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Comics 411 04.02.14: Greatest Captain America Stories Edition
Posted by Steve Gustafson on 04.02.2014

 photo Comics-411_zpsf4001b0e.jpg

Welcome back to the Comics 411! My name is Steve Gustafson and this is a corner of 411mania reserved for those interested in talking comics! As always, I want to thank everyone who took a few minutes to read and comment last week. Check out my Hollywood gossip (and anything else!) Hollywood 5 & 1 and my weekend movie recap The Big Screen Bulletin!

I'm bringing the Spike and Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation to DC! Presented by Spike & Mike on Thursday, April 10 at 7:30 PM at AMC Loews Georgetown 14 & IMAX (3111 K St NW, Washington, DC, 20007). Tickets are only $10.00 so if you live in the area, come on out and have a great time! Grab your tickets HERE!

 photo Animation_zps7e861b4a.jpg

This looks cool and I want to learn more!


It's real simple, each week I'll take two covers and you vote on your favorite. Some weeks the covers will be random, some will be themed, some will be classic, and some will be ones you've never seem. Have fun with it.

Last week we had two zany covers to vote over. The first was an odd Lois Lane cover with a creepy Superman and the other was Batman and Robin doing a little fashion work. Which one made you scratch your head more?

 photo Cover_zps6a1f5c78.jpg

The results came down to this:

Batman & Robin 79.35%
Lois Lane 20.65%

Looks like ole Bats got you wondering what was going on more. Still, Creeper Superman seemed to make a lot of appearances back then.

This week we match up Luke Cage and Falcon! Both making an appearance in another book. Yes, that was the Falcon's costume. Actually, both of their costumes are pretty...out there. But the question today is: You only have money to buy ONE of these based on the cover. Which one do you buy?

 photo Cover_zps6af54d39.jpg


Who's your favorite Marvel superhero team? That was the question last week. Here's the list and the voting results:

X-Men 50.67%
The Avengers 26.26%
Fantastic Four 7.91%
Alpha Flight 7.58%
New Warriors 2.69%
Guardians of the Galaxy 2.53%
The Defenders 2.36%

I knew the X-Men are popular but I didn't expect them to pick up half the vote! Whoa! I thought it was going to be much close between them and those Avengers. After that, it was all crumbs. Kind of funny how the Fantastic Four and Alpha Flight were pretty close. And what's with Guardians of the Galaxy getting only 2.53%? Support their movie at least! Here's what you all had to say:

El Atomico: "West Coast Avengers!"

GotNoShame: "What about the Civic-Minded Five?"

Jeremy Thomas: "I voted Avengers, but with the caveat that it's specifically the West Coast team. I still have every issue all that way through to the end at #102. Even the all-red foil covered #100 where Mockingbird dies to save Hawkeye. One of the best deaths ever."

Kyatollah: "I would go with the Avengers, because every incarnation has one defining factor. They shouldn't function as a team, with all of the varied abilities, personalities and backgrounds. And yet, when the world needs heroes to stand in the gap, they step up. Best examples of this are the movie team and the first New Avengers squad. Every factor working against them, and they pull together just well enough to get the win and, more importantly, save some lives. As much as I like some of the other teams, it's gotta be the Avengers for me."

mj: "x-men. no contest."

CyberVenom: "Adding in the word "favorite" is dangerous! Here's mine, in no real order:

10. The Exiles (Original run, I liked Weapon X also)
9. Crime Syndicate (Any version)
8. The Authority (original team)
7. Marvel Zombies (Any)
6. The Illuminati (original)
5. Fantastic Four (Classic)
4. JLA (90s)
3. Sinister Six (Any)
2. Flash's Rogues
1. All the Emotional Spectrum Lantern Corps

I just realized its supposed to be all Marvel. What a maroon I am! Lol"

Dorath: "Infinity Watch."

