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The Comics 8 Ball 2.02.14: Top 8 Defining The Walking Dead Moments
Posted by Anthony Kennedy on 02.10.2014


The Walking Dead's return tonight for the second half of season, 411Mania wanted to take a look at some of the defining moments in the 120 issues of the long running comic series.

Top 8 Defining Moments in The Walking Dead Comics



Honorable Mention:
  • Amy Takes it on the neck: The first mass zombie attack on our original survivors let us know that nobody was safe.
  • Carl Mercs Shane: The love struck Shane met an untimely end ironically by the boy he was trying to play new daddy to.
  • Glenn's demise: Some have called Neegan The Governor 2.0, the death scene was all types of gore overkill.
  • Rick saves Carl by any means necessary: Rick saves Carl the only way he knows how by chopping off the hand of new girlfriend Jesse.
  • Rick and crew kill the Hunters: There was only way this could end, and boy did they viciously end their lives.

    #8 Ben Puts Billy Down, Carl Puts Ben Down
    Issues #61


    Death for young kids in a zombie apocalypse can be traumatizing. They can become a badass like Carl or turn into a sick psychotic like Ben. After losing both of his parents and constantly surrounded by death, Ben started torturing and killing animals before experimenting on his twin Billy. The survivors found him after killing Billy proclaiming "Don't worry, he's going to come back. I didn't hurt his brains." That was young Michael Myers level of creepy. This plot took another turn as while the grown ups try to figure out what to do with him, Carl sneaks in and puts him down. Child on child justice at it's finest, Kirkman style.

    #7 The Suicide Pact
    Issues #1415


    I knew something was off with Julie's boyfriend, Chris, but who have thunk that this crazy idiot would convince his girlfriend to do a sex then suicide ritual? Tyreese's daughter Julie decides to lose her virginity to this geek, mind you, after finding, presumed, safety behind the confines of the prison. What places this on the list is the revelation that no matter how you die, the dead come back, as Julie returns from the dead. It was somewhat satisfying to see Tyreese strangle that dipshit boyfriend of hers and state he'll wait for him to come back and kill him again.

    #6 Herchel Loses a Daughter or Two
    Issues #1517


    Before twins Billy and Ben's met their untimely death, Kirkman decided to show us he's not shy about depicting child murders far earlier in the series with the killings of Herschel's youngest girls. In one of the most shocking final panels that The Walking Dead would become famous for, Herschel walks into the barbershop to see the decapitated bodies of his girl. It's in the next issue where we see their heads reanimated in an eerie scene.

    #5 The Governor Tortures Michonne
    Issues #2829


    "Boooooooooo" that's for the producers of the series for not giving us these series of brutal rape scenes between The Governor and Michonne in some form. I know a majority of the comic fans thought Maggie would be replacing Michonne for this bit of rape/torture, when she was brought to Woodbury, but alas they chickened out. As cringe worthy as it is to read, it makes our hatred for the Governor grow and his impending faith all the more satisfying.

    #4 Carl Takes One to the Eye
    Issues #83


    As shocking as this moment was, I got a sense of sadomasochism from Kirkman on this one as was an eyeless Carl needed for the story? And after being shot once, almost dying, seeing his handless father, the loss of his mom and baby sister, killing a fellow kid, did they really need to take the kid's face too?

    #3 The Governor Takes A Hand
    Issues #28


    If there was ever a bigger moment that said "look at me, I'm the bad guy" it was this unnecessary scene where the just introduced Governor decided to show Glenn, Michonne and Rick that he's meant business by taking Rick's hand. Gruesomely drawn by Charles Adlard, Kirkman commits what he calls his biggest mistakes of the series.

    #2 The Hunters Have them Some Dale
    Issues #6366


    Clearly meant to evoke images of Deliverance, Kirkman goes a bit left as instead of a huge army town trying to take a prison from Rick and crew or slaughter them all outright. We're introduced to some backwoods survivors that are willing to capture, amputate and eat any survivors we come across. Unbeknownst to them, Dale let them in on a little secret that he's not quite USDA choice meat. Hilarity ensues.

    #1 The Prison Siege Part Deux
    Issues #4648


    There really could be no other choice. The Governor shows he gives no fucks and wants everyone dead, Herschel loses the rest of his children (except Maggie), Andrea returns out of nowhere for the save, Lori and baby Judith get gunned down, and the Governor takes one to the dome and is left for zombie meat. Not only did Kirkman and Adlard conclude the prison storyline in brutal fashion but wiped out most of the cast we had come to love to set the stage for the next phase in the series.

    Well that's my list. What moments from The Walking Dead comics are you most hoping to see come to life? I'm sure this list will elicit a number of responses and I look forward to reading every one of them. Join me next week for another edition of the 8-Ball! Have a great week and don't forget to read the many other great columns, news articles and more here at 411mania.com! I'm done.

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