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The Comics 8 Ball 12.23.13: Top 8 Best Costume Re-Designs
Posted by Anthony Kennedy on 12.23.2013


Welcome back to the Comic 8 Ball in the Movie Zone one and all! With the amount of feedback and debate generated in last week's column, you just know I had to write the companion piece and bring you the Best Costume Re-Designs, right? Well await no further and check out this week's Comics 8Before I get into this week's 8 Ball.


CyberVenom: Awesome list again sir! Here's my list, in no order:

1. Harley Quinn. New 52 look started terribly! I kinda dig the updated Roller Derby look though.
2. The Thing. Super Spike EXTREME Ben Grimm.
3. Superman. New 52 jeans and t shirt.
4. Cyclops. The Phoenix Thong Infused outfit from the Phoenix 5.
5. Thor: Heavy Metal
6. Silver Spider Armor that's too heavy.
7. Clint Barton Giant Man suit
8. Noseless Feral Wolverine
9. Sexy Sue Storm
10. Captain AmeriPunisher.

GOOD LORD HOW DID I FORGET SPIKE THING. That was hideous and hope someone was fired over that abomination.

g: Most people like the punk Storm look, by the way. You're definitely in the minority there.

Had no idea how much love you all had for punk Storm. But it's my column so going to have to override your opinions and keep this squarely as a loss.

tiedo251: Where Is nightwing's Costumes? When He Out Grew The Role Of Robin That First NightwinG Costume Was Terrible. Then When He Ditched The Collar It Was Still Hideous. The Black And Blue Look Later On Was Great Though And So IstThe red Of The New 52

That costume was hideous, but it was the debut of a new persona for Dick Grayson, unless you want to argue it's a Dick Grayson redesign?

Jimmy: Wow.. DC takes top 3 spots. unbiased much?

I have no Marvel bias, those three costumes were bad.

Top 8 Best Costume Re-Designs

Honorable Mentions:
  • Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) & Robin (Tim Drake): These are kind of cheats as they're new individuals taking over for existing personas but their new take was much better.
  • Daredevil: That first costume was hideous and thankful this became the costume of record for Matt Murdock.
  • Dazzler: I'm a fan of disco like then next but her valley girl, 80's look was a much needed improvement over that monstrosity.
  • Fantastic Four: If you're going to be bold enough to tweak the classic FF uniform then make sure you get it right with these.
  • Iron Man: His 70's to mid-80's armor was a vast improvement over that initial clunky silver and gold Mark I's.
  • Nightwing: It only took nearly 15 years for artists to give Dick Grayson a costume worthy of his new persona.

    #8 Green Lantern
    Artist: Gil Kane
    First Appearance: Showcase #22


    The Silver Age redesign is kind of a cheat as it was a new character taking on the persona. However the mandate to revive Golden Age characters yielded one of the best and iconic superhero costume makeovers that can only be topped by one other DC character. (More on him later.) The cape is gone and this uniform would become standard for all GL Corp members.

    #7 Beast
    Artist: Tom Sutton
    First Appearance:Amazing Adventures Vol. 2 #11


    A bit over the top, but Sutton gave Hank McCoy a bold transformation to truly play on the ‘Beast' moniker. As much as I liked the human form stories they told with him during the early X-Factor run, no one can argue that the makeover given to him (that was later retconned to be a secondary mutation, thanks Morrison) is the definitive take on the long-time X-Men.

    #6 Aquaman
    Artist: Martin Egeland
    First Appearance:Aquaman Vol. 5 #17


    Thank you Peter David for ditching that super lame, Superfriends costume and give the King of Atlantis an outfit befitting royalty. They did away with his clean-cut look and gave him long flowing mane with gruff, man-sized beard along with gladiatorial armor and boldly replaced the hand he had lost in battle with a boss harpoon. Namor who?

    #5 Catwoman
    Artist:Darwyn Cooke
    First Appearance: Catwoman Vol. 2 #1


    Much props to Cooke for this epic Catwoman redesign that accentuates her cat burglar skills with fashionable goggles, a skin hugging, zip-up catsuit and killer boots. Anne Hathaway would be proud. Honestly believe this is THE iconic look of Catwoman and it only took 50 years, give or take.

    #4 Psylocke
    Artist: Marc Silvestri/Jim Lee
    First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #232/#256


    Asian body, dark purple hair, killer psi-knife and thonged onesie...thank you Jim Lee and Chris Claremont. While this costume is completely ridiculous in a fighting practicality way, it managed to turn a vital yet background character into one of the most cosplayed heroes of all time and bring not only her body but her character to the forefront of in an ensemble cast comic.

    #3 Archangel
    Artist: Walter Simonson
    First Appearance: X-Factor #24


    I admittedly was not a big fan of the Angel as he was originally constructed. In 1963 a mutant with wings might be ground breaking and looked 'cool' in comics, but by 1986 he looked, well lame. Enter the X-Factor scribes to first strip away his ‘silly' wings and outfit him out with some bad ass razor sharp implants that not only brought back his flight but could be used offensively yo cut almost anything and throw his feathers like ninja shuriken. I know they've tweaked with his powers along with his look since but that initial debut and costume is how you redesign a classic character.

    #2 Flash
    Artist: Carmine Infantino
    First Appearance: Showcase #4


    The other great Silver Age character redesign and it has stood the test of time (nearly 60 years) and three incarnations in the suit. It's said that the costume's creator Infantino threw out the original costume's references to the god Mercury and instead took cues from runners' outfits, boiling down the suit to its basics and making it one of the most memorable designs comics has seen before or since.

    #1 Spider-Man
    Artist: Mike Zeck
    First Appearance: Secret Wars #8


    Is there any doubt this would be number 1? Simplistic in it's design, this cool ‘Back in Black' costume looked amazing and kicked off a four-year run of Spider-Man in the coolest costume. This was a great redesign and to this day still has fans clamoring for its return.

    Well that's my list. Agree, disagree, did I miss someone that deserved to make this list? Let me know!

    As we close out the year, I want to take the time to thank everyone here at 411Mania for welcoming me aboard and allowing me an outlet for my comic book opinions. It has been an amazing experience and look forward to the new year contributing to 411Mania with the Comic 8 Ball.

    I'll be on vacation in Asia for the next two weeks to return January 12th with a new edition of the 8-Ball! If you get a chance, head over to this week's Podcast Juice show as we discuss the year's best and worst films, Beyonce's album release power play and a heated discussion on what JJ Abrams can do to ensure a successful Star Wars franchise relaunch. Have a great week and Happy Holidays everyone! Don't forget to read the many other great columns, news articles and more here at 411mania.com! I'm done.

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