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411's 2014 Sports Media Hot 100
Posted by Steve Cook on 03.20.2014

Hi, hello & welcome to the Sports Media Hot 100! I'm Steve Cook, and this is the product of Jeremy Lambert & I deciding during a podcast covering the Wrestling Hot 100 that it'd be a good idea to expand the concept to something else I'm obsessed with…sports on television! If I'm not watching wrestling I'm watching sports, and I thought it'd be fun to rank the ladies involved in covering sports.

There weren't many rules here, but one rule I kept in mind was that the people involved had to work in the United States of America. I got no beef with the lovely ladies of Canada, or Mexico, or Guam or wherever, but I don't live there. So it's not my area of expertise. I also noticed a tendency of other people that do these types of lists to rank people in the top 5 that I'd never heard of before reading the article and that they'd never actually seen perform on television. "So & So works for Channel 4 in Finland!" Yeah, whatever man. For all you know she hasn't been there in ten years. I know I have some Canadian readers that will take offense to their favorites not being included, but I invite them to make their own list because they know more about the subject matter.

I know I'll get complaints about the pictures. I've tried to make things fair by using photos of these women on the job. Not all of them have posed in Maxim & not all of them have swimsuit pictures available. I highly recommend Googling all of these women and finding out more if you're unfamiliar with their work.

There's also a lot of weather commentary in the blurbs because it was snowing and/or really cold when I put this together. Not that any of you will actually read the blurbs, I'm just explaining things in case somebody actually does.

And now, the list!

100. Ashley Collins

Ashley is the social media reporter for SportsTime Ohio & appears on shows such as All Bets Are Off & Beer Money. Clevelanders like their gambling & their booze.

99. Nikky Williams

Nikky was on ESPN's X Games coverage this year, she was on the Atlanta Braves' radio coverage last year, and the most recent thing I saw her doing was leading a protest against Justin Bieber. That's a good way to make this list.

98. Josina Anderson

Josina is a bureau reporter for ESPN that focuses on the professional football. She started her career in Denver, a place that knows a thing or two about football but not quite as much as Seattle this year.

97. Lesley McCaslin

Lesley is the sideline reporter on Oklahoma City Thunder games & hosts their pregame & postgame shows on Fox Sports Oklahoma. Unlike most of the other basketball reporters on this list, Lesley covers a good team.

96. Maria Taylor

Maria reports on college basketball, football & volleyball for ESPNU. At 6'2 Maria stands head & shoulders above most of the people on this list.

95. Alex Flanagan

Alex covers Notre Dame football & was on Olympic coverage, but unfortunately she won't be on Thursday Night Football this year because the world needs more Phil Simms.

94. Julia Morales

Julia covers the Houston Astros for CSN Houston & has spent her whole career working in Texas. She went from Austin to Sherman to Tyler & finally to Houston. Most of the people on this list have worked all across the country, but Texas is kind of like its own country when you think about it.

93. Lyndsay Rowley

One of the great things about Louisville's move to the ACC is I'll be seeing more of Lyndsay on the ACC Network. I'm not sure the AAC has a network, and don't feel the need to find out. She also covers the Charlotte Bobcats, which apparently isn't as rough a beat this year as it usually is.

92. Nicole Darin

Nicole works for CSN Mid-Atlantic & currently hosts their Sports Talk Live program. She seems very positive, which is different from most sports talk hosts I'm familiar with.

91. Allie Clifton

Allie, the sideline reporter for Cleveland Cavaliers coverage, got some national attention when she got hit in the head with a basketball while reporting during a pregame warmup & didn't even notice. The Cavaliers' shots have been so off-target this season that she's probably used to it by now.

89. Jen Lada

Jen works for CSN Chicago as one of their many female reporters. You'll notice this. Chicago's got a lot of teams that need coverage, so they need a lot of talent.

88. Elizabeth Moreau

Elizabeth is a host & reporter for Fox Sports South, mostly covering the Southeastern Conference & the Atlanta Braves. It don't get much more "South" than the SEC & the Braves.

87. Shae Peppler

Shae works for Bonnie Bernstein's Campus Insiders website and has worked for various websites over the past few years. One of the best names on this list.

