inclined race on Skrullos, a planet in the Drax system. Almost a billion years ago the celestials arrived and experimented on the Skrulls. They produced three races. The Skrullian Eternals were immortal. The Skrullian "normals" were capable of eventually rapidly evolving into Celestial-like beings. The Skrullian deviants were natural shape shifters. After the departure of the Celestials, the Deviants wiped out the other two groups. All living Skrulls are descendants of the Deviant line. The Kree-Skrull War brought them into conflict with the Avengers and more recently The Secret Invasion rocked the entire Marvel Universe.

General Zod
General Zod photo: general zod TerenceStamp_SupermanII.jpg

Zod was the leader of military defense for the Kryptonian Science Council. When they learned of scientific experiments being conducted by Jor-El and his mentor Non, Zod and his lieutenant Ursa raided the laboratory and arrested both men on charges of heresy. The Council believed their theories regarding the planet's ultimate destruction were causing uncivil panic. When Zod learned the theories were correct, and the Council knew it, he defected from the Council and joined with Non to warn Krypton of the impending fate. When the Council captured Non and lobotomized him, Zod went into a rage and set out to seek vengeance on them. Jor-El refused to help him, believing violence was never the answer, but Zod attacked the Council and murdered five members before being stopped. Jor-El helped Zod by asking that they not execute the three traitors (Zod, Ursa and an animalistic Non) and instead banished them to the Phantom Zone. Zod believed Jor-El was a coward for not helping them and vowed vengeance against the House of El. While the three were banished, Krypton exploded leaving only one presumed survivor - Kal-El

Lobo photo: Lobo lobo.jpg

Neither Heaven nor Hell wanted him, so Lobo simply exists as the universe's best bounty hunter. However, he isn't a good guy at all. Hell, when he was born he bit off the midwife's fingers, frightened a delivery nurse to death and attacked staff with scalpels at his own birth, before finally creating a plague at the age of 17 to kill everyone on his own planet. As an adult, he simply took the side of whoever had the most money, and would kill anyone from Santa Claus to God. Plus, like I said, he has been banned from Heaven and Hell, so he is pretty much immortal and can't die.

Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer photo: Silver surfer silver-surfer.jpg

Norrin Radd was an alien who lived on a peaceful planet that was so advanced that there was no crime or violence. However, Norrin was from a family that was always studious and couldn't understand the simplistic peacefulness of the planet, feeling nothing was left to achieve on the planet. Then, one day his life changed forever when Galactus showed up to devour his world. In order to save his planet, and discover a new focus in his life, he went to Galactus and asked for his planet to be spared and in exchange he became the herald for the world devourer and traveled the cosmos finding suitable planets for his feeding.

Darkseid photo: Darkseid Darkseid.jpg

Darkseid was born Uxas of the royal family of Apokolips. Uxas longed to gain the throne of Apokolips, but was opposed by his peaceful brother, Drax. Uxas travelled to New Genesis and met a young man, peaceful and innocent in nature. Seeing potential in him, Uxas released his pet bird, then told the boy his pet cat had eaten it, convincing him to avenge his pet by burying the cat alive. However, when the bird returned, the cat was already dead, and the boy strangled it in rage. The boy soon took the name DeSaad, and would become Uxas' most trusted advisor. Finally, Uxas saw his chance when a connection to the Omega Realm was discovered. Drax was intended to connect with it and assume his god-name, but Uxas interrupted the process and took the power for himself, supposedly killing Drax in the process. When he emerged, transformed into a rock-like creature, he took the name Darkseid as his god-name. As part of his master plan, Darkseid convinced his uncle to hunt the New Gods of New Genesis for sport. Darkseid accompanied his uncle on the hunt, where he killed Avia, wife of Izaya, the ruler of New Genesis. Izaya in turn killed Darkseid's uncle, but he was resurrected and a war between Apokolips and New Genesis began. Darkseid encountered the Green Martians and discovered their belief the "will" represented a "life-equation". Darkseid theorized that there must an "Anti-Life Equation" which negated the will, and sought to buy time to discover it. During his efforts to secure the Equation, he encountered and battled many of Earth's superheroes, chief among them Superman.

The first match of last week was pretty easy as Spawn took out Namor, 342-143. The power of hell is a lot stronger than the power of the seas. Next up, Doctor Strange beat Cyclops, 332-153, because honestly all Strange has to do is avoid Cyclops' blasts and then blast him with any number of spells to end the fight early.

In the biggest blowout of the week, The Hulk destroyed Luke Cage, 466-24. While I am sure that Cage could hold his own up front, with his skin pretty much invulnerable, the Hulk just gets stronger as he gets angrier and since Cage has no super powers outside of strength, this fight is Hulks.

Finally, Emma Frost beat Moon Knight, 356-136, and that makes a lot of sense too. As Jeremy said last week, it might be really interesting to see Emma mess around with Marc's fractured psyche for a while before easily getting the win.

On to this week and the start of the Sweet 16.

Just a bold red reminder to everyone that this is about who can beat who in a fight





Green Lantern


Martian Manhunter

Scarlet Witch

April 12 - The Evil Dead
May 3 - Iron Man 3
May 17 - Star Trek: Into Darkness
June 14 - The Man of Steel
June 21 - World War Z
June 28 - Kick-Ass 2
June 12 - Pacific Rim
July 3 - The Lone Ranger
July 19 - R.I.P.D.
July 26 - The Wolverine
August 2 - Red 2
August 2 - 300: Rise of an Empire
August 6 - Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
September 6 - Riddick
September 13 - I, Frankenstein
September 13 - Machete Kills
October 4 - Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
October 25 - The World's End
November 1 - Ender's Game
November 8 - Thor 2: The Dark World
November 22 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
December 13 - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

April 4 - Captain America: The Winter Soldier
May 2 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2
July 18 - X-Men: Days of Future Past
August 1 - Guardians of the Galaxy

March 6 - Fantastic Four
May 1 - The Avengers 2
November 6 - Ant-Man


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