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Alternate Takes 12.14.13 : Comic Book Movie Knockout Tournament Week 9
Posted by Shawn S. Lealos on 12.14.2013

Welcome to Week 280 of Alternate Takes, my name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world.

Here is a look at last week's winners:
Superman II beat Surrogates, 274-19
Batman def. Dick Tracy, 287-24
Spider-Man 2 def. Green Lantern, 280-41
Iron Man def. Hulk, 292-24

It is time for Round 2!

On to this week's matchups, I realize how boring it can be when we do all #1 seeds in one week, so for this round, we will do the separate brackets each week to mix things upů

The Dark Knight vs.
Dredd 3D

The Dark Knight - What can I saw about The Dark Knight? A lot of people in the comment section have been proclaiming that we should just skip to the end of the tournament and had Dark Knight face off against ů the second movie is up for debate. However, that is just a way to say no other comic book movie is worthy of discussion or is anywhere near as good as Christopher Nolan's masterpiece. Yes, Dark Knight is probably my favorite comic book movie, or at least is at the top of the list with movies like The Avengers and The Crow, but getting to the end is part of the fun and not everyone considers The Dark Knight the Citizen Kane of comic book movies, although most people do. Howard the Duck did get 38 votes against it in the first round.

Dredd 3D - I understand that not a lot of people watch foreign movies, but the margin of victory that Dredd 3D knocked off Ichi the Killer (207-58) was surprising. However, Dredd was a fantastic movie and hopefully erased that horrible Stallone abortion from memory. Karl Urban came in and did the character right for the first time and created a movie that should be a staple of any action movie fan's required viewing. It was everything that Dredd should be.

Spider-Man vs.

Spider-Man - As one of the most popular and beloved comic book characters of all time, it was easy to see why Spider-Man was such a big deal when it came out. With fan favorite cult director Sam Raimi at the helm, it was clearly bringing in fans from all aspects of the production. Of course, Raimi learned by the third movie that fans would turn on even the most beloved director if things went wrong, but this first movie was a nice introduction to the Wall Crawler. It is not as popular as the second movie though, which might explain the trouble it had getting past Punisher: War Zone in the first round, by a slim 223-107 margin.

X-Men - The first X-Men movie is not perfect, but it was a great ensemble super hero movie, the first of its kind, and proved that you could do a lot with a lot of characters if the director was sure handed. When people complain about "too many villains" ruining superhero movies, I just point at the X-Men series, where every chapter had a large number of villains. This first movie made Wolverine one of the biggest crossover comic book characters in comic movie history. While not as beloved as the second movie in the series, it had no problems knocking off Red, 286-62, in the first round.

Men in Black vs.
The Crow

Men in Black - Based on the Lowell Cunningham comic book series, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones remain very entertaining in the first movie in the Men in Black series, a film that is both funny and action packed and features some fantastic creature effects. It had one of the more difficult matchups of the first round, taking on Mystery Men, a movie that remains a beloved cult classic, but came out victorious, 202-80, to move on to the second round.

The Crow - The Crow showed how great comic book movie adaptations could be when only Batman offered another option. Brandon Lee was spectacular as Eric Draven in this movie as he led not only what was the best movie of the entire Crow movie series (a pretty easy feat), but also one of the best comic book movies I have ever seen. My bias aside, it did win its first round match pretty easily, knocking off Cowboys & Aliens, 278-34.

The Dark Knight Rises vs.
Superman II

The Dark Knight Rises - The final Christopher Nolan Batman movie is much better than a lot of the complainers like to admit. Yes, there was not much in the way of Batman until the second half of the movie, but that allowed Nolan to build the world that Bane had destroyed and set up for the big end. Most of you seemed to like it as well, as it beat the very good vampire movie 30 Days of Night in the first round, 287-44. Will the final chapter of the Dark Knight Trilogy stand to fight another week? It might be tough because it has a very good Superman movie standing in its way.

Superman II - The second Superman movie destroyed Surrogates in the first round, 274-19, but in Round 2 the Man of Steel has a big matchup with Batman. Of course, the second Superman movie took what was good about the first movie and made it even better by adding in super villains that could actually give Superman a run for his money. It also included a great subplot about Superman wanting to give up all his powers to live a happy life with Lois Lane only to have it ripped away. The Richard Donner version is still the best, but this was a great movie even before that was released. "Kneel before Zodů"


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