87. Leigh Mayock

The daughter of the immortal Mike Mayock has become quite the presence on Twitter over the past couple of years and currently works for NBC Sports. I'm not entirely sure what she does there, but I do know that not nearly enough of it is on-screen. She strongly dislikes pro wrestling but I don't hold it against her.

86. Heidi Androl

I first noticed Heidi working on a StrikeForce show. Remember StrikeForce? She now does some UFC work and appears on NHL Network.

85. Carolyn Manno

Carolyn co-hosts NBC Sports Network's Yahoo Sports Dash & was a part of their Olympics coverage. Dan Patrick Show fans were mad when the Sports Dash knocked The Box Score off of NBCSN, but Carolyn's a step up from Fritzy & McLovin.

84. Kelly Crull

Kelly hit my radar last year when she was in San Diego covering the Padres & getting drenched by Gatorade when they'd win games. Sadly it wasn't very often. She's at CSN Chicago now, where Gatorade baths usually lead to hypothermia.

83. Colleen Dominguez

Colleen worked at ESPN for quite awhile as a reporter before making the move to Fox Sports 1 in the last couple of weeks. I remember her doing a lot of Cowboys features & being the only reason to pay attention to Cowboys features.

82. Jennifer Hale

Jennifer is a sideline reporter for the NFL on Fox & covers the New Orleans Pelicans on Fox Sports New Orleans. New Orleans is a tough beat, mostly because of the creepy mascots running around, but she handles it all right.

81. Kate Longworth

Kate covers the Oakland A's for CSN Bay Area & hosts SportsNet Central when baseball isn't in season. The A's beat is pretty tough considering the stadium's falling apart, hope she gets through it ok.

80. Monica Gonzalez

Monica was on the Mexican National Team from 1998-2011 before joining ESPN as a soccer commentator. Along with her women's soccer coverage she also covers Major League Soccer & is an analyst on the Longhorn Network.

79. Leila Rahimi

Leila covers the Houston Rockets for CSN Houston, a station whose availability has been the subject of much scorn in the state of Texas. Too bad a lot of people can't watch it, Leila would win them over.

78. Sarah Spain

Sarah is a SportsCenter anchor for ESPN 1000 in Chicago & writes for espnw.com. She seems to have a good look for television so I'm not sure why she doesn't do more of that.

77. Kelli Tennant

Kelli has moved over from ESPNU to the Lakers' Time Warner Cable Sports Network & is making the most of what has been a pretty sorry season in Los Angeles. Though I figure working in LA isn't too bad in the winter months no matter what the record is.

76. Kaitlyn Vincie

Kaitlyn is one of Fox Sports 1's many blonde reporters. She specializes in NASCAR and just started hosting an Internet show called The Mock Run.

75. Amy Fadool

There are several people that made the list but got docked several positions due to certain factors. Amy does good work for CSN Philadelphia, but she went to the University of Kentucky. Frankly she's lucky to be on the list with that choice of college.

74. Brooke Weisbrod

The Cincinnati native & former basketball player does a solid job as a game analyst for ESPN. I have high standards for people that broadcast Louisville games and she hasn't pissed me off too much on the games she's called.

73. Aiyana Cristal

Aiyana currently works for CSN Chicago reporting on various teams & hosting SportsNet Central. She was in Miami prior to working in Chicago, and she might wish she was back there now since winter storms never stop.

72. Tina Dixon

Tina reported on snowboarding at the Winter Olympics, so she was present for most of the USA's medals. Prior to broadcasting, Dixon was an accomplished snowboarder herself, winning 4 X Games medals.

71. Kayte Christensen

Kayte worked for the Sacramento Kings from 2007 to 2010. They replaced her with Jim Gray. These are the kinds of decisions the Kings have made the last few years. They brought her back this year, so maybe they're figuring things out.

70. Sam Ryan

Sam's been all over the place, from ESPN to CBS & now with the MLB Network. She's my favorite Quick Pitch host that isn't Heidi Watney.

69. Meredith Marakovits

Meredith may be a sideline reporter for the New York Yankees, but unlike that spoiled bunch she's paid her dues. Her first gig was with the Leigh Valley IronPigs. An IronPig, you see, is…ok, I got nothing.

68. Jenny Taft

Jenny made the transition from Fox Sports North Girl to Fox Sports 1 reporter last year. She provides updates on Fox Sports Live & is the pit reporter for AMA Supercross this season.

