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Movies/TV's 3R’s 10.01.13: Breaking Bad, Fast 7, Jurassic World, Saturday Night Live, More
Posted by John Dotson on 10.01.2013

Welcome to Week 220 of The 3 R's for the Movie/TV world.

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Welcome to a new week of the 3R's! This week will have a ton of Breaking Bad coverage, because I had a ton to share on the subject this week. That being said, let's get this party started.

Without any further ado, here is...

  • Breaking Bad Finale Crushed All Previous show records! :

    From Zap2It.After a long prestigious run, the saga of Walter White has finally ended. Not only did it finish with a bang, the viewership set an all-time record for its audience ever. According to Zap2It, the audience for last night's show hit 10.3 million viewers, which shattered the episode before which also set a high at 6.6 million. This means the show nearly doubled its audience in one week. What a badass way to say goodbye.

    This is the smartest thing I've ever seen a show-runner accomplish for a series. Most television series somehow lose all momentum and steam after so long, and don't know when enough is enough. Dexter suffered from the same issues after six seasons, and I'm starting to see a similar pattern with Sons of Anarchy. It's so refreshing to see a series such as this manage to walk away with some dignity.

  • Aaron Paul says goodbye to Jesse Pinkman:

    Call me a pussy all you want, I got a little misty eyed reading this. After last night's finale, Aaron Paul took to twitter to send his farewells to Jesse Pinkman. It's almost heartbreaking knowing that he'll never return to the character, but really cool to see an actor have such a passion for a fictional role. Damn I'm going to miss this show!

    Read his tweet below!

    Such a beautiful way to say goodbye! That's right, bitch!

  • Breaking Bad Causes a Woman To Break-Up with Her Boyfriend :

    Huge thanks to Jeremy Thomas for the find. This is one of my favorite Breaking Bad stories this week. We've all heard the stupid internet trolling against the character Skyler White. Why some guys out there have such a misogynistic viewpoint on the role is hilarious to me. That being said, you can't change the nature of society.

    This is really awesome though, and I'm glad that Breaking Bad is revealing the true colors on some of these lurking assholes. One such story involves a woman who broke up with her boyfriend after the best reviewed episode of the season Ozymandias aired a couple of weeks ago.

    SPOILERS will follow for the episode titled, Ozymandias. In the episode, Walt's faced with the true nature of his actions as Hank is killed by the Nazis, and flees home to gather his family to escape town. The author Angie then describes how the knife fight ensues between Walter and Skyler, because Skyler is trying to protect her family. Angie also describes the polar opposite reactions she has in comparison to her boyfriend as follows:

    This was a triggering scene for me by itself because of my past relationship with an abuser. The next part of the scene was their son calling the cops and Walt running out the door — but not by himself. He grabbed their infant daughter on his way out. Skyler runs after him and tries to get the baby back, to no avail. It was at this point that the pivotal moment happened.

    Ahmet shouted at the screen, "That's what you get, bitch!"

    I was stunned. My son was stunned. This man had just watched the same series of events we had, and that's how he perceived it? He also knew, before we ever met, that bitch as an epithet is a word I will not tolerate. I knew right then we were not living in the same reality. I rewound it for him, played that triggering scene for him again in the hopes he'd see something different, but he instead tried to justify his attitude toward her. He said they were wrong for calling the cops, that that is something you just don't do. That is something you just don't do when you're afraid your dad is going to hurt your mom? What? He also said that Skyler was in it for good — she hadn't left before when she learned of it so now she should just stick by Walt's side. So, when you decide to not leave once, you can't decide to leave ever? WHAT?

    I looked at everything he did over the next few days with new eyes. I examined everything he'd ever done in our relationship with new eyes. I pulled out all those flags that had been accumulating in the storage of my brain and reviewed them.

    To read the rest of this crazy story just follow the link here. It's a very good read!

  • Speaking of that "Bitch" Skyler White… Keep reading:

    Pajiba posted a hilarious Buzzfeed type article naming the "23 Reasons Why We'll Never Miss That Bitch Skyler White." It's quite hilarious and extremely well put together. I'm a huge fan of Joanna Robinson as a writer, and I love that a female cinephile put this together. It's a huge middle finger to Skylar White haters and also well deserved. Bravo!

