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The Comics 8 Ball 12.02.13: Top 8 Wolverine Comic Book Moments
Posted by Anthony Kennedy on 12.02.2013


Welcome back to the Comic 8 Ball in the Movie Zone everyone! With the release of The Wolverine this Tuesday, wanted to focus this week's column to our favorite ol' canucklehead, James Logan Howlett, aka Wolverine.


AmericanWolves02: Daredevil 181 is one of my top choices. Bullseye vs. Elektra. Hell of an issue.

Good selection. That's definitely was a must read and must own issue.

Bill Fn Murray : Oh and were in the blue HELL is the dark phoenix saga? The Hellfire Club?? What should have been the death of Jean Grey??? Yeah. This writer walked into a shit storm lol

If it were an essential reading, storyline, or collection list, would definitely have the Dark Phoenix Saga on on there. But as a singular issue, the closet might be issue #137.

r: If you didn't get Thor, I wouldn't recommend watching many movies, because your skull must be really thick.

Sorry sir, thought it was boring. I will admit, I did, unfairly I might add, gloss over the revelation of the Infinity gems. That's gets me excited for what Marvel has planned for the future.

Al_Lobama:Even ignoring who Wolverine's actual creators were, the lion's share of the credit for making Wolverine a breakout star of the All-New, All-Different/Uncanny X-Men should go to John Byrne, not Claremont. The reason I say this is because Claremont had been planning to remove Wolverine from the roster until Byrne succeeded Dave Cockrum as penciller (back then Nightcrawler was Claremont's pet project. Byrne, at the time a Canadian citizen, bawked at the idea of getting rid of Marvel's only Canadian superhero (at the time), and when Claremont said "but I don't know what to do with Wolverine" Byrne famously replied "then leave him to me." The rest is history.

That was my fault, I remember this story. Made a mistake in thinking Claremont not Byrne.

Ben Piper: It saddens me how many valued issues I once owned, but have since sold off.

I had Punisher's first appearance when I was a little kid, but my mom at some point threw it out cleaning my room. Of course, I doubt it was it was in very good condition, as I was too young to take care of my comics back then.

When I got serious about collecting in the early 90's, my most valuable ones were Gambit and Cable's first appearances, as well as the aforementioned ASM 300. Not to mention the substitute FF4 previously mentioned in this column, as well as a WWII flashback issue where Cap and Wolverine worked a mission together. I'm sure that there are some others that I've forgotten.

The only thing I bought at that time that wasn't current in terms of collecting was buying all six issues of the Kraven's Last Stand storyline original printing mint condition. Yup, I sold that too.

The only things I have left that might be worth of value is both issues/covers of Spider-Man 1 signed by McFarlane, and a leather bound limited edition reprint of the first two Hellraiser comics signed by Clive Barker and the cover artist. Doubt either is worth much due to overprinting of the former and not much demand towards the latter.

And after seeing that Spidey's 9/11 comic was free on that website via Steve Ward, I checked it out, it was very well done. I may or may not have had something in my eye as I did so.

Dude I so feel your pain having to sell off some of those issues.

Thanks for the feedback, keep ‘em coming. Now on to this week's column.

Top 8 Memorable Wolverine Moments

Honorable Mentions:
  • Cyclops takes a Hand, Wolverine takes an Eye (Age of Apocalypse): Unfortunately, we heard of this confrontation and never got to see it occur.
  • Logan-san and Silver Samurai duel (Uncanny X-Men #173):Wolverine Japan is always awesome.
  • Wolverine and Hulk do it again Incredible Hulk #340: McFarlane artwork at it's finest.
  • Wolverine vs. Sabertooth Round 1 (Uncanny #212-213): An iconic rivalry begins.

    #8 Wolverine Kisses Jean Grey
    Uncanny X-Men #242


    After nearly 10 years of watching Wolverine pine for Scott's girl, we get to see Wolverine grow a set of adamantium balls and take what is his. Logan stopped simping for Jean Grey and flipped the script by reconnecting with his ‘crush' by giving her a wicked kiss that most X-fans had been dying to see for years. We saw the tongue it up on many times more, but there's nothing quite like the first time.

