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The 411 Movies Top 5 08.16.13: Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall 2013 TV Shows
Posted by Shawn S. Lealos on 08.16.2013

Welcome to Week 387 of the Movie Zone Top 5. My name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world.

The 411mania writers were given the following instructions: We are heading into the 2013 fall television season, so lets count down our Top 5 most anticipated television shows for fall season (these can include anything premiering this fall, including late premieres like Walking Dead, which doesn't come until October).

What shows are you most excited about returning / debuting?



Honorable Mentions: Person of Interest, Elementary, Almost Human, The Black List, Family Guy, Sons of Anarchy


5. Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell

As part of the new FXX channel, Totally Biased is going from being a weekly comedy show about politics, current events, etc, to a nightly comedy show about politics, current events, etc. Bell has shown himself to be a warm, funny host with a great point-of-view, and it'll be interesting to see how well he does transitioning from having to do one show a week to several shows a week. It'll also be interesting to see which members of the writing staff become "correspondents," characters, etc. Thank you, producer Chris Rock, for allowing me to remain Totally Biased. Ha.


4. How I Met Your Mother

This upcoming season is the final one, and we're finally going to meet the mother of the show's title. Now, we've already sort of met the mother, as we finally saw her for the first time at the end of the season finale. The mother hasn't met Ted Mosby, the star of the show, just yet, and that's going to be the focus of the final season. The season is also expected to essentially take place over a long weekend with some flashback stuff to fill in the episode order and flesh things out. How are they going to do that? Will the show still be the same show, or will it suddenly become something else? I can't wait to find out.


TV's most watched show goes into its eleventh season with a major cast change in the season premiere. Cote de Pablo, who plays Israeli badass Ziva David, has decided to leave the show and will bow out after the premiere. How is the show going to handle Ziva's departure? She isn't going to get shot in the head like Kate or pulverized like Lauren Holly's Director Jenny Shepard; Ziva is expected to come out of the premiere alive. But how will it all go down? And then who is going to take Ziva's place on the team? Millions of people can't wait to find out.


2. The Walking Dead<

The third season of The Walking Dead was personally devastating for so many characters, especially lead character Rick. He lost his wife, he's freaking out, and his young son is slowly becoming a psychopath. And the Governor, he's just fucking nuts. He lost his eye, he's pissed off, and he wants revenge. Will the show's upcoming fourth season provide more of the same, with unexpected hooey happening every week (like, you know, who the heck has to die next?)? Or will the show go off in some other direction, some new direction? Just how many zombies are left? October can't get here fast enough.


1. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Marvel superhero comic book movies have been, to put it mildly, a major success. The last two movies have each made over a billion dollars, and audience interest couldn't be higher. Now, with S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel and company will try to duplicate that success on television. The show, obviously, won't be able to compete visually with the movie universe it's a part of, so the show will have to be all about characters and atmosphere. Will the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents at the heart of the show be compelling enough to make people want to watch? And will the show manage to maintain its likely initial high rating throughout the season? Can this show really settle to be good and not great?


5. The Originals<

As a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries, I'm looking forward to this. Spinning off Klaus is a daring move but it works as he's a truly compelling character, a killer but with some heart to him wanting a fresh start. The New Orleans setting adds to it, a town mixing old-world style and magic and adding Claire Holt's Rebekah is good too. Also, as a fan of Phoebe Tonkin, looking forward to how her Haley deals with being pregnant with Kalus' child and the upcoming battle between Klaus and the king of New Orleans promises some great drama that should provide the same dark tone that makes Diaries such a great show.

4. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Despite its ups and downs in the second season, I'm still a huge fan of Once Upon a Time and looking forward to the spin-off that takes a new look at the world of Lewis Carroll. Sophia Lowe has a good presence as the young Alice, going between Wonderland and an insane aslyum and the mix of characters and the fantastic setting makes it different from the small-town based main series. With the same creators working thier magic, this might be a spin-off that really works out right and gives us more magic to enjoy this fall.

3. The Blacklist

James Spader in almost anything is worth watching but here, the Emmy winner looks to have a show worthy of his talents. He plays the world's most wanted criminal mastermind who, with no warning, turns himself in to the FBI and offers to help capture other crooks on the condition he work with a rookie FBI agent. It's clear from the clips that Spader is having a ball in the role, the man in true control and loving it, flashing his power as he offers his unique insight to catching other masterminds. The mystery of why he's doing this adds a layer but Spader alone makes this worth checking out and might give NBC a much-needed new "must-see" program.

2. Scandal

In its second season, the Shondra Rhimes drama went from an okay show to the most incredibly insane drama-packed hour on network television. The first season ended with a stunning cliffhanger of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) leaving her apartment to meet a throng of reporters asking about her affair with the President. She was then hustled into a limo containing the mysterious man who'd been pulling the strings through the season...who turned out to be Liv's father. What happens in the third season only boggles the mind as the series seems ready to ramp up the wild drama and romance to build on its new hot audience and give us a great reason to make Thursdays on ABC watchable once more.

1. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It's Joss Whedon producing a Marvel series off of Avengers with Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson. What more need be said? The idea of expanding Marvel characters to TV is irresitable and the spy vibe and possible cameos of other stars makes this the must-watch show of the year and should establish true geek love for ABC this fall.


