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The Comics 8 Ball 3.10.14: Top 8 Worst Superpower Side Effects
Posted by Anthony Kennedy on 03.10.2014


Welcome, one and all, to the Comics 8 Ball in the Movie Zone! I'm your esteemed host Anthony Kennedy and as always, we will be tackling a topic and providing you the top eight selections related to comic books. One thing to please understand, these are meant to be my personal opinion and not a definitive list, although I do considerable myself somewhat an expert. Feel free to disagree and I'll freely admit you're wrong (no hard feelings right?) With that in mind, let's get right in to it!



Dan D.: Keeping it simple and in the Marvel universe, I think Daredevil and Punisher lend themselves more to a weekly series rather than a one-off movie. So many real crime based stories that can easily add those two in to the mix to make a good series. Here's a thought: how about putting them in to a series TOGETHER? They both deal with Kingpin, have them working towards the same goals but via different methods. Maybe some episodes focus more on one than the other, even so far as we don't see one outside of a cameo or in the final scene of an ep, but they're still connected somehow.

Doc Strange might make a better weekly show as well, however FX costs could hamper that.

Totally agree with both suggestions, which is why I was pleased to hear about Daredevil getting a series on Netflix. At best they could get three films (Origin, Bulleyes-Elektra storyarc, and Born Again) if they were patient. A series gives them the time to tell a very well-paced Daredevil stories.

CyberVenom: Man what an awesome topic! I love lots of those shows you have! Reaper didn't get nearly it's due! Chuck I liked a lot but I lost interest after season 2. And I very well could be wrong, but I believe there was a very short lived Quantum Leap comic. I want to say Topps made it.

I'll go with two list. One for TV shows that need comics. Then vice versa.

TV Shows that Need Comics:

10. Comic Book Men. Oni Press. A comic about a show that sells comics. Inception baby!
9. Lost. IDW. We just need more answers.
8. American Horror Story. EC Comics.
7. Sesame Street. Marvel. Artwork by Skottie Young
6. The Mole. Marvel and DC. Great reality show where one contestant was a plant. I'd use the idea moreso than the actual show. Heroes and villains have to team up but one is working with the baddie. Make all characters long lasting and well known.
5. Are You Afraid of the Dark? Vertigo Comics.
4. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Marvel. Art by Katie Cook
3. Max Headroom. IDW
2. The Brothers Grunt. Marvel. Only from the 90s though.
1. Freakazoid! by any friggin' one.

Comics that Need to be TV Series.

10. Miles Morales: Spider-Man. CW.
9. Plastic Man. Comedy Central.
8. Suicide Squad. HBO.
7. We3. Animal Planet.
6. Maus. History Channel
5. Groo. Fox.
4. Milk and Cheese. Adult Swim
3. Booster Gold. Comedy Central.
2. Nemesis. Showtime.
1. Resurrection Man. NBC

Damn, The Mole as you detail it sounds like an awesome idea. You do ghostwriting by day sir? Plastic Man would not count under *MY* parameters as he did have a cartoon show in the 80's. Now if it were live action, I could be on board with that. Regarding Lost, that'll be wishful thinking as, to paraphrase Kanye "they ain't got the Answers!"

APrince66: Y The Last Man on Cinemax.

Fables on any network that could somehow make it work and not me totally cheap.

Oh my God, I can't believe I did not include Y. Huge oversight on my part and would easily be my number two displacing Powers from the list altogether.

MaskedHypocrite: "For example we're told that the Cliff and Claire Huxtable are the parents of Sandra and Denise Huxtable who looking nothing at all like their other three siblings Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy, and we accept that without any issues."

And then you see Cliff's parents and it makes total sense. Coloration isn't always consistent through the generations or even among the same generation. Sometimes the genes just mix a bit differently. It's no big deal. Just means there's a bit of white meat in the family, which shows up every once in a while. (oh, and it's "Sondra", not "Sandra")

"Michonne doesn't have a wide impact? She's easily the most known Black comic book character to a mass audience and it can be argued one of the most known comic characters period right now with the success of the television series."

She's known as a *TV* character. The comic is still mostly unknown to the general public.

Yes Michonne is best known for her *TV* characterization, but she is still based on the comic book character and thus she counts. That does not take from the fact that she is one of the best known comic book characters to the mass audience regardless of their knowledge of that fact. It would be like disqualifying Hawaii Five-O as the best remade television show because today's audience is not aware of it's original run.

Thanks to everyone for your comments. Now on to this week's 8 Ball.

Top 8 Worst Super Power Side Effects in Comics

It's Sunday, so thank you for joining me for another addition of Comic 8 Ball folks! This week's topic is focused on the rare occasion that a our favorite comic book character gets the blessing and curse with their superpowers. For every Flash who can tap into the speed force with seemingly know drawback to their abilities we see a Rogue whose powers are predicated on touch however she can not turn of that ability at will.

