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Movies/TV's 3Rs 10.15.13: Ant-Man, 50 Shades, Godzilla, He-Man, More
Posted by John Dotson on 10.15.2013

Welcome to Week 221 of The 3 R's for the Movie/TV world.

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Without any further ado, here is...

  • Charlie Hunnam "Pulls out" of Fifty Shades of Grey:

    From People. Never has the words "pulling out" been used in such glorious fashion than with this news story. One of the biggest news stories this week involved Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam deciding to exit the highly anticipated movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. The reasoning behind the exit was said to be due to scheduling conflicts with Sons of Anarchy, but I like to think there is bigger reasons behind the drop. Here is an excerpt from the press release issued over the weekend:

    "The filmmakers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Charlie Hunnam have agreed to find another male lead given Hunnam's immersive TV schedule which is not allowing him time to adequately prepare for the role of Christian Grey,"

    I'm willing to bet there are greater motivations at play besides scheduling. Anyone who is familiar with the subject matter of the novel knows exactly what I mean. I'm not sure how good the actual novel is, but as I said in the past, how a film such as this doesn't receive an NC-17 is beyond me. How a movie about sex and bondage ends up being a great story boggles my mind too. Either way, I'm glad Charlie is off the project because he is capable of so much better. Now, if we can just get that official Constantine casting announcement from del Toro.

  • Godzilla trailer leaks… And it is glorious! :

    This week, two leaked trailers hit the web for the new upcoming Godzilla movie due out this Summer. I only caught one of them because the 2nd one allegedly is unfinished and cellphone recorded. That said, holy shit people! What a glorious beast we have coming our way.

    I'm not going to share the video here mainly because Warner Brothers would bitch about it. That said, the image above may or may not be an actual photo of our monster. I'll say it one more time, I'm not confirming or denying the authenticity of the photo above.

    No one is entirely certain whether the leaked video is an actual teaser they plan on using, but rumor has it that the footage shown was Comic-Con footage from over a year ago. Whatever the case maybe, Gareth Edwards is proving to be a solid choice for handling the new vision of Godzilla. Thank god the Matthew Broderick days are over!

    Below is the voiceover used in the leaked teaser trailer. Gave me serious chills!


  • Spawn reboot taking inspiration from The Conjuring :

    From AssignmentX. It's been many years since Michael Jai White dawned the cape of hell as Spawn, but the wait for the character's return may be approaching soon. Reports recently from Todd McFarlane have stated that a new script is currently being drafted and there is a lot of pressure to get the story finished. What's exciting though, is we might finally get our first true gritty adaptation of Spawn which honors the HBO series.

    McFarlane suggests the new film is tackling a minimalist approach, rather than a high budget one. Much in the same vein as The Conjuring as a supernatural thriller. Here is the quote below:

    "It's a ten-million-dollar, R-rated supernatural movie that takes all the superhero stuff out of it. So for people who want to go see an IRON MAN redo, that's not it. For people who like THE CONJURING, then it's going to be right up that alley. This is just going to be The Departed and L.A. Confidential with a ghost moving around in it."

    Sounds pretty legit! Question is, can McFarlane make it work? Back in 1997, even he admits the first film suffered from limitations of its time.

    " I mean, we had a first-time producer, first-time director, first time I was involved, and so we did as good as we could, given the inexperience that we had. So I thought on a scale of one to ten, it was a five. It probably would have done better if it had come out in the midst of all the superhero stuff, because we were sort of a little bit ahead of the curve, and some of the special effects weren't quite up to the standards that they are right now, so it was what it was. I wasn't in charge. Would I have made some changes? Absolutely. I made a deal where I let other people do it. So the next one will be the small-budget one."

    I like the approach McFarlane is considering for the next film. If it is a 10 million dollar budget film, I don't see the studios wasting any time on pulling the trigger. Add the casting of Jamie Foxx and you basically have a $10 million guaranteed hit on your hands. Here is hoping audiences are more willing to embrace this reboot than they were with Dredd.

    Are you excited for this reboot as much as I am?

  • The Wolf of Wall Street still heading for Christmas… Hopefully.:

    From Showbiz411 Martin Scorsese's much anticipated reunion with Leonardo DiCaprio titled The Wolf of Wall Street is arriving soon, but maybe not soon enough. The film which originally set for a November 15th release date is now in trouble of meeting that deadline. In fact, it was raising concerns whether the film would actually make it before 2014.

