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411 Fact or Fiction Movies/TV 2.14.14: Week 420
Posted by Ben Piper on 02.14.2014

I know that it's probably too late to be saying this, but I really hope everyone has gotten their flu shots. With all the massive winter storms hitting back east and down south, everyone could stand to have all the protection from the elements you can get. I myself got hit with a touch of it (the flu) earlier this week and I feel safe to say if I hadn't gotten immunized I'd most likely would still be down for the count.

This week in Fact or Fiction finds us in the capable hands of Dustin James and T.J. Hawke. I wonder what's on their minds…

1. The Robocop remake will be better than you expected.

TJ Hawke: Fiction. I'm not a fan of the original Robocop, and the only thing I've heard about this one is that it "it takes itself too seriously." The fact that it's be released in the first three months of the year is always a red flag for me on top of that. I expect this film to be a DUD.

Dustin James: Fiction. How many movies are actually better than their originals? Very few. That's because when you have a good movie like Robocop that has a pretty sizable fan base, there's just no good reason to remake the movie at all. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to bring in a whole new fan base for the Robocop series? Why not just show people the original movie? Instead of copying things that worked for Hollywood in the past, why not come up with some new innovative ideas? I swear, if someone remakes The Goonies, I will squirt scorching Hot Pocket grease in their eyes.

Score: 1 for 1

2. Channing Tatum would be a good choice to play the Marvel Superhero Gambit in a standalone movie.

TJ Hawke: Fiction. I know this would seem like a small issue, but I just cannot picture Tatum being able to do a convincing Cajun accent. Thus, I'm having a hard time even picturing this scenario. If they wanted to just ignore that aspect of the character, then I'm sure he would be perfectly fine at the role. He's charismatic and believable as an action hero. I just think there are more people out there who I would consider genuinely "good" for the role. Like Josh Holloway. Give me Josh Holloway as Gambit. Also, while I'm here, I feel like Gambit is better for an ensemble movie, as opposed to his own standalone affair. I feel like the shadiness of his character will be too compromised in a solo feature.

Dustin James: Fact. Here's where the comic book nerds tear me apart for not knowing who Gambit is. Sorry, but I stopped reading comics when I was 10 (except for The Walking Dead series) so I could focus on stuff like girls and sports. I know who the big-time superhero's are, but if you come at me with someone like Gambit, you're going to get a confused look headed back your way. The only reason I think Channing Tatum would make a good Gambit is because TJ Hawke seemed to know who Gambit is and he doesn't think Tatum would be a good choice. Anytime a movie casts someone in a part that turns the nerdy fan base into a bunch of angry Sheldon Cooper's (Ben Affleck as Batman and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor anyone?) then I'm on board. Angry nerds are the best.

Score: 1 for 2

3. Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio re-teaming to make a movie about the aftermath of the Atlanta Olympic bombing is an idea you can get behind.

TJ Hawke: Fact. As I've yet to see The Wolf of Wall Street, I cannot make too much of an informed judgment on the effectiveness of the chemistry between these two actors. However, Leonardo DiCaprio is enough for me to get behind any movie.

Dustin James: Fact. Fact. Fact. 100% fact. Jonah Hill has quickly turned into one of my favorite actors. He's one of those rare guys who can turn in an excellent performance in a serious movie and then around and absolutely kill it in a movie like Superbad. It takes some serious acting chops to do that and Hill has shown that he's more than capable of handling his own when it comes to that. Plus, if you throw in the greatness that is Leonardo DiCaprio's acting skills with an interesting premise like that of the Atlanta Olympic bombing....then I'm 100% on board. The only question is, when does this sucker come out because I'm already getting impatient?

Score: 2 for 3


4. Winter's Tale will be an overbaked, underwhelming mess.

Dustin James: Fact. I wasn't exactly sure what Winter's Tale was so I decided to watch the trailer for the first time and give you guys an instant reaction right here. Well, after I woke up from watching the trailer, I decided that it's probably not going to be that good of a movie if the two minute trailer put me to sleep. I guess I just don't understand why Colin Farrell is making crap movies like this when he could be making instant classics like a movie focused on his character from Horrible Bosses? You want to get me to pay to see a Colin Farrell movie? That's exactly how you do it right there. If you can't do that, I guess a sequel to Phone Booth would be acceptable.

