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The Comics 8 Ball 1.13.14: Top 8 Saddest Comic Book Moments
Posted by Anthony Kennedy on 01.13.2014


Welcome back to the Comic 8 Ball in the Movie Zone and Happy New Year!!! It's good to be back after two weeks and feel refreshed and ready to tackle a brand new year here at 411Mania. As I stated in my last Comic 8 Ball, I went on a two-week trip to Asia, Hong and Tokyo in particular. Hong Kong was amazing as I rang in the New Year at Victoria Harbour. However, for the pro wrestling fan in me, the most memorable experience for me was in Tokyo where I got to visit the arenas that I'd only seen on tapes that had been home to some of the greatest shows in Japanese puro history. Seeing Budokan, Kourakuen Hall and the Tokyo Dome up close along with attending Wrestle Kingdom 8 is something I'll cherish. Of course, I had to take pics outside these venue.

The show itself had an amazing atmosphere that easily compares to WrestleMania. I cannot standing in an hour long line, day of the show and still get lower riser seats for $70 USD for any WWE show but that's what happened. I noted that the Japanese are pretty subdued and quiet walking around Tokyo, however at the show they get just as rowdy and hyped as any American audience. The match that got the most heat live was Shibata-Goto (in my opinion the wrong man won) but contrary to popular belief, live they were into Okada-Naito and Tanahashi-Swagsuke. I highly recommend, if you can, make at least one trip to attend New Japan's big show. You'll thank me later.


Batman-Detective-Comics-27-coverScreen Shot 2014-01-12 at 4.32.52 PM

Want to acknowledge the good folk at DC Entertainment who hooked me up with the new Detective Comics #27. I was a lil' skeptical of an anniversary issue paying homage to the first appearance of the Batman, but DC executed a cool concept of having multiple creative teams contribute to a singular issues. It doesn't hurt that those teams include artwork by the always great Bryan Hitch, some throwback artwork from Neal Adams and Ian Bertram, who I'll definitely be paying attention in the future --where'd he'd come from? This totally reminded me of the Batman: The Animated Series episode Legends of the Dark Knight, and that's a good thing. The issue packs a diverse number of stories with only one, IMO ,the boring ‘The Gothopia' being a easy skip for me. If you haven't check it out.

Top 8 Saddest Moments in Comics

#8 Krypto Dies
Action Comics #583

Our favorite super pet earns his title of man's best friend as we witness with great pride (and then agony) Krypto valiantly protect his master and kill the Kryptonite Man in Alan Moore's master piece tale, What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. Of course, being a hero, he would stop the villain from harming Kal El, but we quickly realize that this fight has resulted in him being exposed to a lethal dose of kryptonite radiation and watch as he lets out a tear jerking howl as he dies on the floor of the Fortress of Solitude.

#7 Catwoman Gives Helena Up for Adoption
Catwoman #83

The comic writers decided to tease us with Selena Kyle giving birth to a baby girl, Helena, when they decided to skip one year ahead following Infinite Crisis, making many speculate that the Catwoman's newborn is Batsy. When would not get a answer before Selina decided to give her baby girl up for adoption as she could provide a safe environment and we witness her tearfully watch as her daughter is taken off to life with a new family, Bruce right by her side.

#6 Forge Takes Back his Marriage Proposal to Storm
Uncanny X-Men #287

It's a cold world in the X-Universe. When Forge proposed to Ororo, we all naturally assumed this would end in nuptials of the long-time X-Men leader, except one thing, she was the X-Men's Gold team leader. Forge felt the same way that there was no way she's give up her responsibility to mutantkind for a domesticated life as he coldly rescinded his marriage proposal leaving Storm a brokenhearted one to tearfully exclaims, "I was going to say..." and every reader knows what she was going to say.

#5 "Carl, they..they didn't!"
The Walking Dead #47

From the sick mind of Robert Kirkman. I felt something bad was going to happen in this issue, but to kill the main protagonist's wife and newborn baby, wow! But what makes the moment more powerful is when Rick breaks down trying to console his young son Carl over the fact that mommy and baby Judith didn't make it.

#4 Mr. and Mrs. Richards Have a Miscarriage
Fantastic Four #267

No one wants to think about the loss of a baby especially via miscarriage. But leave to John Byrne to put Mr. Fantastic through the wringer to try to save both his child and wife only to heartbreakingly arrive just too late and discover that his second child is not to be. To this day, it still makes me feel like "something's in my eye."

#3 Peter Loses a Sister
Uncanny X-Men #303

This might be the first time a comic book made me cry (and yes I can freely admit.) Peter Rasputin had become like family and a beloved character in the X-books. But in a depressing story we (seemingly) saw the conclusion of his baby sister's fight with the legacy virus play out. Everyone knew it was only a matter time but readers felt like there would be something, anything to prevent us from witnessing the death of 10 year-old. Alas it wasn't meant to be and we all felt for Colossus.

#2 "Daddy, Two Lines = Positive!"
Identity Crisis #1

The writers built this up so perfectly. All issue long we read about how much Elongated Man loves his wife Sue and they explain how perfect they are for one another. And then we see that last panel, my God that last panel, of Ralph Dibny holding his dead wife's burnt corpse, every (happily) married man's heart --probably anyone who's ever truly loved a woman-- absolutely broke. To add salt to the wounds, it's revealed that Sue's big Birthday surprise for her husband was that she was pregnant. OUCH! Brad Meltzer is a cold-blooded man.

#1 Yorick Watches Agent 355 Die
Y: The Last Man #58

I've never been floored with such sadness like I was finishing Y: The Last Man #58. Two issues from finishing the entire series --forgive me, I read this long after it's initial run-- and we lose one of the main characters that we've come to love throughout this five year long journey; shot in the head moments after she confessed her love to Yorick. Our lovable loser doesn't get his happily ever after, instead this would be the catalyst for his mental breakdown and lonely existence afterwards.

Well that's my list. I'm sure this list will elicit a number of responses and I look forward to reading every one of them. Join me next week for another edition of the 8-Ball! Have a great week and don't forget to read the many other great columns, news articles and more here at 411mania.com! I'm done.

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