    #7 Snikt
    Wolverine #4


    I'm so glad this fight with Lord Shingen was somewhat recreated in Wolvie's latest film. In Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's monumental mini-series, we witness the culmination of Logan's journey to Japan as we see them battle in a fight to the death. Despite taking some major damage, Wolverine finally manages to take Shingen out, with the sound of snikt alerting us that three claws popped through his neck.

    #6 You Feel Lucky
    Uncanny X-Men #133


    This issue is the seminal moment when Wolverine went from hotheaded background team member, to the defining breakout character of the All-New, All Different X-Men. Putting Wolverine into the spotlight for the first time, Claremont shows his determination and feral viciousness as he dispatches a four Hellfire Club mercenaries as he tries to rescue his fallen X-Men comrades. While Wolverine quickly takes down three of the guards, the true geniuses of this moment is when he channels his inner Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood in and scares the fourth member into giving up as opposed to feeling the wrath of the Wolverine.

    #5 The Claws Came First
    Wolverine #75


    Dealing with the fallout of Logan having his adamantium skeleton ripped out by Magneto, the X-scribes decided to add a new wrinkle to Logan's mythology. With Wolverine recovering from his near-death experience, he decides to show everyone that he's still the "best there is at what he does" during a Danger Room session. It's here that we learn that Wolverine's famed claws were not a result of the Weapon X bonding process, instead he was born with them as he pops out six new bone claws.

    #4 Wolverine Pops a Claw in Sabertooth
    Wolverine #90


    After years of teasing us and multiple fights between the two of them, we finally saw what happens when Wolverine decides not to hold back against Victor Creed. Left alone in the mansion with Sabertooth –as you'll recall, Professor X was trying to rehabilitate him– Wolverine engages in a knockdown, dragged out, bloody brawl. The final panel of the issue, we see Wolverine holding his hand against Sabertooth with a claw on both sides of his head. We think we'll get the same stalemate that we always get, but this time we 'fade to black' with just the words ‘SCHLIKT'.

    #3 Lil James' Got Talent
    Origin #1


    Some –including me—argue that Wolverine worked best when his past was a mystery and we got glimpses here and there of who he was and who he might have been. Marvel decided to end the mystery once and for all and give readers the full backstory on Logan's history. Which included the first time we see a young James Howlett pop his bone claws trying to defend his father who had been attacked by their groundskeeper Logan and his son Dog. Who would have thought this sickly, wuss of a boy would become the bad ass we'd all know and love.

    #2 Wolverine Gets Neutered
    X-Men #25


    This made my WTF Moment and deservedly so, it's near the top of Wolverine's all-time moments as well. Not only do we see Logan get humbled by Mags, we also get the revelation that the metal bonding process that he went through so many years ago were not the genesis of his claws. This is one of the biggest turning points in X-Men continuity as it was YEARS before they returned Wolvie to his adamantium bad ass self while he coped with the loss of his metal skeleton in the interim. Lesson learned, if you go for a killing strike against someone who controls metal make sure it's fatal! #JustSaying

    #1 Wolverine's Debut
    The Incredible Hulk #181


    We had no idea what he would become when he first debuted, but what we did get a glimpse of just what type of badass he is as he dared try to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk. A legend was born and so was an on-again off-again rivalry with the big green goliath in the process.

    Well that's my list. Agree, disagree, did I miss someone that deserved to make this list? Let me know! Join me next week for another edition of the 8-Ball! Have a great week and don't forget to read the many other great columns, news articles and more here at 411mania.com! I'm done.

    And if you get a chance, listen to this week's Geeked Out Podcast I'm a part of weekly, this week we discussed The Hunger Games: Catching Fire along with Kanye's meltdown.

    Have a great week and don't forget to read the many other great columns, news articles and more here at 411mania.com! I'm done.

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