5. Monday Night Football

When I wrote the Hollywood 5&1, it was no secret that I am a huge sports fan, and to me, nothing is better than when Monday Night Football returns. While not the most traditional of picks for a list like this, there is nothing that gains my attention more on a Monday night than Football. I love my wrestling and other shows, but football trumps all. I cannot express how much I have missed the NFL, so much to the point that I am watching the CFL, Arena ball and preseason football to give me a fix so to speak until the real deal arrives.

4. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As much as I love sports, I love comic books and the movies they produce just as much. Sure, the products are not always perfect, but I still love them. Look at my pen name, I was and still am a huge fan of the original Incredible Hulk TV series. So it is that reason I am really curious and excited about Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Again, while far from perfect, I have generally enjoyed the Marvel comic films and feel that they have had a smart gameplan in how to develop them. The Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. show will be different, less about the big heroes, but also a lifeline to keep us occupied while we await more films. There is a ton of potential, and I cannot wait to check things out.


While I love sports and comics, I also love a show like NCIS. To think that Shoop from Summer School has become so awesome as Gibbs is simply amazing to me, and likely another reason I fell in love with the show. Last season ended on a cool cliffhanger, and with the news that Cote De Pablo will be leaving the show after eight years of playing Ziva David, I am even more curious to see how things go. This is not the first time that the show will have to move on without a main female character. After just two seasons, Caitlyn Todd (played by Sasha Banks) was killed off. Todd's character was a popular one, but they overcame the loss with god writing and the addition of De Pablo. Can they keep the magic going again? The show's history tells me yes.

2. The Walking Dead

I got into The Walking Dead in the middle of season two. I had heard the hype, AMC was running a marathon during New Year's weekend and I decided that this would be the time to get into the show. I was working on a project for work, sleep was not an option so I needed something to keep me occupied as I worked on the project. The Walking Dead on TV, communicating overseas with the other partners on the project and sipping apple pie moonshine, I got the project done and was PISSED when the marathon had come to an end. I was hooked. And I have enjoyed the show ever since. I did not read the source material, I am sure it is fantastic, but I have seriously loved the show. When last season ended, on a bit of a limp note, I was slightly disappointed, but still very curious as to how the show will continue. October cannot come soon enough.

1. Arrow

Arrow is my favorite TV show in a LONG time. I am familiar with the source material a bit, but did not let that be a determining factor in my enjoyment of the show. I waited about three weeks into the run and then dove into the show via DVR, and was hooked big time. I liked the action, the actors, the characters and the way that they set the show up. I was into this, and so much that when I wrote the 5&1, I discussed how the show could be an important cog in the machine to develop The Justice League. And now I am even more exciting because they are going to spin off a Flash show fro Arrow. Given the potential impact in the DC TV & Film Universe, and the fallout from season one when the Glades were left in ruin; Arrow is must see TV for me.


5. The Tomorrow People

The idea has been tried a few times before, most recently with Heroes and The 4400. There are people who were born with paranormal abilities known as the Tomorrow People. Our main hero is a teenager who suddenly develops the power to hear voices and teleport in his sleep. I have always wanted these shows to work, and while I enjoyed a lot of the 4400, Heroes really lost its was after the first season. This is produced by the guys behind Arrow, Vampire Diaries and Chuck, so hopefully it turns out good. It's at least worth a look for me.

4. Almost Human

When I heard about this show last year, I got pretty excited. Basically, the always awesome Karl Urban is coming to television as a hard ass cop in the future who is forced to team up with an android partner. In this future, all cops have to have the android partners so there is no conflict of interest in doing the right thing. Problem is that Urban has been in a coma for 17 months and all he remembers is that his partner died in the "most catastrophic attack ever made against the police department." The twist here is that the android he is partnered with has unexpected emotional human-like feelings. And, its produced by J.J. Abrams. Yeah, I think this one has the chance to be great.

3. The Walking Dead

I don't know what to think. I really thought season three of The Walking Dead was the best since it debuted and then they dump the show runner. That bothers me because last time they dumped their show runner, it took a year for his replacement to find his feet. BUT, Tyreese is there and that really excites me. The Governor is still walking around out there somewhere, which is great. And it looks like they may soon leave the prison, which means another big, bad, horrifying bad guy from the comics might be around the corner. I am cautiously optimistic, but this is a show I always anticipate.

2. Arrow

Two words: The Flash. Look, I loved Arrow and felt that it did something Smallville couldn't do and that is create a great comic book TV show in its very first season without getting weighed down in the teen soap stories that hurt Smallville for the first couple of years. Now, this season they are promising to introduce Barry Allen and he WILL turn into the Flash, which means there are super powers coming to Arrow. It was already a lot of fun, and now it is going to start to build a larger DC Comics universe on television. How exciting is that?

1. Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Yep, I am excited about Arrow but I am a Marvel kid always have been, always will be. Plus, Joss Whedon is my all-time favorite television show runner (Angel is still my favorite show of all-time). Add Joss Whedon returning to TV (even if just on a limited basis) with a Marvel Comics property, and how can I stay away? If they start to bring in smaller name Marvel characters to mix with the new SHIELD team, and if they can make the dynamic between the agents in SHIELD equal the relationships on Buffy, Angel and Firefly, they will have a fan that won't miss an episode in me. I CAN NOT WAIT.


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