  • And now… for some non-related Breaking Bad news!!... For now.

  • Pacific Rim is the Highest Grossing Live-Action Original Movie of the Year:

    From ComicBook.comThis news makes me so happy! Somehow, Del Toro pulled a global hit at the box-office, but it was no thanks to American audiences. Who do we have to thank for this achievement? That would be the Chinese!

    According to the news, even though Pacific Rim failed to make an impact on U.S. soil bringing $101 million, but the overseas revenue has tallied in the amount of $306 million, totaling the global box-office pull at $407 million. Making this the highest grossing live-action original film of the year. Not bad for a movie that was expected to be a monstrous flop.

    However, keep in mind this is only accounting for "original properties", not long repeated franchises like Iron Man 3, Man of Steel, The Wolverine, and others.

    I love seeing dorky directors like del Toro get a win such as this. The guy brings a ton of heart to his movies and deserves to get rewarded.

  • First Images of Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber To Hit the Web:

    Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas are back to bring the stupidity to another generation. Let me tell you, they still look classy as ever. Seeing these photos makes me all nostalgic remembering the first time I saw the original twenty years ago. Let that sink in for a moment. It's been nearly twenty years since the original Dumb and Dumber. What's funny is Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels look as if they haven't aged a day.

    Check out the photos below!

    I love how the book they are reading in the last photo is upside down. I'm glad to see these guys back even if they might be too late on their return.

  • First Image of Kurt Russell in Fast &Furious 7 :

    Vin Diel's Facebook. Vin Diesel, who has become a spokesperson pretty much on Facebook for all his movies, posted a photo this week from his account showing Kurt Russel in the new Fast & Furious movie. The image was posted with the caption, "Kurt Russell, such an honor to work with… P.s. One from set…" The picture doesn't reveal much except Diesel, Paul Walker, and Russel in suits having a conversation in what appears to be a car garage. Check it out below!

    Nothing is officially known yet on what role Kurt Russel is playing in the 7th movie. Some suggest it's a villain, others say it's the father of an old character name Jesse from the first movie. I think it's a villain personally, but that's just me. That could also just be wishful thinking. Whoever Russell is playing, I'm super excited to see Stuntman Mike joined the party. Should be a blast!

    Whether he is actually playing a bad guy remains to be seen. I loved him as Stuntman Mike in Death Proof, so I can totally see him killing a bad guy role here. No matter what, we'll find out this Summer!

  • Aaron Paul Has A Need for Speed:

    This is not exactly a Breaking Bad story but it involves Aaron Paul, bitch! This week, a new trailer for the upcoming video game adaptation, Need for Speed hit everywhere. In fact, I'm willing to bet most of you guys saw the trailer during the series finale of Breaking Bad. Doesn't really offer anything compelling, however, it does worry me about the next phase of Aaron Paul's career.

    Check out the new trailer below!

    Just judging off the footage so far, I have to say this is pretty terrible looking. The movie definitely has a clean feel to the photography that I can dig. The voiceover is god-awful though and seems to take itself a tad bit too serious. Keep in mind; this is just based off my reaction to the teaser. I might change my mind later when they release more footage. This could also turn out as a "so terrible it's awesome" type of flick. I do love me that kind of movie. Whatever happens, I'm hoping for the best for Aaron Paul.

    ,Need for Speed doesn't hit theaters until Spring of next year! What do you think of the trailer?

  • Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul preparing to read the finale of Breaking Bad:

    I'm only adding this to the wrongs because of how painful it is to see these guys get ready to read the last screenplay. Aaron Paul mostly because he appears to be dreading the end more than Cranston in this video. The footage is only a glimpse of a longer video which will be available on Breaking Bad: The Complete Series DVD/Blu-ray set collection due out this November.

    Check it out below!

