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Ten Deep 4.18.13: Top 10 Treasure Hunt Movies
Posted by Mike Gorman on 04.18.2013

"Top Ten Treasure Hunt Movies"

A treasure hunt sometimes involves a map, but not always. What is always present is the idea of what discovering that treasure will mean to the people involved. This week Ten Deep digs up ten films that take you into the treasure hunts of some very different people, in very different places. It is that desire to find the treasure of their dreams, in whatever form it comes, that unites these stories. Some lead to gold, others to truth, all present adventure in one form or another!

10. The Da Vinci Code

This one has it all, puzzles, religious history, albino monks, and Tom Hanks searching for the hiding meanings in it all. The treasure here is not exactly gold coins in a chest but the hunt is very real. The layered mystery in the one keeps you guessing until the very end. The trailer is just a taste of what this one delivers.

9. Three Kings

Many of the films on this list are set in modern times but Three Kings is the film that features the most modern spin on a treasure hunt. The film combines satire and a war film as it details the adventure three soldiers go on in search of Saddam Hussein's gold. Somehow this combination ended up working really well. In the clip below a captured Mark Wahlberg is interogated being asked the same question over and over, What is the problem with Michael Jackson? It's an interesting scene that definitely gives you a great glimpse of the film's feel.

8. National Treasure

Nicholas Cage tends to be a big over the top and a scenery chewer of late, and National Treasure is not an exception to this but you know what? It works! The film is a bit wacky and requires a fair amount of suspension of disbelief, but if you can give that little bit you're in for a raucous wild ride. Treasure and history once again intertwine in this fun film.

7. Romancing the Stone

The treasure hunt in Romancing the Stone pure 80s in the best way. It is an action-adventure-comedy romp that features outstanding performances from Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny Devito. There is a swashbuckling air to this one and just the right amount of cheese. A perfect example of the cheese comes in the form of the film's theme song...

6. Muppet Treasure Island

Muppet Treasure Island is not just a fantastic treasure hunt film but is one of the best Muppet film's ever made. It is the beloved puppets take on the classic story of Treasure Island but obviously features their own unique spin, like a musical number or two. Below is the song that develops as the ship's crew realizes they are all suffering from the same ailment, Cabin Fever.

5. City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold

This underrated sequel to City Slickers takes the characters from the original and sends them off in a completely new direction. The film relishes in the absurdity of its concept and the actors give it their all. Jack Palance even returns as Curly's identical sibling, Duke. There's gold to be found this time around as long as these guys can get themselves together. The clip below features the films fun animated opening sequence.

4. Treasure Island (1950)

This classic adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's novel was Disney's first feature length live action film, and was also the very first color production of this story. Treasure Island is the story you should think of right away when this week's topic crossed your field of vision. It does not break new ground but features all of the familiar, classic elements that this sort of story is expected to possess. If you have not seen this film, fear not! Here is the entire movie on You Tube, for free!

3. Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Excellent performances and fantastic direction help Treasure of the Sierra Madre stand out on this countdown despite the film's age. To say that mishaps and misadventures befall the films heroes as they search for the missing gold would be a complete understatement. Humphrey Bogart truly shines in the lead role of this one. The clip below features one of the most often quoted (and misquoted) scenes in film history, a little something about "Stinkin Badges."

2. Raiders of the Lost Ark

One of cinema's most iconic treasure hunters actually spends most of this film trying to thwart the treasure hunting efforts of others in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Of course, those others happen to be the Nazi's and they are searching for the Ark of the Covenant. This introduction to Indiana Jones is fast paced and fun, and kicked off what was for the most part an amazing series of films. (Please don't get me started on Crystal Skull!) Below you can relive the opening the Ark, if you dare watch it!

And lastly…

1. Goonies

Was there any doubts as to what film was going to claim the top spot on this list? The Goonies combines all of the successful elements of the films that came before it this week. It features relate-able characters who go on a fantastic adventure to save their home, battling the bad guys, solving the puzzles and eventually discovering the mythological treasure. The film takes the wildest dreams of every little kid who hears about treasure hunts and brings them to life. The video clip below features a 20 year Reunion of the film's cast. It is great to revisit them and get their perspective now on this classic adventure.

Did X mark the spot this week or should I have kept digging? I look forward to the clues you'll leave in the comments below!

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