67. Tara Lipinski

Tara was one of the biggest hits of the Winter Olympics with her commentary on NBCSN's figure skating coverage. She & Johnny Weir became NBC favorites & I think some people even forgave her for beating Michelle Kwan in 1998.

66. Krista Voda

NASCAR season is back which means more of Krista on Fox. She's been on their coverage forever, and is one of the few people they have that doesn't make me want to tear my ears off.

65. Larra Overton

Larra covers the Indiana Pacers as a sideline reporter and is also featured on Fox 59 in Indianapolis. Apparently she worked for WDRB in Louisville, but it sadly wasn't during my time in the Ville. Louisville television didn't have a lot of talent when I was there.

64. Stacey Dales

Stacey is currently a reporter for the NFL Network & served in a similar capacity for ESPN. Their college football coverage took some time to recover from her departure.

63. Julie Donaldson

Julie currently anchors for CSN Mid-Atlantic and was involved in NBC's online coverage of the Olympics. I wish I had known about this before the Olympics ended. She also contributes to other NBC Sports programming.

62. Kristine Leahy

Kristine is an anchor & reporter for KCBS/KCAL in Los Angeles & hosts their SportsCentral show. She also works the sidelines for the CBS Sports Network & will be part of CBS's NCAA Tournament coverage. I suspect her Google search number will go up tremendously during March Madness.

61. Ashleigh Ignelzi

Ashleigh spends most of her TV time on the Columbus Crew. That's right, soccer has beautiful women covering it too, which it should since it's the beautiful game. Ohio has quite a few people on this list, but nobody that regularly works south of Columbus.

60. Alex Curry

Alex hosts Angels Weekly & Kings Live for Fox Sports West & is a sideline reporter for Red Bull Sig Series. I have no idea what the Red Bull Sig Series is, but I'll be watching the next time I flip by it.

59. Megan Olivi

Megan works for the UFC and recently has been doing the backstage interviews that Ariel Helwani used to be doing. This is quite the upgrade in my book.

58. Allison Williams

This ESPN college sports sideline reporter is one of the tougher people to Google on this list due to having the same name as a famous actress. I've seen more of this Allison because I don't watch Girls. Lambert tells me it's fantastic.

57. Bonnie Bernstein

I've been a Bonnie fan for quite awhile now, going back to the mid-90s. She's the best host of the Dan Patrick Show I've seen, and that includes Dan Patrick. She's currently running the Campus Insiders website, which takes you inside college sports.

56. Niki Noto

Niki can often be seen on ESPNU, whether it be hosting Road Trip or doing various college football coverage. She's also on PGA.com hosting the Weekly Golf Buzz. Golf has more entries on this list than you would expect if you're not a regular viewer.

55. Jackie Johnson

Jackie, a meteorologist for KCBS in Los Angeles, makes this list because she does a Fantasy Football weather report for cbssports.com. I've long said that weather reports only matter if they're done by beautiful women. If it's a dude, I don't care.

54. Sarah Kustok

Sarah currently works for the YES Nework covering the Brooklyn Nets. She played for the DePaul women's basketball team, which means that she probably lost to Louisville several times. It's nothing personal, Louisville just beats DePaul in everything…except this list, it appears.

53. Heather Cox

Heather's become one of ESPN's foremost sideline interviewers for the NBA & college football, and has gotten some flack from critics over asking serious questions of people. Usually sideline interviewers ask simple questions, and that gets complained about too. People get way too worked up about it.

52. Lyndsay Petruny

Lyndsay is all over Chicago Bears coverage, hosting "Inside The Bears" & appearing on Fox Chicago's "Bears Gameday Live". Bears fans are among the crankiest sports fans I know, after seeing some of Lyndsay's work I have no idea why they can't crack a smile once in awhile.

51. Lauren Shehadi

Lauren hosts The Rundown on MLB Network. She went to the University of Florida, which has to have the highest number of people on this list out of any college. The SEC doesn't just dominate football, folks.

50. Michelle Beisner

Michelle does good work for the NFL Network, but I had to drop her some on the list because of her relationship with…Joe Buck. Most relationships don't affect standing in lists like these, but Joe Buck is one that will.

49. Melanie Collins

Melanie is the most recent attractive woman to do Yahoo Sports Minutes, and she'll be hosting the Golf Channel's Big Break show this season. She's covered pretty much every sport there is except curling from what I can tell.

