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Alternate Takes 12.21.13: Comic Book Movie Knockout Tournament Week 10
Posted by Shawn S. Lealos on 12.21.2013

Welcome to Week 281 of Alternate Takes, my name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world.

Here is a look at last week's winners:
The Dark Knight def. Dredd 3D, 326-44
X-Men def. Spider-Man, 188-186
The Crow def. Men in Black, 221-141
Dark Knight Rises def. Superman II, 210-174

Remember, I realize how boring it can be when we do all #1 seeds in one week, so for this round, we will do the separate brackets each week to mix things up…

The Avengers vs.
The Mask

The Avengers - A few people are saying they want us to cut straight to Dark Knight vs. Avengers and skip the rest because – apparently – they hate every other comic book movie ever made. Those two are still the favorites and with Dark Knight winning big last week, this week The Avengers will try to keep pace.

The Mask - The Mask won its first week's matchup over the fantastic American Splendor, thanks in my mind to its popularity and fun factor, whereas I don't think many people had seen American Splendor. Otherwise, I think the 196-57 score might have been closer. Either way, no matter how fun The Mask was, it will have a hard time winning this week's contest.

Thor vs.
Batman Returns

Thor - While it seemed like a hard superhero movie to make into a success, Thor was not only a great movie but was good enough to create its own mini-franchise and developed the best super villain in Marvel movies history. The first movie dispatched of Wanted, 269-52, in the first round and now sets its sights on the biggest superhero to reside in the rival DC Comics universe – Batman.

Batman Returns - While most of the Batman movies in this tournament have won easily, Batman Returns – Tim Burton's second and final movie in the franchise – had a little bit of trouble last week against the second Marvel universe movie, The Incredible Hulk, only winning 230-143. However, it was a nice win for the movie that many considered the best of the franchise until Christopher Nolan took over. This week, it faces another Marvel universe effort.

Hellboy II vs.
Sin City

Hellboy II - Hellboy II had little trouble beating out Johnny Depp Jack the Ripper story, From Hell, in the first round, 234-32. That came as little surprise. The first Hellboy was a great movie, but the second movie was just amazing – from the stories to the action to the spectacular Guillermo Del Toro visuals. It remains a movie that was not a huge box office success but has a ton of fans anyway. This week will be one of the toughest battles of the second round.

Sin City - Robert Rodriguez teamed up with Frank Miller to adapt Miller's seminal graphic novel series and actually took panels straight out of the comics and re-created them on the big screen. It could have been a colossal failure, but along the way, it became one of the most beloved comic book cult movies of recent memory. You guys seemed to like it as it beat Thomas Jane's Punisher in the first round, 245-78, and is involved this week in a battle of two cult favorites.

The Watchmen vs.

The Watchmen - The Rocketeer got a fair share of votes when it fell to Watchmen in the first round, but it was still a blow out, 245-64. This week, Watchmen fans have a tough battle as the movie faces one of the films from the Batman franchise. When Dark Knight Rises beat Superman II last week, it proves that even the lesser Batman movies could beat some of the best comic book movies of all time. Will Watchmen's fans come out to support this movie, or will Batman continue to roll over its competition.

Batman - It wasn't much of a surprise when Tim Burton's Batman beat another comic book movie from its era in the first round, when it demolished Dick Tracy, 287-24. While that was a major blow out, I would also guess that very few of the voters actually ever saw Dick Tracy. That will not be true this week, and it remains to be seen if Batman is still a beloved movie or if it has actually aged a bit poorly over time. It remains a heavy favorite to win this week, but it will be interesting to see the difference.


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