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Movies/TV's 3R’s 08.27.13: Batman, Miley Cyrus, Bradley Cooper, Pacific Rim, More
Posted by John Dotson on 08.27.2013

Welcome to Week 215 of The 3 R's for the Movie/TV world.

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Hello again 411Maniacs… What a week this has been for news. A ton of events took place this week, including the announcement of Batfleck. I know you're probably wondering where I stand on the issue of the new Batman, and I assure you, I have a stance. We have a ton of topics to cover this week, so let's not waste any valuable time and get right into the craziness that is Week 215 of the 3R's. Prepare yourselves!

Without any further ado, here is...

  • Bradley Cooper in Talks for Rocket Raccoon:

    From The Hollywood Reporter This week, as you already know, was full of huge casting announcements. One of these was the story that Bradley Cooper is in negotiations to voice the machine-gun-crazy character known as Rocket Raccoon for Guardians of the Galaxy. Cooper wouldn't have been my first choice, but he's not the worst idea either. I actually think it's a much better idea than the originally rumored Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey. This does however confirm that Marvel was looking for an A-List name like Tom Cruise to take the role. Just be grateful it wasn't Tom Cruise.

    I like Bradley Cooper's range, and if he is in fact voicing "Rocket" then I believe the character is in good hands. Cooper has great comedic sensibilities, and I think he'll have a ton of fun with the role. I seriously cannot wait for this movie guys!

  • Star Wars 7 Being Shot on Film, NOT Digital:

    From Telegraph UK. Here is further proof that J.J. Abrams is the right man for the job. This week, cinematographer Daniel Mindel updated fans that the new film will shoot on Kodak Film stock 5219, to achieve the old school feel of the original trilogy. This is tremendous news for us fans who were pissed about the prequels being filmed on digital. Hate on Abrams all you want, but you have to at least admire the man's devotion to nostalgia. He even shot both Star Trek movies on film, because he said he wanted it to "feel real" and have a "familiarity, and comfort, a real warmth."

    Even with decisions like this, I realize fans are going to be kicking and screaming until the movie hits theaters in 2015. Whatever the case folks, this is happening whether you like it or not, so let's at least hope that Abrams continues to make trustworthy decisions such as this until the movie shoots next year. It could always be worse. They can always bring back George Lucas! I know how much you guys loved his take on the prequels.

  • Ben Affleck IS Batman:

    All week I was prepared to rant and bitch about the extremely controversial casting of Ben Afleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. In fact, I'm still a bit aggravated by the safe casting decision by Warner Bros. That being said, a new story broke today that has finally put me in the good graces of the "Batfleck" news.

    Patton Oswalt, who I admire not only as a comedian, but as a person as well. He brought up a great point in regards to the casting of Affleck. Here is the quote:
    No matter how many times you post your stupid "Fire Ben Affleck from Playing Batman" petition, I'm going to delete it and block you. Take a deep breath, and think for a second:
    Yeah, the dude's made some bad films. Every actor has. Every actor does. Every actor will. It's a huge, arcing career and NO ONE has control over where it goes. Movie to movie, year to year, you're collaborating and trying and risking and, sometimes, yes — failing.
    Plus, everyone seems to forget that he had the world dropped in his lap when he was YOUNG. And, judging by how other suddenly-famous youngsters do in the same situation, he fared pretty well. Even when it went wrong, he seemed to keep a self-deprecating, long-view philosophy about the burning freak carousel he'd found himself on.
    And then what happened? I mean, he'd fallen from a HEIGHT. You know what happens to 95% of people who weather a descent that steep? They come apart, fray at all of their sanity nodes, and give up.
    But then there's the 5% who embrace crushing defeat and see it for the gift it is. And here's the gift: when you fail, and fail UTTERLY, you wake up the next morning and see that the world didn't end. And then the fear of failure is gone. And you're free to proceed on your own terms and pace — if you have the ego that permits you to.
    Ben brushed himself off, realized he'd kept his eyes open on the movies he'd done, and started directing. And he's become a damn good one.
    A Batman portrayed by someone who's tasted humiliation and a reversal of all personal valences — kind of like Grant Morrison's "Zen warrior" version of Batman, post-ARKHAM ASYLUM, who was, in the words of Superman, "…the most dangerous man on the planet"? Think for a second and admit that Ben Affleck is closer to THAT top-shelf iteration of The Dark Knight than pretty much anyone in Hollywood right now.
    I'd write more, but I have to go work on my post about how an overweight 44 year-old comedian with bad feet and insomnia would be a bold choice for The Joker.

    Oswalt and many others have brought up great points about why we should support the casting, and for that reason, I'm willing to have an open mind. I'm still cautiously optimistic about the casting of Ben Affleck and the fact that Zack Snyder is directing. I really wish it was Affleck behind the director's chair instead though.