48. Jamie Little

Jamie's been with ABC & ESPN for quite some time covering NASCAR & Indy Car. Unfortunately we'll probably be seeing less of her once ESPN loses the NASCAR coverage, so hopefully she'll be on something else.

47. Nicole Zaloumis

Nicole hosts NFL AM on the NFL Network, which, as you would guess, is a morning show about the National Football League. Prior to this she spent a decade covering pretty much every NFL team on the West Coast, so she knows her stuff.

46. Rebecca Haarlow

Rebecca's recent work on the NBA on TNT led to people asking me if she would be on this list. Of course she would be! She's all over the place. NFL Network, Big 10 Network, WMAQ in Chicago. She also went to Princeton, which I hear is a pretty good school.

45. Susannah Collins

Susannah was working at CSN Chicago until they let her go due to some YouTube videos that were allegedly controversial. There was no nudity so I didn't see the big deal. She's now on CBS Sports Network covering college basketball.

44. Molly Sullivan

Let's be honest, it's not the best of times to be a Philadelphia 76ers fan. The team is lousy, even by Eastern Conference standards. Really, the only thing you have to look forward to as a Sixers fan is Molly's sideline reporting for CSN Philadelphia.

43. Julie Alexandria

I enjoyed Julie's college football coverage on Fox, and Nationals fans seemed happy with her in 2013, but she's left that to concentrate on her work with OK! TV. I have no idea if it airs on my cable company, but since Shandi Finnessey is also on it I need to find out sometime soon.

42. Rebecca Lowe

Rebecca, who came over from England & previously worked for the BBC & ESPN, hosts NBC Sports Network's soccer coverage and was a host for the Winter Olympics. Awful Announcing loves her like a fat kid loves cake. It's like me writing about Summer Rae when they go on about her.

41. Melissa Stark

My first memories of Melissa come from her work on Monday Night Football back in 2000-03, when we really needed something to distract us from Dennis Miller‘s arcane references that were lamer than Franklin Delano Roosevelt‘s legs. She currently works for the NFL Network.

40. Alyonka Larionov

Alyonka was working for Barclays Center Television until they let her go at the end of last year for reasons unknown to me. It couldn't have been budget cuts. She's the daughter of a famous hockey player & has worked with NHL Network & TSN in the past, recently she's been on SiriusXM Radio.

39. Jamie Erdahl

Jamie is following in the footsteps of a lot of people on this list & currently working for NESN as the Boston Bruins' rinkside reporter. Girls that work at NESN tend to get national gigs sooner rather than later, so it'll probably happen for her next season.

38. Kay Adams

Kay does some good work for NBC Sports, knows her fantasy football & seems like good people from what I‘ve seen, but I have to dock her quite a few spots since she works for the St. Louis Cardinals. Nothing personal…ok, maybe it's a little personal when it comes to the Reds & the Evil Empire.

37. Kourtney Hansen

Kourtney is probably more known for her work on ABC's show Nashville & on CMT, but she also hosts Predators Snapshot & serves as the in-arena host for Nashville Predators games. It's been a tough year for the Preds, but they've got this going for them.

36. Lauren Thompson

TNA fans might remember Lauren from her stint as an interviewer on Impact. She moved on to the Golf Channel, where she does news coverage & hosts a Top 10 show. If 411's Top 10 columns had Lauren in them I'd probably pay more attention.

35. Ramona Bruland

Ramona, who hails from Australia & has an awesome accent, became the host of ESPN's X Games coverage last year. That's why I was ok with them having the X Games in like six different places lasting most of 2013. Definitely a step up from Sal Masequelia.

34. Nicole Briscoe

Nicole is one of the staples of ESPN's NASCAR coverage, serving as a host on their pre-race show & NASCAR Now. It remains to be seen what will happen next year when ESPN forgets NASCAR exists, hopefully she'll be on somewhere.

33. Alanna Rizzo

Alanna was one of the best reasons to watch MLB Network & the only reason to watch any of Intentional Talk, but the Dodgers lured her away from the network with tons of money because that's what the Dodgers do. Darn them.

32. Shannon Spake

Shannon has been all over ESPN's coverage of sports I like over the years. NASCAR, college football & college basketball. I've never understood why she didn't get the run other people got.