TJ Hawke **Googles Winter's Tale...** Fiction. What about the movie even looks good enough to be considered underwhelmed by it??? I hadn't realized I had seen trailers for this, but I had and always thought it looked terrible. Reading more about the film makes me think that it's pretty much guaranteed to be bad. Also, if a movie is released from January through March, odds are that the studio also does not think it's that good.

Score: 3 for 4

5. Independence Day 2 shouldn't be made without Will Smith.

Dustin James: Fact. In all seriousness, Independence Day 2 shouldn't be made with or without Will Smith. Why? Because if they make a sequel than that just defeats the effort that Randy Quaid's character made in the first movie. Remember that guy? The old drunken pilot who swears up and down that he was abducted by aliens and no one believes him? Yet, he's the one who shows everyone how to defeat the aliens by driving his ship straight into their ship in one of the coolest Randy Quaid moments ever ("Shitter's full" being the other one of course....)? Now, if there's a sequel, that just diminishes his efforts and basically means he died for nothing. Do I want an Independence Day sequel? No. Should you want an Independence Day sequel? No. Should they potentially make a prequel movie featuring Randy Quaid's character, starring Randy Quaid, directed by Randy Quaid, and narrated by Randy Quaid? Yes.

TJ Hawke: Fiction. Independence Day should be made if there are characters in the movie that we care about. Personally, I do not think that is likely, but I don't see how the inclusion of Will Smith (or lack thereof) will really affect the quality of the movie. Will Smith has shown in the last decade that his presence alone cannot make a bad movie more than watchable. Thus, the quality of Independence Day was not resting on the shoulders of Will Smith. Even if Will Smith gave the performance of his career (which he would not have), the rest of the movie would still have to work for the movie to be good.

That being said, as an unabashed mark for the original Independence Day (I was seven when it came out; what do you want?), I really do not want to see any sequel made. The original works despite its many flaws, and I rather just not have my memory of the original tarnished in any way by sequels that will likely not be any good.

Score: 3 for 5

6. About Last Night will be the rare remake that is better than original.

Dustin James: Fiction. Kevin Hart is awesome. He's probably my favorite stand-up comedian at the moment (a title that changes hands quite frequently) and it seems like the guy is in EVERY SINGLE movie that has come out in the past 3 months. Unfortunately, that could be detrimental to this movie's success. Earlier in the column, I wrote that remakes are rarely better than the originals and I stand by what I said. I've never seen the original About Last Night , so I'm just assuming here. But, the addition of Kevin Hart into the movie could have been a good thing, but Hart has lost some of his appeal these last few months by appearing in every single movie under the sun. When a stand-up comedian's popularity starts to rise, they become high in demand by Hollywood and unfortunately that can sometimes be a bad thing because the comedian can suffer from overexposure. Hopefully that doesn't happen to Kevin Hart. Anyway, I wouldn't be shocked if this movie was a big ol' pile of crap like most remakes. Remember what I said earlier about The Goonies? I STILL MEAN IT!!!!!

TJ Hawke: Fiction. Well, I cannot speak to the quality of the first one but given the cast and the time period in which it came out, I can safely assume those over a certain age have nostalgic feelings for it and everyone who had seen it for the first time in the last twenty years probably think it sucks (or ironically entertaining). With all of that said, I cannot possibly see how this film will be better than that. Once again, as a rule, most films released within the first three months of the year are not that good. On top of that, nothing about the cast or crew makes me think this film is potential some hidden gem. I cannot imagine the original film is any good, but I full expect this one to be even worse.

Final Score: 4 for 6

And with that, Dustin and T.J. agree more often than not. Thanks to them both for helping out, and see you again next week!




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