  • Spawn Possibly Shooting Next Year:

    I'm so hoping this is true! A few weeks back we heard that Jamie Foxx was aggressively pursuing the role of Spawn. We now have a new claim from comic creator McFarlane himself saying that the new film may shoot next year. No further details are known for the project but here is the quote:

    "The reality is that I've got a lot of pressure. They want me to deliver the script by the end of the year, which would basically mean we'd be shooting next year. So, that's the goal right now. The thing that keeps slowing it down is that the negotiation I've done is I write, produce, direct, but I've got to push a lot of my other endeavours off to the side so I can just get tunnel vision on it. And so everybody at my company is now going, ‘We've got to find Todd the time to finish all this.'"

    If this is so, then color me excited. This would mean that a casting announcement would arrive soon, followed by other big updates about the film. My big question is, who would play the "Violator" clown from the comic series? Just please don't let it be Pg-13 again.

  • Daft Punk Ditched Colbert Report Just to… Present to Taylor Swift?:

    Remember when Colbert spoiled the news that Daft Punk ditched his show to perform at the VMAs? Well, we definitely received a surprise from Daft Punk at Sunday's show, and it was surprisingly underwhelming. If they ditched Colbert for this, it was a dumb decision.

    At the awards show, the french duo, alongside Pharrell, presented an award to… ..drum roll..... Taylor Swift. Wait, what? You cancelled Colbert for that? You guys are crazy. Don't you realize the consequences of ditching Stephen Colbert?

    On a brighter note, if this never happened, we would have never received this hilarious moment from Stephen Colbert.

    The Colbert Report
    Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

    Here is the footage of Daft Punk, Nile Rogers, and Pharrell at the VMAs!


  • Charlie Hunnam Up for Fifty Shades of Grey:

    From CNN. Why Charlie, why? Even though Pacific Rim is a somewhat questionable success, I can't see why Hunnam would want to follow-up with a high budget mainstream porn film. That is what Fifty Shades of Grey is anyway, right? A novel filled with extreme literary pornographic text.

    Oh, wait. Dakota Johnson is set to star also…?

    Okay, I'm in!

    Even though I bitch about this happening, I can see why Universal would want Hunnam as the lead. Every damn female in the world would be foaming out the mouth to cough up $10 just to see Hunnam get nailed opening weekend. I just hope this doesn't ruin any chance of Hunnam playing John Constantine for Del Toro's Dark Universe.

  • James Cameron Says All Future Entertainment Will be 3D:

    From BBC.No matter what me or you have to say about it, several more Avatar sequels are in development on screen, as well as novel form. We all remember when the Avatar phenomenon struck. It seemed like Hollywood just wasn't going to quit shoving 3D down our throats for several years. Well, a new quote from James Cameron this week says that's all we have to look forward to in our future cinema entertainment is 3D. What an asshole. You know why? Because he is probably f**king right.

    Here is the quote from Cameron:

    For me it's absolutely inevitable that entertainment will be 3D, it'll all be 3D eventually, because that's how we see the world. When it's correct and convenient for us, we pre-select for that as the premium experience.

    Sad part is this is most likely true. We supposedly have at least 3 more sequels, all of which will be shot using 3D technology, which if proves to be groundbreaking, only means that we will have many years worth of 3D to look forward to. So for those who hate the 3D craze, it most likely is here to stay.

    For a side note, I'm a bigger fan of IMAX than I am 3D. I think the format does something 3D just can never accomplish and is way more immersive.

  • Anna Gunn from Strikes Back Against Haters of Skyler White:

    Let me start off by saying, I'm not about to say Anna Gunn is wrong for speaking up against the assholes of the internet. In fact, I'm supporting her and calling all the trolls on the net wrong for making such extreme comments on the web about a fictional person. Look guys, we all have our opinions but at the end of the day, this is just entertainment, and sometimes the community can just take viewpoints a bit far.

    Well, Anna Gunn bravely wrote about the Skyler White hate, and it's a damn good read. I'm going to post some highlights from the write-up and then you can go on and read the rest of it yourself here.

  • Here is a few excerpts from Anna Gunn herself:

    My character, to judge from the popularity of Web sites and Facebook pages devoted to hating her, has become a flashpoint for many people's feelings about strong, nonsubmissive, ill-treated women. As the hatred of Skyler blurred into loathing for me as a person, I saw glimpses of an anger that, at first, simply bewildered me….