31. Kaylee Hartung

Viewers of the Longhorn Network probably expected a downgrade in quality of female reporter once Samantha Ponder got called up to the mothership, but Kaylee's not much of a step down. I think Charlie Strong left Louisville for Texas because he saw Mack Brown talking to her.

30. Britt McHenry

Britt's been on WJLA in Washington D.C. for awhile now, but you can expect to see her more soon as she's reportedly in talks to move to ESPN. I think she'll be a pretty good fit.

29. Kristen Ledlow

Kristen hosts NBA Inside Stuff alongside Grant Hill. I like Ahmad Rashad more than most, but she's definitely a step up. Her free throws need work though, as she lost a contest to Shaquille O'Neal on an episode of Inside the NBA. At least she gained some redemption in the Celebrity All-Star Game.

28. Kristina Akra

Kristina is a host on the MLB Network and previously covered the Washington Nationals on MASN. I'm pretty sure the Nats were disappointing last year because she wasn't covering them. Less to play for, you know?

27. Georgie Thompson

Georgie was big on Sky Sports before moving across the pond to be part of the Crowd Goes Wild show on Fox Sports 1. It's a crazy show with crazy people but she tries to keep it in line somewhat.

26. Sara Walsh

Sara's a very divisive figure among the people I associate with on the Twitter machine. A lot of them be hating, but I don't think they know what they're talking about. My NFL pregame ritual isn't the same without seeing Ms. Walsh on Fantasy Football now, and my morning is always better when she hosts SportsCenter.

25. Lauren Gardner

Lauren first got noticed as a Denver Broncos cheerleader, and she was a reporter for the Lingerie Football League on MTV during 2011-12. I don't think she actually played, sad to say. She currently works for CBS Sports Network.

24. Jenny Dell

Jenny was recently removed from NESN's Red Sox coverage after her relationship with Red Sox player Will Middlebrooks went public. I don't see the big deal myself, NESN is owned by the Boston Red Sox & it's not like they specialize in fair & balanced coverage.

23. Erin Sharoni

Erin used to appear on a sports business show on CNBC & currently appears on CBSSports.com & Jim Rome's Showtime series. I don't get to listen to Rome's show anymore, but when I did all the Clones were going crazy over her. One of their better takes.

22. Amanda Pflugrad

You can find Amanda on CBS Sports Network doing AVP coverage & the Pac 12 Network covering various sports. She got her start by being spotted on TV as an Oregon Duck cheerleader. I'm not sure why Dustin James didn't mention her while I was putting this list together, he's supposedly the Oregon expert around here.

21. April Rose

April's on a lot of stuff but I recognize her from the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction, which for some reason gets aired on Fox every year. Not that I'm complaining, it's just not their usual fare. She also poses for Maxim pretty often, which I reckon is good for their business.

20. Danielle Trotta

With NASCAR season upon us we should be seeing more of Danielle on Fox Sports 1's various programming. She hosts the NASCAR Race Hub and I figure it's a matter of time before she becomes Fox's top blonde interviewer for the races themselves.

19. Holly Sonders

Holly hosts The Morning Drive & School of Golf on the Golf Channel. I'm going to take a guess and say that the golf pro at your club doesn't have the…credentials that Holly does.

18. Jade McCarthy

Apparently a lot of women in sports media get their start in or wind up in Boston at some point, and Jade is one of many to get noticed through their work on NESN. She is now one of the regular SportsCenter hosts. I'm partial to her team with Sara Walsh but she does well with whoever.

17. Laura McKeeman

Laura currently works for Fox Sports San Diego covering the Padres & Chargers & hosts & produces SD Live. She hails from Florida, and in fact she held the crown of Miss Florida in 2012.

16. Julie Stewart-Binks

JSB, as the kids call her, hosts Fox Soccer Daily and was a key part of Fox Sports 1's Olympic coverage. They couldn't show footage of events, but wouldn't you rather look at Julie than most of the Olympic events anyway?

15. Lindsey Czarniak

Lindsey became one of the cornerstone anchors for ESPN SportsCenter over the past year, as she's pretty much always on the 6 PM edition. She will be giving birth on a live edition of SportsCenter very soon. OK, I don't think they'll actually air it.