    Well, thankfully Scorsese and his editor are entering "Beast mode" in hopes of finishing a final cut before the end of November, placing it for a Christmas release date.

    Showbiz411 says Scorsese and Editor Thelma Schoonmaker are rushing to meet a November 25th deadline in order for the studio to kick up marketing for the holiday box-office. The issue at the moment is the runtime which is currently clocked at 180 minutes long. Not too surprising considering past Scorsese films are usually extensive in length.

    This is great news because it means there is still hope for a Scorsese movie before the Oscar seasons ends. As we all know, anytime a Scorsese movie is on the way, life is still good for moviegoers. In case you need a reminder of how awesome this film looks, re-watch the trailer below!


  • Ant-Man casting has begun!:

    From Variety. Sorry that I'm keeping this section short, but I'm writing this as the news is breaking. That said, I'm extremely excited because holy shit it's actually happening. Edgar Wright is officially on Marvel duty as of now!

    Variety has kicked off the buzz saying Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are the front runners to play Hank Pym. I know I'm going to receive so much shit for this, however, the name that sets my imagination on fire is Paul Rudd. His humor sensibilities play well for Edgar Wright's style and it takes the actor in a direction we haven't seen before.

    JGL on the other hand, excites me less because he's already dwelled in the superhero genre. What do you think though? Which actor excites you the most?

  • Bong Joon-Ho furious about American cut of Snowpiercer:

    From Variety.The challenge between directors and studios can often be a tricky subject. On the one hand, I firmly believe you should never touch an artist's work; While on the other hand, lives an audience that runs out to movies such as Transformers and Grown Ups 2, and leaving critically acclaimed features like Pacific Rim and The World's End in the dust.

    It's a sad truth, but American audiences send mix messages to studios quite frequently. Thus, creating frustrating issues like the one we see here with Harvey Weinstein. We demand intelligent cinema, yet we don't champion the results at the box-office. Making producers dumb down the products we consume.
    Back in August, it was reported that Harvey Weinstein was planning to trim 20 plus minutes out of the film, and lower the intelligence level so "midwest hicks" could understand the film. The result caused an uproar on the internet after the glowing responses coming out of festivals and overseas.

    The latest report indicates director Bong Joon-Ho is less than pleased about the butchering of his film, and I don't blame him. Here is the quote:

    "Bong did not provide details of his differences with TWC and understatedly said from the stage that the version for English-language release would be ‘a little bit different,' but sources close to the director say that privately he is furious. He has been quoted in other media as saying that up to 20 minutes are to be cut."

    No further details are known of how much the cuts have impacted the quality of the film, but if Bong Joon-Ho is furious, one can assume it's not good.

    If there is a lesson from all this, it might be if we really want stronger intelligent cinema, we need to start showing it, and quit blaming Hollywood. Situations like this one will continue to happen if we allow the industry to give us low-minded hits. Don't get me wrong, I love a film every once in a while where I can turn my brain off and just eat my popcorn and chuckle. That said, is it fair to point the finger at studios when that's all U.S. audiences are willing to pay for?

  • Two working titles possibly revealed for Star Wars VII :

    Even if this story came from Latino Review it doesn't make it any less terrible. It does however mean that it will most likely fall through. The site reported a few days ago that Abrams and company were centering their sights on two specific titles for the next movie. The funny thing is, both titles lack any thought or imagination. Not to mention they are both oddly specific on what direction the series could be heading.

    Here are the reported working titles:

    Return of the Sith and Rise of the Jedi

    So, basically, either the Jedi are rising or the Sith are returning. Two words… No shit! This seems like a scoop someone would give to a site to make them go away. However, if it does check out that one of these are true, it concerns me that this entire production is playing it safe. Here is hoping it is all bullshit.

    What do you think? Do these titles sound legit to you?

  • Masters of the Universe is still trying to get made… And no one cares!:

    From THR. Recently, John Chu-- who recently directed G.I. Joe: Retaliation-- came aboard the project, claiming the script exceeded his expectations and made him a believer for the project. Whatever his thoughts were then, something in the atmosphere has changed, because John Chu is off the project, and a new screenwriter has been hired for the movie.