    But I was unprepared for the vitriolic response she inspired. Thousands of people have "liked" the Facebook page "I Hate Skyler White." Tens of thousands have "liked" a similar Facebook page with a name that cannot be printed here. When people started telling me about the "hate boards" for Skyler on the Web site for AMC, the network that broadcasts the show, I knew it was probably best not to look, but I wanted to understand what was happening...

    "I have never hated a TV-show character as much as I hate her," one poster wrote. The consensus among the haters was clear: Skyler was a ball-and-chain, a drag, a shrew, an "annoying bitch wife."

    As an actress, I realize that viewers are entitled to have whatever feelings they want about the characters they watch. But as a human being, I'm concerned that so many people react to Skyler with such venom. Could it be that they can't stand a woman who won't suffer silently or "stand by her man"? That they despise her because she won't back down or give up? Or because she is, in fact, Walter's equal?

    I really admire Gunn speaking out on this subject as the show closes the doors. I think vile commenters on the web don't actually hate Anna Gunn, but actually just hate how great she is at playing the character. There is a feeling of disrespect towards Skyler because she plays the role of a wife torn by her decisions too well. You want to hate her for sticking with Walt, and a part of you wants to hate her for giving up on him also. That's the mark of true actress when she can make you feel conflicted on her actions every moment. Of course, even if this were true, internet trolls will never admit this.

  • Miley Cyrus… That's All That Needs To Be Said:

    I'm not even sure where to begin to talk about the Miley Cyrus performance last night. Few words come to mind.. Gross, awkward, and penicillin prescription. I'm not sure what was going through MTV's head when they gave the thumbs up to this, but wow.

    Look, I realize Miley is just simply trying to follow the Disney formula that her fellow alumni have invented, such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and others. That being said, she sucks at the execution her Mickey Mouse veterans established. Spears and Aguilera didn't suck this bad back in the day, or at least looked as if they were trying so hard to be trashy. In fact, Aguilera made it look easy when she reinvented herself with the song "Dirty."

    All I'm trying to say Miss Cyrus, is stop trying to appear trashy and just worry about entertaining your audience. Spears and Aguilera weren't just trying to go on stage to prove a point that they could be suggestive or promiscuous. It should always start with doing what you were meant to do and entertain. We get it, you're not a child anymore.

    If you missed what all the fuss was about last night, here is the video of the performance.

  • How Pacific Rim Should Have Ended :

    The hilarious folks over at HISHEdotcom have decided to take on the latest del Toro blockbuster Pacific Rim, and the result is rather hilarious. They make some interesting points about the mechanics of the robots and there are even a few surprise guests in the video.

    I loved Pacific Rim, even if it is flawed to some degree. I just took it at face value and just tried to have fun with the spectacle of a film this size. Still, it was a bit cheesy at moments, but I'm a sucker for anything directed by Guillermo del Toro. If they do end up making a sequel, bet your ass I'll be there when it strikes.

  • 10 Show-Runners Locked in a Cabin:

    What if the 10 craziest show-runners were locked in a cabin and told to make the best show ever made? How would it end? Who would be in the cabin? What would Joss Whedon do? Would there be a "Red Wedding?" Well, I found a ridiculous video that seeks to answer these burning questions.

    This is nothing too spectacular, just a fun "what if" video for your enjoyment. That's one of the best things about this column is that I get to share the most random things involving film/tv you good people. Check out the video provided below!


  • Movie/TV 3R's Bonus Round!

    As I said, I'll be responding to readers' questions, comments, and other stuff. If you would like to be included in this next week, either comment below, send me a tweet at @DRockDot, or send an e-mail to drockrenegade@gmail.com.

    And... here... we... go!

    First commenter goes by the name of Uncle Jimbo, and he says: I actually got to be a guest on the set of Eastbound & Down and actually talked to a bunch of people and they were talking like this may not be the last season, they leave things for a possibility for another. The consensus was that they want to but it really depends on the availability of everyone. I unfortunately learned too much about the spoilers for this season & it isn't much but at least it may be something to hold on to for hope.

    If it's not the last season that is awesome news. I love the show and could watch at least 3 more seasons of the Kenny Powers saga. If it does end though, I'll be excited to see what Jody Hill and Danny McBride have next up their sleeves. They have a great working chemistry together.

    Next comment comes from Darth Kai who says: Saw the teaser titled 'Stranger',and just left me wanting more.

    Sadly, I don't think it's a film as an updated report says it might end up being a novel that J.J. Abrams is helping with. Whatever the case though, the teaser did look very intriguing and had me wanting more info.

    The final comment comes from Kip Smithers who says: "Bonus Round" has a nice ring to it!

    Thanks my good man, and thanks for being a frequent reader of the 3R's! I see your name here every week and it's awesome to see a frequent visitor such as yourself.

    Anyways, that's it for this week folks! Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week!

    D-Rock out!




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