  • Warner Brothers Hoping to Typecast Christoph Waltz as Villain for Tarzan:

    From Variety. The big screen adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs' novels has remained in development hell for years. Screenwriter, John August (Big Fish, Go), has spoken many times throughout the years about the project having trouble finding any steam. That is until director David Yates (Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows 1 & 2) stepped in to helm the movie for Warner Brothers. All that aside, the studio has yet to pull the trigger until they have a packaged cast for the motion picture.

    They already have Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) locked for the role of Tarzan. The second individual they have in mind for a villain role is none other than Christoph Waltz. No specifics are known about the character, but sources indicate he might play a "military figure who crosses paths with the King of the Jungle." So, Warner Brothers wants Waltz to play an evil member of a military faction. Sound familiar?

    It's understandable why they want Waltz, I mean the guy killed in the role of Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds. That said, let's try and think outside the box people. He already showed he can rock a good guy role as well thanks to Tarantino's willingness to stretch his talents in Django Unchained. Certainly by now studios realize this guy has skills outside of playing a psychopath. Maybe I'm giving Hollywood way too much credit.

  • Bryce Dallas Howard Joins Jurassic World:

    From The Wrap. It's no secret that 2015 is shaping up as the most dangerous year for cinema. Huge blockbuster titles are beginning to pick-up on casting, including Batman Vs. Superman, Terminator 5, Star Wars VII, and not to mention The Avengers: Age of Ultron. So, it should be about time we receive some casting news for Jurassic World.

    The first candidate listed for the dino-reboot is none other than Bryce Dallas Howard. Nothing is yet known about what character she is being considered for or how she fits into the film. That's also because nothing about the film is known at all, except that it will probably have dinosaurs.

    Outside of roles which designed for the audience to just hate her, such as The Help and 50/50, I've never connected to Howard as a performer. Don't get me wrong, she does a fine job, but I've never found her as a strong presence in any movie she inhabits. This may also be due to the fact she hasn't found the right part to make her shine. Hopefully, if cast in the picture, director Colin Trevorrow will tap into her full potential in the next film..

  • Conan Breaks Bad with the entire cast:

    The full cast of Breaking Bad invaded Conan this week and damn was it funny. They had everyone from Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, and even Danny Trejo's fake head on a tortoise. I've included some of the ridiculous highlights below, including the hilarious Breaking Conan opening for the show. There is also a great moment where Bryan Cranston reads some erotic fan mail he received.

    Here is both videos and because I love you guys so much, I also added the link for the entire episode. Enjoy!

  • Aaron Paul Gets Meth Crazy on Saturday Night Live:

    Over the weekend, Aaron Paul invaded the stages of SNL with the new cast, and brought a little Pinkman along with him. We've all heard of the E-Cig, right?... Well, one of the skits involved a new product called E-Meth. That's right! Now you can smoke your meth anywhere you want, and it's Jesse Pinkman approved.

    My favorite of all these is the Obamacare skit. That is the type of segment I miss from the golden days of SNL. It appears the new team of performers has a great start to the new era of SNL. Check out the clips below!

  • Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon #Show #Us How #Annoying #Hashtags Can Be… #ForReals:

    It seems like a decade ago, the only reason you would ever have to hit the pound key is to check your voicemail. Now, the damn pound sign is showing up everywhere like a social media herpes. Watch out for those hashtag flare ups. Well, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon show how a normal conversation would sound like if people actually spoke that way. Check out the conversational insanity for yourself!


  • Zach Galifianakis Spanks Justin Bieber with His Belt:

    This is by far the most ridiculous thing that happened all week! Justin Bieber actually had the balls to appear on Between the Two Ferns with Zack Galifianakis. Either Bieber had zero knowledge of what he was walking into, or Justin Bieber actually has a sense of humor about himself. Either way, this is funny as hell!

    Galifianakis actually goes as far as saying, "it's really exciting to talk to you, especially right in the middle in your public meltdown." Then follows it later by taking off his belt and hitting Bieber with it and saying, "you're not a child." It's by far the best thing to happen on the internet anywhere… ever. Besides Shark Cat on a roomba.

  • Thanks for visiting the Movie/TV 3R's once again! Have a fantastic week! And as I close this column out, I leave you with an 8-Bit video of The Dark Knight!

    D-Rock out!




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