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The Hollywood 5 & 1 09.21.13: Helen Flanagan Vs Michelle Keegan Edition
Posted by Steve Gustafson on 09.21.2013


Welcome back! How was your week? We're back for another week of hot women, the biggest Hollywood news, and some celebrity gossip! For some additional reading you can check out my Comics 411 or my Big Screen Bulletin!

Alright, who's greeting us this week? It's none other than...Nina Davuluri! Those upset with the crowning of Nina, Miss New York, as the first Indian-American to win the crown are straight up idiots. Personally, I don't know anyone who said anything bad about her but I'm sure somewhere the miserable internet trolls live, looking for a chance to complain. Congrats to Nina!

 photo VS.png

Last week we had a throwback throwdown between Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alyssa Milano. Here's how it went:

Jennifer Love Hewitt 55.21%
Alyssa Milano 44.79%

This was one that went back and forth between these two. While Jennifer pulled away, I wound't have been surprised if Alyssa made a surge if given more time. One thing we can all agree, these two ladies are beautiful. Moving right along, I decided to go with some new blood. First up is Helen Flanagan. She'll be taking on Michelle Keegan. I'll leave it up to you to find out more about them.

And hey! Just because you don't know who they are is no excuse to not vote. Let's expand our horizons a little, shall we?

Helen Flanagan VS Michelle Keegan


Model Danica Thrall drew some attention looking dead sexy in a new Nuts photoshoot. It's a great reminder that I need more Danica in the 5 & 1. Much more.

Ben Affleck has broken his silence on being cast as Batman in Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel. He appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and discussed his casting and the fan reaction that the news was met with. Which wasn't pretty. On playing Batman, he explained, "It's so awesome, I'm so excited. They called me up and said, ‘Do you want to do this?' And I thought, ‘I'm not like 25, are you sure?' And they said, ‘Come down, we want to show you what we're doing.' And it was incredible...Zack Snyder's directing it and he's got this incredible take on it. Obviously he can't do what Chris [Nolan] and Christian [Bale] did - those movies are amazing - so he wants to do something different but still in keeping with that. And I thought, ‘This is a brilliant way to do this, I really know how to hook into this.'"

He also went on to talk about his reaction to the internet uproar, joking, "I handle shit!", before describing the first online comment he saw, which simply read, ‘Noooooooooooooooo!' And finally he teased Snyder's take on the character without giving away anything akin to an actual detail: "It's a very hard thing to describe without giving away the story and giving away what it is. But I really feel like I have a lot of opportunities now, and this is something that's really exciting."

Everyone is holding their breath for July 2015.

Make sure you're following all the comings and goings around 411mania on Twitter! Follow me for some witty tweets from time-to-time as well. Dana White, Jesse Jane, and Larry Csonka follow me. What are you waiting for?



Star Wars Rumors!
Latino Review has another batch of rumors for Star Wars: Episode VII, this time "claiming" that Saoirse Ronan has read for a role. Ronan recently passed on playing Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron. It's unknown who she is reading for, but there is a rumor that there will be a female villain in the film. According to the website, the sequel will shoot in Las Cruces, New Mexico, along with Los Angeles. However, 90% will still be done in London when production begins in 2014.

Oh yeah. The website is adamant that Benedict Cumberbatch is set to star in the film. They wrote: "DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE ABOUT BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH NOT BEING IN STAR WARS. HE IS IN THE MOVIE! In fact, he will be in all three Star Wars films! It's all a smoke screen. Folks, remember when Cumberbatch denied being Khan for over a year? Same situation here. At least give us the benefit of the doubt hence why we are bringing this up. Point is, he lied before and he can lie again. Google it. One more time because it is worth repeating, Benedict Cumberbatch will be in the upcoming Star Wars movies. I don't care if he denies it till opening day. We were right before about him playing Khan, and we will be right again on this one. Technically, his part in Episode VII is very small but the role is much bigger in Episode VIII and Episode IX."

What do you think?

The film is set to take place thirty years after Return of the Jedi.

Now for some more news that's NOT rumor. J.J. Abrams spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his plans for the movie. Check out the highlights:

On the franchise's fan base: "It's been nice seeing how important [Star Wars] is and to be reminded how important it is to so many people. We all know that [George Lucas'] dream has become almost a religion to some people. I remember reading a thing somewhere, someone wrote about just wanting [the new film] to feel real; to feel authentic. I remember I felt that way when I was 11 years old when I saw the first one. As much of a fairy tale as it was, it felt real. And to me, that is exactly right."

On the film's tone: "It's going to be an evolving thing...I would say we are working really hard to make a movie that feels as emotional and authentic and exciting as possible," he adds. "Whatever your favorite Star Wars movie is and how to compare it is really sort of subjective."

I wonder who the next Darth will be called?

Marvel's Hero.
From J.J. to Joss. As well as helming the sequel to The Avengers, it's easy to forget that Joss Whedon is also a creative consultant for all of Marvel's big-screen productions. That role recently called him into play on Thor: The Dark World, with director Alan Taylor revealing how Whedon was flown to the London set to help out with a couple of tricky scenes.

"Joss came in to save our lives a couple of times," says Taylor. "We had a major scene that was not working on the page at all in London, and he basically got airlifted in, like a SWAT team or something...He came down, rewrote the scene, and before he got back to his plane I sort of grabbed him and said, ‘And this scene and this scene?' And he rewrote two other scenes that I thought had problems...Then finally we let go of him, he took off again, and we shot the scenes; and they were just much better and much lighter on their feet...
I can relate to guys who come out of the TV world, since that's where I come from. And being able to land and work and solve a problem quickly… I really was grateful."