14. Cassidy Hubbarth

Cassidy is one of the most underutilized talents at ESPN in my opinion, but she does well at the assignments she gets. Her team with former WWEer Todd Grisham is one of my SportsCenter favorites, and she's become one of the regular NBA Tonight hosts. I first noticed her when she did the ESPN3 halftime report for every Louisville basketball game a few years ago.

13. Jaime Maggio

The Lakers might not be able to sign any good talent on their basketball team due to Kobe Bryant's salary, but they did manage to add Jaime to their broadcast team. She's been a staple of Turner Sports' playoff coverage for a couple of years now and usually gets mentioned a lot on social media during that time of year.

12. Jenn Brown

A couple of years ago a lot of people expected Jenn to become the next Erin Andrews. The similarities were striking. That slot went to someone else when Erin left ESPN, but Jenn's done all right for herself since then over on NFL Network & hosting American Ninja Warrior.

11. Molly Qerim

Need a reason to watch the NFL Network when it's not football season? Molly's one of the hosts of NFL AM. During the season she's also on their fantasy football show which gets her bonus points here. Her countdown to the Super Bowl wearing various NFL jerseys was a popular Twitter thing.

10. Kathryn Tappen

I don't watch a whole lot of NHL Network, but Kathryn was one of the highlights of Olympic hockey coverage so I may have to watch more NHL Network. For some reason they kept her on the B team, which was outrageous because Doc Emrick was the only guy on the A team people seemed to like.

9. Michelle Beadle

Michelle is finally back on ESPN2's SportsNation after a stint at NBC Sports that didn't result in much other than Internet drama. SN was never quite the same without the Beads, & Beadle wasn't really the same off of SportsNation, so its good times all around.

8. Samantha Ponder

Sam got to take all of Erin Andrews' ESPN assignments when EA left for Fox, and she's done well with them. She's also married an NFL QB, which I was only upset about because "Samantha Steele" was a much cooler name than "Samantha Ponder".

7. Molly McGrath

Molly is all over Fox Sports 1 as an update anchor & does some sideline work for the NFL on Fox. She might rate below some of her co-workers at the moment, but I think she's got the most upside of the FS1 crew.

6. Rachel Nichols

I don't see a lot of Rachel on CNN because, well, it's CNN, but she does appear on some NBA & NCAA stuff. One of the better reporters out there from where I sit, I don't think ESPN has really found a replacement for her role of "person that follows around Brett Favre/Patriots/Heat".

5. Heidi Watney

One of my favorite things about baseball season is watching Quick Pitch every morning on the MLB Network. It's an hour of baseball highlights from the night before, hosted by the lovely Heidi. Not a bad bit of programming to wake up to.

4. Charissa Thompson

Charissa's been around for a few years now and has seemingly worked everywhere, but for some reason Google has a picture of former sports media hottie Lisa Dergan among her top images. Talk about disrespect. You can currently see Charissa on Fox Sports Live with 15 ex-athletes & 2 Canadians.

3. Allie LaForce

This picture is how I view CBS Sports' Leadoff. I hear Doug Gottleib co-hosts the show, and I occasionally hear him going on about something or another, but I never see him. LaForce is a former Miss Ohio and is quickly moving up the ranks of CBS Sports female employees getting more high profile assignments. OK, there aren't too many of them, but with Allie around maybe you don't need very many.

2. Katie Nolan

Katie appears on Crowd Goes Wild on Fox Sports 1 & has a web video series called No Filter that's all about the laughs. You don't want to make her mad though, just ask Rick Reilly. He talked some junk about Regis Philbin & Katie buried him deader than his writing career already was. Lambert will be pissed she's only #2.

1. Erin Andrews

Erin's had herself a pretty big 2014 and we're not even three months in. She was right in the middle of the Richard Sherman controversy that overtook the Super Bowl hype, and ABC signed her to do Dancing With The Stars, which is weird because she left ABC/ESPN to go to Fox. I guess it's another instance of somebody being more valuable to a company after they leave. EA pretty much has to be on top of any list like this because she's been the most talked about woman in sports media for several years now & is at the top of her game. Whether people love her or hate her, they can't stop talking about her.

And there you have it! If you wish to comment on any of this you can contact me via e-mail at scook411@gmail.com or holler at me on Twitter @OchoSports. So long & good night!


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