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411Mania Interviews: The Middle's Eden Sher
Posted by Al Norton on 12.11.2013

Eden Sher has a very strong resume, including runs on Weeds and Sons & Daughters as well as episodes of The Middleman, The OC, and Party Down, but she's best known for her role as Sue Heck on ABC's hit comedy The Middle.

Eden Sher: Thank you so much for my Norty Award; that was awesome!

Al Norton: You are quite popular among me and my readers.

Eden Sher: Well you and your readers are quite popular among me!

Al Norton: Not that you weren't a wonderfully upbeat person before but are you more so now, after playing Sue for five seasons and over 100 episodes?

Eden Sher: Yes. That is not a very hard question to answer because it is undoubtedly yes. It's been a slow process; it's not like I would have been able to say that after season one, or two, or three, but maybe last year. It wasn't something I was fully aware of until I was; it's kind of like a growth spurt, where you don't know you are really growing while you're in it, but then after a few years you measure you're self against the wall and you're like, "oh my God, I grew five inches."

There's actually physically no way that being this way, behaving this way for so many hours a day, so many hours a year, could not inform the rest of my personality and life.

Al Norton: Do you ever want to go to the writers and ask for some sort of dream episode where Sue breaks bad?

Eden Sher: I do think Sue gets a little devious some times; they don't put it in too frequently but sometimes they do and that's a lot of fun. If it needs to happen, it'll happen.

Al Norton: What's the feedback on Sue been like from fans?

Eden Sher: From the young girls who approach me, quiet positive. That's actually my favorite type of interaction; it's great when anyone recognizes me and wants to talk but it's my personal favorite, what I live for, when I can see a young girl or a group of young girls see me and they are so excited and want to talk about Sue. I love the hugs.

Al Norton: I was looking at your resume and was blown away because the average quality of the show's that you've been on is so much higher than the average quality of television overall.

Eden Sher: What a compliment! It is pure luck. Now I get to be a little tiny bit more choosy but for years I had to audition for the crap as much as I auditioned for the good stuff and it just happened I got the good stuff. I obviously wanted the good stuff more than I wanted the crap but it just happened that they wanted me, too. That's just luck. I know so many talented people where the show's that they act on do not reflect their talents, so I am just lucky.

Al Norton: I don't want The Middle to go anywhere anytime soon but when it does end, I would be 100% behind a spinoff where Sue and Reverend Tim Tom travel the country together.

Eden Sher: I don't know if I would be up for that (laughing), I think to honor Sue and Reverend Tim Tom we should leave them in their proper place in The Middle, but in real life what I want to do when the show is over, and I don't know how this is feasible and in what capacity this could happen, but I want to take a tour across the country and speak to middle school girls.

I've seen so much recently; the way girls behave towards each other in middle school can be just horrendous, and I want to go and talk to them about what matters and the bring everyone in to hug it out.

Al Norton: I'm sure you could find a network that would love to film you as you went on that tour.

Eden Sher: Let's make it happen; who do we talk to?!?!

Al Norton: What do you watch on TV these days?

Eden Sher: Recently I've been watching The League. I binged on it, watching the first four seasons in two weeks. It's so good, one of the best comedies on TV. I don't know how I didn't know about it before.

Al Norton: Tell me about this week's episode of The Middle.

Eden Sher: It's the Christmas episode and Sue is apparently allergic to Christmas all of a sudden, so she sequesters herself in a bubble.

Don't miss The Middle, Wednesdays at 8pm on ABC


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