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Editor's Note 12.18.13: The Top 10 Pet Peeves of 2013
Posted by Chad Webb on 12.18.2013


For the ninth year in a row, I am presenting my Top 10 Pet Peeves. It is a blast for me because I enjoy bitching about various aspects of pop-culture, and since 411mania is a pop-culture website, I have the opportunity to do that. I am sure you will waste no time in telling me how wrong some of my choices are. Oh well. These things annoy the hell out of me, but they might not strike the same chord for you.

It is important to note that many people or things will not show up because they have made so many appearances in the past, and I hate to reiterate myself too many times. Those individuals or things that are a thorn in everyone's side year after year get a special place in the Hall of Shame as you'll note below. To view my lists from previous years, and to see how odd some of my selections look now, click on any of the links below:

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The Pet Peeves of 2010
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The Pet Peeves of 2008
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The Pet Peeves of 2005

Dishonorable Mentions

* Anthony Weiner
* The NFL
* Jimmy Kimmel
* Overuse of Internet Memes & E-Cards

10. Amanda Bynes - 2013 was not a very good year for Amanda Bynes. She is this year's Lindsay Lohan for sure. For at least ¾'s of the year, it felt like not a week went by where she wasn't being mentioned in the celebrity gossip news. What puzzles me is why any news organization is talking about her AT ALL! She was in a couple Nickelodeon shows, a few crappy teenie bopper flicks and suddenly everyone is interested in her life?! The films she has starred in are not worth remembering. I'm just confused. But she definitely further damaged her already shoddy reputation by being a complete fu** up all year. Not only did she get arrested for marijuana possession, but she tried to throw the bong out the window and further accused the cop of sexual harassment: "He slapped my vagina" is one of her unforgettable quotes from that incident. She also went full-scale bonkers by starting a small fire in the driveway of a stranger's house. Then she was under psychiatric evaluation and then her parents file for and got a conservatorship over her. But lest we forget changing her look to THIS and posting all the bizarre twitter pics as well. The media coverage of her is bothersome, but Bynes herself is more of a nuisance. Thankfully now it has died down, but…

Dear Amanda,

Go Away.


9. The Idea of Text-Approved Movie Screenings - I believe this idea was floated last year, but the debate has raged on into 2013 and while I haven't seen it take off thankfully, I still get to yell about it here. Some of the executives of our largest theater chains engaged in a discussion on whether or not to employ text-approved screenings to lure people into theaters. The idiocy of this notion is mind-boggling. If you are a person who thinks "That would be convenient, I'm down with it!," let me ask why in the bloody hell would you pay for a movie ticket only to sit there, not pay attention to said movie so you can text, and then leave? I hate to state the obvious, but wouldn't this be a complete waste of time and money. This is moronic. I understand that this generation has grown up with phones in their hands, but unlike some columnists out there, I do not think the answer is to give in to texters. Although, many of us do this and just ignore them, thus compounding the problem. Here are the facts, text-approved screenings would only hurt the moviegoing process. In the long run, more people would become disgusted with going to the movies and stay away. Also, if you can't help yourself and need to text (yes even if it's just a quickie) please say the fu** home and watch your life wither away on your own time. If any theater chain does follow through with this, I plan on never visiting that chain again. This is why I'm glad we have companies like Alamo Drafthouse, who should take over the moviegoing world if indeed God exists.

8. Stupid Slang Terms - A lot of the words I'll be mentioning were not necessarily popularized in 2013, but "selfie" & "twerking" were both added to the Oxofrd English Dictionary this year and damnit, it bothers me that these are becoming commonplace terms. Is this an official sign that I'm on my way to being an old codger? Perhaps, but we had dumb slang terms when I was a youngin as well, thanks in part to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But nowadays the terms are so incredibly dumb and cause me to either cringe or roll my eyes whenever used. "Selfie" is the big one. Not many people will agree with me, but that's ok. Everyone who uses the term ‘selfie" always does so with an attitude that screams "I'm so unbelievably cool because I know this word." If nothing else, "selfie" speaks volumes for how self-absorbed our culture has become. "Twerking" is another. What's with the trend of attaching terms to acts that don't need them? Apparently saying that the person is "dancing" or "gyrating their hips" just isn't interesting. Other words I can't stand: foodie, twitterverse. Others that are not as bad: swag, awesomesauce (admittedly I've used this one). I could go on and on with this, but you get the idea. If you don't agree with my picks, I know that you have your own. At least this language produced this priceless commercial with James Earl Jones & Malcolm McDowell: Click here.