Caveat: For the purpose of this article, side effect is related to something there powers prevents them from turning off, doing or having a a very detrimental side effect. Also I'm not going to discuss physical deformities ala Beak from New X-Men, the Demon or the entire Morlocks. That out of the way, let's get onto the list!

Honorable Mention

  • Great Lakes Avengers: Most of this roster is made up of ridiculous superpowered heroes who have weird side effects.
  • Scarlett Witch: She has amazing improbability Hex power with no control on what effect they'll cost plus she's crazy.
  • Phoenix: Having near infinite powers of the cosmo yet has an insatiable hunger which can result in the deaths.
  • U-Go Girl: One of the weird new X-Force members who had teleportation ability but would leave her weakened to the point of...sleepiness.

    #8 Bruce Banner's Anger Issues
    The Incredible Hulk


    Powers: When he gets angry turns into hulking, near invulnerable behemoth.
    Bruce Banner has one of the most brilliant minds in the Marvel Universe, yet he is burdened with a super powered alter ego he rarely has any control over. True we've seen glimpses of Hulk's amazing brawn with Banner's intelligence a few times in the Hulk's mythology, he is most known for being the child-like, destructive brute who only knows one thing: "Hulk Smash!"

    #7 Maggot's Unusual Eating Habits
    X-Men Series


    Powers: Maggot can supercharge his physical size, strength, stamina and sturdiness when his two semi-sentient slugs that are his digestive cavity eat.
    In the 90's, the X-scribes created, shall we say, unique new mutants. While Cecilia Reyes and Marrow had great potential, I have to ask, what were they thinking with Maggot? He came and went possessing the lamest ability that had me question just when would it ever be useful? Ok, well, that one time it ate the bomb that was attached to Cyclops, but other than that...

    #6 Black Bolt's Silent Treatment
    Fantastic Four


    Powers: Black Bolt's sonic scream.
    Yes, one of the most powerful beings on the planet cannot speak as even a mere whisper is capable of destroying anything in his path. At full strength, it has been said Black Bolt's voice generates a shockwave equivalent to a nuclear weapon, while a whisper can rock a battleship. Despite this handicap, somehow writers have been able to portray him as a competent leader of the Inhumans and give us some great tales.

    #5 Cyclops Can't Open his Eyes
    X-Men Series


    Power: Generates blasts of massive concussive force from his eyes.
    As we'll see a few times on this list, mutant powers oftentimes come with a price. None more so than the longtime X-Men leader who has one of the most iconic powers yet is forced to wear protective eyewear at all times as he has no control over the use of them. Yes, I do realize they retconned this several times --i.e. hit his head when he was a kid to Mr. Sinister tinkering with him-- but we'll go with his original powers' weakness.

    #4 Spawn Learns the Downside of a Deal with the Devil
    Spawn Series


    Powers: 9:9:9:9 units of necroplasm as the source of his powers.
    Bad enough he made a deal with the devil, in this case Malebolgia, but of course there had to be a contingency plan when ‘gifting' a Hellspawn that kind of power. The more he uses his powers he depletes the amount of necroplasm he has and when it's all gone they go back to Hell. Let this be a lesson, when negotiating a deal with the devil for your soul, it's best to read that fine print.

    #3 Rogue Can't Touch Anyone
    X-Men Series

    Rogue whining

    Power: Absorbs the powers, memories and characteristics of anyone she touches.
    They debuted her in an awesome manner putting her abilities on full display as she took out Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Thor. However we quickly discovered she had limited control of her ability over the psyches she absorbed and most tragically, she could not touch anyone or the affect would began instantly. That was a super bummer considering they drew her hot as hell but she literally had that life draining loving. Just Saying.

    #2 Ben Grimm Can't Become Human
    Fantastic Four


    Power: Body is covered with an rock-like hide.
    One of the greatest and strongest Marvel characters of all-time, with much of his trials and tribulations surrounding his gruesome, physical side effect, being stuck in this monstrous form. A lot of the best FF stories centered on Reed's obsession with fixing Ben and the mistakes made in pursuit of a cure. Readers genuinely felt bad for his condition. It was a refreshing new take on a classic comic superhero troupe as most previous heroes did not have such issues with their new powers.

    #1 The Color Yellow
    Green Lantern


    Power: Most powerful weapon in the universe.
    Let me repeat, THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON IN THE (DC) UNIVERSE, but it doesn't work against the color yellow. I know it was retconned that Sinestro's ring was powered by fear which countered the Green Power rings which was powered by will, but we cannot let the silver age portrayal go unrecognized.

    Well that's my list. Agree, disagree, did I miss someone that deserved to make this list? Let me know! Join me next week for another edition of the 8-Ball! Have a great week and don't forget to read the many other great columns, news articles and more here at 411mania.com! I'm done.

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