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Ten Deep 3.06.14: Top 10 Memorable 2014 Oscar Moments
Posted by Mike Gorman on 03.06.2014

"Top Ten Most Memorable Oscars' Moments 2014"

The dust has settled, the memes are multiplying and the red carpets are locked away for another year… seems like a good time to dive into the experience that was this year's Oscars telecast. In this week's Ten Deep I am going to countdown the ten moments that stand out as most memorable to me, and apparently to millions of people around the globe, from the 2014 broadcast.

10. ABC's Resurrection Commercials

Are you aware that ABC's Resurrection premieres this Sunday? Are you??? If you watched the Oscars you certainly are as they ran the ad every commercial break. I lost count at around 11 or so. The ad in question is below. Repeated watching was certainly emotional overload for some viewers I am sure… and just plain annoying to others. We saw the same clip almost as many times as we saw a new Samsung product that night. This instance proves that sometimes memorable can be a not so good thing. That said, I am certainly intrigued. Maybe their plan worked?!

9. In Memoriam

There were plusses and minuses to this years "In Memoriam" segment that I think added up to make it one of the nights more interesting moments. The plusses included the design and format of the montage and Bette Midler's performance of the standard, "Wind Beneath My Wings." The minuses were mostly about the omissions from the list some of which were included on an extended list on the Academy's website. I think for the most part the moment stands out to in contrast to the way the Golden Globes handled their take on the topic this year. They included specifically focused spotlights scattered throughout the broadcast dedicated to several individuals who had passed away. This seemed to certainly affect that broadcast's mood. I think the Oscars do it better.

8. Gravity the Juggernaut

There were not a lot of surprises at this year's Oscars, and it was certainly no surprise that Gravity took home an award but I think it was definitely notable the way that it seemed to sweep so many categories. And again, while it was not exactly shocking to see this well-crafted film take home so many technical honors, it was when Alfonso Cuaron won the directing nod that questions of what films would take the top awards of the night started to come into question. Imagine being Sandra Bullock riding that wave? I am sure for a moment she started to think, "Wow, I just might win this, they loved Gravity!" Of course we know that the film did not garner any more gold but it certainly made for a fun what if situation.

7. Pink's "Over the Rainbow"

Sometimes the tribute moments during an Oscars show come off feeling like filler or a waste of time. I was surprised to discover that I felt the 75th anniversary tribute to The Wizard of Oz felt like neither. Instead we were treated to a fantastic performance of the film's classic theme "Over the Rainbow" by Pink. A performer known for her over the top stage antics and acrobatics, Pink instead simply let her voice and her "ruby slipper" gown do the talking this time and we all heard her loud and clear.

6. Daryl Cries!

Oops, my bad! This was not an Oscars' moment but a scene in this week's The Walking Dead. Still worth mentioning as I think this was a fantastic character piece on the show this week while others are calling it the worst episode ever. Something that divisive has to have some value! Back to the Academy Awards…

5. John Travolta

Perhaps the most talked about moment from the show this past week involved John Travolta (and his, well, interesting hairpiece too!) and his inability to pronounce a name. Travolta (and his hairpiece) were brought out to introduce Idina Menzel's performance of the Oscar nominated (and now winning) song "Let it Go" from Disney's Frozen. Travolta was oddly animated himself as he began reciting the introduction. He seemed unfamiliar with the material at hand and this became all too evident when he got to Idina's name. If you have somehow missed it, he introduced her as "Adele Dazeem," stumbling over the words. Some people cite Travolta's dyslexia as a possible reason; others don't care to look for reasons and just want to mock the incident. Apparently both stars are taking the situation in stride with the Playbills for Menzel's current Broadway show "If/Then" being updated to indicate her role is now being played by newcomer Adele Dazeem, complete with bio, and the rest of the internet exploding with the new John Travolta Pronounced name generators popping up all over. When asked about the situation Travolta said he was going to take Menzel's lead, and let it go.

4. Best Song Performances

Music played a big role in making this year's Oscars pretty memorable including the return of the Best Song nominees' performances. This was omitted last year and among most people I have spoken to about this, it was missed dearly. It was nice this year to see them return with the original artists performing as well. I hope that this will be a trend that continues next year!

3. The Selfie Heard Round The World

Was it a promotional stunt for Samsung or was it spontaneous? This is the question some folk were asking after Ellen DeGeneres got a group of celebs to pose for a record breaking "selfie" during Sunday's show. I think the answer is kind of irrelevant at this point, because regardless of how it happened this turned into one of the evenings most enjoyable moments. It was clear that this was a fun moment for the stars involved and for viewers when the image reached over 1.7 million retweets in the first hour it was on Twitter (the aforementioned record broken.) The only person who might have some gripes about the moment is poor Liza Minelli who was a part of the group involved but too short to be seen! There are photos of the selfie from a reverse angle on the net that show Liza struggling to be seen.

2. The Speeches

Too often the acceptance speeches at these kind of shows are across the board self-agrandizing love fests that leave viewers bored and uninspired. This year it seemed some of the winners decided to put a bit more thought into their reactions and we all benefited from them; specifically the speeches from Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto and Lupita Nyongo. They each touched a chord with viewers in different ways. Check out their speeches on You Tube if you missed them. Below is Jared Leto's stirring acceptance of the Best Supporting Actor award.

And finally…

1. Pizza!

When all is said and done, aside from the award winners, I do feel like Ellen having pizza delivered to the theater during the show will go down in history as one of the most talked about moments in the show's recent history. Why? Because it broke the wall down for just a minute between our image of glamorous Hollywood life and our own lives at home watching the show. Who wouldn't want a nice, hot slice of pizza while they were watching the Oscars? Apparently we learned the celebrities in attendance did too! While watching with friends all we kept saying was, "Jennifer Lawrence better get a piece or she will go Hunger Games on them!" and sure enough a moment later the camera panned across the front row to show her enjoying her slice. This was the night's most memorable moment and I don't think that is a bad thing. The show is supposed to entertain us, no? Of course, I could be wrong and this could just be my own pizza cravings talking!

What are the moments that stood out to you? Should Ellen host again next year? Who would you suggest?

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