7. Chris Brown - This is a guy who should have been on this list long ago. He's been a gigantic pain the ass for years, but in 2013 he was all over the news all the time for screwing up and/or just being a douchenugget. I've honestly lost track of all the crap he's done this year. He was arrested for a fight in a hotel, entered rehab, received anger management training, broke up with Rihanna again, etc. and so forth. How many times has his probation been revoked, dating back from a hit-and-run & the Rihanna assault incident? When certain people, whom you know are a$$holes keep getting in trouble, one wishes that someone would lock them up and throw away the key. But Brown almost falls into that Amanda Bynes category. This is an R&B artist whose music is beyond mediocre. There is nothing distinctive about Brown except for the fact that he had a relationship Rihanna, beat her up, and continually gets arrested. Hooray for all us obsessing over a "role model" like Chris Brown. Hopefully 2014 is the year he fades away into nothingness.

6. Posting Pictures of Food - I don't have much to say about this besides: "NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE FOOD YOU'RE EATING!" Look, if you're breaking a record ala Man vs. Food, ok I get the justification for posting the picture, but otherwise, we truly and sincerely do not care. From: Everyone Who Follows You. Why do people think their friends and family are so bored and pathetic that we sit around and become enthralled by what you're wolfing down this evening? Good grief.

5. Our Outrage Over Miley Cyrus - That's right, it's not Miley Cyrus herself, but everyone who got whiny and decided to rant and rave about her, which actually only helped her cause. So, in case you weren't aware, Miley Cyrus performed a zany dance at the MTV VMA's. There were teddy bears, foam fingers, she got all up in Robin Thick's business, and subsequently the internet had a nervous breakdown. The antiquated cries of "My kids were watching!" were heard all throughout the land. Ok, so it was a stupid dance, but it's hilarious when people argue with me "She was almost naked!" Umm, no she wasn't. A bikini is smaller than what she was wearing. So because she had a flesh colored outfit on, she crossed the line darnit. The complaints and "controversy" concocted because of this were annoying on a whole new level. I don't like her music and I doubt we would hang out, but I'm not that irritated by her...yet. I'm irritated by everyone else who can't stop talking and bitching about her. That is what she wanted. She does have "train wreck" qualities, but we need to chill. But in this day and age, we love to piss and moan about things that the media overhypes. Her popularity has been measured by the fact that if people are criticizing her, at least they're talking about her. Evidently we have forgotten this. What is increasingly disturbing is the notion some people have that Hannah Montana should stay innocent and pure. She was 20 going on 21 this year, morons! And she's a celebrity, brought up by someone else who was a celebrity. So yeah, she's gonna act crazy and do weird stuff. Get over it and move on! Hell, friggin' Paul McCartney came out and said that her performance at the VMAs wasn't worth discussing. Even Sir Paul said "C'mon, we've seen worse than that!" Feel stupid now? You should.

4. The Series Finale of Dexter - Oh I'm going there. SPOILERS AHEAD! btw. "Come on Chad, aren't you dwelling on this?" I don't think so. It's safe to say that Dexter had been on a downward slope for years. Clyde Phillips was the showrunner for the first four seasons, the best season of the series by far. He had a different ending in mind. Click here for that. Because Showtime would not let Dexter die, we got the horrible conclusion of our favorite serial killer escaping a hurricane and becoming a lumberjack…because he didn't want to hurt his loved ones. This would have made sense had they not spent a season showcasing how Dexter was changing, only for him to become a depressed logger. Aside from that though, the series finale only emphasized how little Showtime and the writers cared. We got a villain who was treated as an afterthought. Saxon was barely a concern and was never intriguing. Plus, the finale did nothing but shortchange all the supporting characters we had grown to love. We hardly received proper closure on their lives…and don't get me started on how Deb died. When this episode was over, I knew it was bad, but the more I thought about it, the worse it became in my head.