Since we're talking about Thor, Tom Hiddleson recently spoke with IGN about Loki's arc in Thor: The Dark World and more. Here's his highlights:

On whether Loki can ever get past the desire for the crown: "Loki? I don't know. I think the thing is, where we find him now in the development of the character and the films, he and Hal [from Henry IV and Henry V] diverged long ago. Hal decided to take responsibility, and Loki decided not to. But it's almost like he could have become a responsible soul and a responsible prince-- but he doesn't. It's funny, because I actually think in Kenneth Branagh's Thor film, I think both Thor and Loki are Prince Hal at one point. They are two princes who are wrestling with an authoritarian father who is a king, who happens to be King of the Universe, not the King of England. Both characters in their own way rebel against his authority, and then they both have different responses to him. But Loki now, I feel like he's tried to sever his connection from even caring in the end. Of course, like any psychologist will tell you, that's just a symptom of the deepest, deepest damage and hurt...we actually talked about this a lot with Alan Taylor, Chris and I talked about it. Chris had seen a documentary on some of the most dangerous criminals in the world and the psychology of how you get to that. It's just that the damage has been buried so deep, and the misanthropy and the desire to destroy has just taken over. There is no safety catch anymore. Whatever it was that was holding your brain together to keep it civilized has snapped, and he's embraced a kind of wildness."

On whether the footage at Comic-Con which reveals Loki's motivations was too much: "I couldn't possibly tell you. But I would say be very careful with your suppositions. People are so quick to jump. That's what I love about playing the character. People are so quick to draw conclusions about who he is. The whole thing about Loki is that he's dancing on this liminal line between redemption and destruction. Just be very careful about drawing conclusions based on what you see."

Should Loki get his own spin-off?

Poor Jon. Literally.
Remember this guy? Jon Gosselin was once the star of TLC's hugely popular Jon & Kate Plus 8 and living in a million-dollar home.

Not anymore.

Today, he is waiting tables and living in a cabin in the woods without Internet or television. Entertainment Tonight caught up with the father of eight at Black Dog Cafe in his home state of Pennsylvania. Gosselin is currently a waiter there and said it has been "next to nearly impossible" for him to find work. "At first I was nervous because I was like, 'How are people going to react?'" Gosselin said about taking the restaurant gig. "But then I'm thinking, 'Well it's fun and I get to talk to people.' And they technically already know me. They're like, 'Are you the guy?' I'm like, 'Yeah, I'm the guy.'"

In 2009, the family was making $22,500 per episode, but he dashed claims that he made "millions and millions" of dollars during the show's run. He also addressed his hard-partying, saying he went out after splitting from Kate Gosselin because "everyone was paying for it" and he needed the money for legal fees. "I've hit rock bottom like 20 times," he told "ET," adding that he isn't sure why people have said he is struggling to make ends meet. "And then I just bounce back and go somewhere else."

The National Enquirer was the first to report about Gosselin's new job earlier this month. At the time, the former reality star told the tabloid that he was there to "volunteer" and refused to comment further. "Jon has really hit rock bottom," a source told the Enquirer. "Just a few years ago, he was jetting off to France to hobnob in St. Tropez, sipping champagne on a yacht. Now he's waiting tables at a pub! Working the weekday lunch shift, he can't possibly be taking home more than $40 or $50."

Back in June, Gosselin told VH1's "The Gossip Table" he was living in the woods to stay off the grid. Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced back in 2009 after a flurry of coverage of their marital problems. Things got nasty between the two in the following years. Last year, he said child support payments made him unable to afford rent. Last month, Kate Gosselin filed a lawsuit claiming her ex stole her hard drive and hacked into her phone and computer to get information for a tell-all book. He told "ET" that he and his ex-wife aren't in contact and "don't have a relationship" at this point. They only communicate via text and email. He also said he doesn't pay child support because they both financially support their eight children.

Keep all this in mind the next time you say, "I wish I had a camera following me around, documenting my life!"

He's better off waiting tables.

The Dark Knight.
Check out the following video, where Jonathon Nolan discusses Batman's choices in a new feature from The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collectors Edition, which will be released on September 24th.


What's the VIDEO BUZZ?
Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for Steve Pink's remake of About Last Night. It will be released on February 14, 2014 and stars Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Joy Bryant, Christopher McDonald and Paula Patton.

The synopsis: A modern reimagining of the classic romantic comedy, this contemporary version closely follows new love for two couples as they journey from the bar to the bedroom and are eventually put to the test in the real world. The original film was directed by Edward Zwick and starred Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, James Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins. It was released in 1986.

What do you think?

Welcome back to the & 1 Model of the Week! I'm going to use this area to introduce a lovely young lady that you might not be familiar with. This week our & 1 Model is ...Adrianna Carter! Meet my newest Twitter crush. Adrianna is a pretty cool lady and has an entertaining Twitter feed. Check out her site at www.adriannacarter.com. Just remember to be respectful. Both photos are from her site. As if you couldn't tell.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present…Adrianna Carter!

Before I say GOODBYE!
I also do a personal blog where I write about random stuff. The latest? RIGHT HERE ! I started a suicide prevention resource site. Give it a look and share! www.youcanendure.com . If you or someone you know is feeling isolated, don't hesitate to call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255. Finally, if you have some down time and are looking for a great place for great fun, check out Tiger Flash Games!

All pictures courtesy of Maxim Magazine, Complex, Huffington Post, V Magazine, People, FHM, Details magazine, www.cnn.com, and www.imdb.com.


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