    THR says John Chu has left Masters of the Universe for unknown reasons, and Terry Rossio (Pirates of the Caribbean, Lone Ranger) has been brought in to pen the screenplay. What is also not yet known, is whether or not Rossio is reworking the original screenplay Chu loved so much, or if he's drafting a new vision altogether. Time will tell, but at this point don't expect a He-Man reboot anytime soon.

    The question I'm asking is why are they wasting time and resources to make this movie? Do people actually want a reboot of Masters of the Universe? I never realized young audiences had so much love for He-Man still. Seriously, does anyone under the age of 15 even know about "the power of Grayskull?"

  • Kanye West gives over-the-top interview on Jimmy Kimmel:

    One of the greatest things about the internet, is the fact that it allows feuds such as this to exist. Seriously, this might be the most hilarious feud in rap history. Last week, Jimmy Kimmel did a skit on his program which involved two kids re-enacting a famous Kanye West interview. Kanye saw the skit and immediately flew off-the-handle and initiated an argument with Kimmel on Twitter. Kanye was even nice enough to make a Spongebob meme for Kimmel.

    Anyway, after all the craziness, Kimmel decided to bring Kanye on the program to end the dispute. The funniest part about it, it just made Kanye look even crazier, which I'm questioning whether this was all part of Kimmel's plan.

    Here is some highlight quotes from the genius that is Yeezus:

    "I'm totally weird, and I'm totally honest, and I'm totally inappropriate sometimes. And the thing is, for me to say I wasn't a genius, I would just be lying to you and to myself."

    "I wouldn't even say that I'm a rapper. I'd say I'm more of a messenger than a rapper."

    "Don't ask me a question about something you saw in the tabloids. Don't try to antagonize me. Because you know what? It's not safe for you in the zoo. Never think that I'm not from Chicago for one second and think you can walk up and disrespect me and my family constantly."

    "It's not about racism anymore. It's classism. ... Paula Deen, she was old school with it."

    To view the amazing being that is Kanye West, check out the video clips below!

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6


  • Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock re-enact piano scene from BIG:

    Just because movie stars have competing movies, doesn't they can't have fun together, right? Well, Bullock and Hanks both have major films out and they are doing promotional rounds for their respected films. Bullock has the super-acclaimed Gravity on her plate, while Hanks is promoting his latest Captain Phillips.

    Both stars ended up crossing paths on their tour on a UK program called The Jonathan Ross Show. While on the program, Ross took advantage of the situation and broke out the large piano from the 1988 classic Big. After a little tomfoolery, Bullock joins Hanks to breakdown the chopsticks on the giant piano. It's pretty cool to see these two

    Check out the craziness for yourself below!


  • Will Smith's ridiculous two-story movie set trailer:

    Who says celebrities have it bad? Well, when you're Will Smith on-the-set of a blockbuster masterpiece like After Earth, then life is good! This video further proves that the fresh prince has a splendid sweet gig in Hollywood. The video below shows off the badass two-story trailer Smith kicks back on during the shooting of movies. The thing is fully-loaded and makes most modern homes seem like a Motel 6. One of the funniest additions to me is the inclusion of doors that open like Star Trek.

    Here is a full description of the vehicle provided by Slashfilm:

    Nicknamed "The Heat", this two-story luxury motor home mansion, created by Anderson Mobile Estates, features a full kitchen, master bedroom, several recreation rooms, a screening room with a 100-inch screen, a conference room capable of fitting 30-people, a lounge with a bar, bathrooms, showers, featuring luxury accents throughout. He can watch dailies in the theater, hold meetings in the conference room, mobile offices for Smith's assistant and personal writing staff., and the living room transforms into space where Smith can privately have his makeup and wardrobe done The whole thing expands to 1,150 square feet, 53 feet in length, has 22 wheels, weighs in at around 30 tons, and cost $2.5 Million to own (rent is supposedly $9,000 a week).

    Check out Smith's sweet trailer below!

  • M. Night After Earth commentary spoofed by Auralnauts:

    Speaking of Will Smith, usually when I wrap this column up, I usually try to end it on a humorous note, and this week is no different. As you may or may not be aware, After Earth has hit home video to destroy living brain cells everywhere. Well, the always reliable internet has arrived to make fun of the movie.

    This week, Auralnauts created a faux commentary track impersonating the director while watching the movie. The result is rather hilarious and has many callbacks to old interviews of M. Night, especially if you paid attention to the director's discussions during the release of The Last Airbender. It's a great mystery how this film got made at all.

    Check out the crazy commentary below!




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