3. Justin Bieber - Last year, when Bieber was just a young popular singer for girls, he didn't annoy me. Again, I wasn't a fan of his music, but that doesn't mean he bothers me. There is a new one of him every few years. They come and go. However, 2013 was the year where Bieber was constantly making headlines for the wrong reasons. I truly got sick to death of hearing about him racing his car and having parties that bothered the neighbors. Is this his "I want to be an arrogant prick" phase? I'm not sure. He also got into an altercation with a photographer in March of this year, and then we had the over-publicized visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. He has also been accused of copyright infringement this year for the song "Somebody to Love." In the past it was easy to ignore him and let his fans be as insane as they wanted, but now he goes out of his way to be that turd in the punchbowl. And if Eminem wants him to seek help, it has to be real. Here are other Bieber incidents from 2013: Click here.

2. Government Shutdown - I don't have to elaborate much here do I? I'm not getting into a lengthy political discussion, and I suppose if you are a reader from outside the US, you won't care, but in America the government shutdown was a supreme pet peeve for numerous reasons. It was not the only factor contributing to our decreasing faith in the government this year, but it was a big one. Eventually the chaos ended and Congress passed a new budget to raise the debt ceiling, but the damage was done. If you include the problems with the Affordable Care Act that followed, the NSA controversy, and so on, this rant only gets longer. But for people who lived paycheck to paycheck and couldn't work, during a time when morale in this country is already in the shitter, the shutdown had a negative impact that was considerable. But hey, we narrowly avoided an economic catastrophe, so that's progress right?

1. Filming Our Lives Instead of Living Them - Some of you out there will contest that the government shutdown should be #1 and I won't argue that they could be a tie. But the slightly more disturbing trend today is our obsession with filming every single part of our lives. Just that statement alone might not seem alarming enough for a #1 entry. What prompted this was hearing reports that that when actor Paul Walker's car exploded (resulting in his death and that of the driver), people pulled over and instead of trying to help or do anything else, they stopped, got out the cell phone and began recording. I wasn't there, so I don't know what could have been done, but how upsetting it is that our knee-jerk reaction to any event in life is to make sure we record it on our cell phone? I know what you may be thinking. It's fine if we are documenting the special moments in our lives so we can revisit them. That makes perfect sense, but let's be honest, this is nowhere close to being about capturing the memories. Filming our lives instead of actually living them is all about being the first to record a moment that might result in our 15 minutes of fame. And after we record it we have to make sure it's posted to YouTube right away because the masses will surely be interested in this rare video footage I shot and will therefore give my video plenty of views/hits. Everywhere I go, any significant happening shows that we only care about recording it for our own gain. Concerts are perhaps the biggest culprit. I've literally seen people at every show I attend (and I go to a lot of them) stand and record the entire event. They paid for a ticket simply to view the live show, see those artists in person, through their cell screen. We all want to be the next big thing, the director of the next clip that goes viral, the person who witnessed something crazy so we can brag about our discovery. I had thought about naming this entry "Cell Phone Addiction," but I of course own one like we all do and that is such a general complaint that it would be too long to write about. I have recorded a video or two on my phone but those are sporadic moments. I prefer to enjoy my life, not to treat every minute of it as another possible chance for recording a video. Is this me saying I'm better than everyone? No, people will do what they want, but the troubling fact is we are watching our days go by, having special events handicapped just because we have to make sure and take dozens of pictures and record plenty of videos to show others. Whatever happened to experiencing something and just talking about it afterwards? Our cell phones have become extensions of our self-absorption much more than a tool to connect with someone. Yes I have one, but if you took it away from me today, I would go on living my life just the way I was. Can you say the same?

Hall of Shame

Britney Spears/Paris Hilton – Class of 2007
High School Musical – Class of 2008
Kanye West – Class of 2009
The Lohan Family - Class of 2010
Jersey Shore - Class of 2011
The Kardashians - Class of 2012
Happy Madison Productions – Class of 2013

And in case you want more complaining, here is another list you can check out: Click Here.

If want to know more about my movie tastes, check out my page on Letterboxd by clicking right here. Also, make sure to look at all the great articles and writers at 411, particularly in the Movie-zone because that's where I predominantly am, but all of the zones.


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