TheR: "For me it was easily the Xmen. They were the turn of the century group with complex storylines that were always surrounded by our own feelings of insecurities of how we deal with the unknown. Add to the fact the new and original character creations with Wolverine changing heroes as we know them. Ironic that Xmen had the most votes but have the worse movies."

lorddarias: "I'll add another vote for the West Coast Avengers. Also even though they aren't 616 Marvel Universe I'll give a write in vote for the Thundercats..."

APrince66: "Even though Thor and Cap have been favorites of mine since I was a kid, X-Men is the team to beat,"

Ron Gamble: "Alpha Flight is simply "The group from Canada?" That's like saying Spider-Man is "that guy from Queens!"

Also, where is Power Pack in this discussion?"

Joe: "The Champions!"

Craig L: "I've always loved the Fantastic Four - For such a small roster they have pretty much every team dynamic possible. Plus The Thing is one of my favourite characters.

I've always liked the X-men and Avengers too but over the last few years The Avengers have been my preferred team out of the two, especially when the New Avengers were formed.

I also really like the original line up of the Ultimate version of the X-men. It was like they put all the best X-men in one team from the start."

Moody: "I'm going with X-men. Hard to pick a team when each one has so many variations. We have a bunch of different Avengers teams (Secret, Mighty, A.I., West Coast) and the X-Men are broke up in to two separate groups currently. It would be interesting to see peoples favorite groups of teams."

the xvenger: "I really saved myself some time on the poll this week. the Xmen has been marvels biggest book for decades"

KipSmithers: "Ultimate Wild Berry Fantastic Four!"

redhotrash: "Never could stand the Fantastic Four. Reed is a walking plot device and together with Sue make up the most arrogant, prissy couple in comics (even worse than when Cyclops and Jean were together). Torch is a obnoxious jerk who really hasn't evolved at all since his debut. Ben is the only cool member of the team. My other gripe is that they have been given everything. Mutants for example were born different and are hated, but the FF are given a tower and treated like celebs? Its almost a shame the team didn't stay comprised of Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Hulk, and Spidey. As for my favorite, if I were to do a write in, it'd most likely been any of a couple versions of the Thunderbolts."

Always a pleasure to read the feedback because you guys never disappoint. With Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming out this week I thought it would be nice to do a Cap themed poll. Specifically, the best Captain America stories.

It wasn't as easy as I thought.

Each time I got it cut down to 10, I'd think of another story that I wanted to include. Captain America has been involved in some classics. A couple of stories that didn't make it include Captain America #298 (Vol 1, 1984). Titled "Sturm und Drang: The Life and Times of the Red Skull!" is a favorite of mine but the focus isn't Captain America but the life story of Johann Schmidt. You know him as the Red Skull. Also, the "MadBomb" storyline. If you're not up on Jack Kirby's Cap, you have some catching up to do. Kirby really pushed it with this and his energy is all over it. Also missing the cut is "Captain America's Bicentennial Battles". Another Kirby! Just a fun trip.

Perhaps the HARDEST one to cut was "Under Seige" from Avengers #270-277 (1986-1987). I remember reading this and being riveted by the story. Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil take the Avengers mansion by surprise and systematically take out the Avengers. Just brutal and efficient from start to finish. Roger Stern was just hitting every note and I knew reading it then that it was a classic. You can imagine the impact it had to a kid as the Avengers are beaten within an inch of their life, Jarvis' beating being the one that stuck out to me the most. Their home is wrecked but it's when Zemo destroys Captain America's mementos from his pre-WWII life that it becomes a very personal story about loss. While this is a story about the Avengers, that's a big Captain America moment for me.

OK, let's get into it!

The Secret Empire (Captain America and The Falcon #169-176)
Conspiracy! Captain and Falcon battle against a conspiracy that's out to frame and replace him in the American mind! Corruption and cover-ups conclude with Rogers quitting the Avengers, paving the way for his days as Nomad. Guest stars include Nick Fury, the Black Panther, and Banshee. Look for the X-Men popping up back before it was cool. A very innovative and entertaining story that would fit in perfectly with today's crowd. Steve Englehart's writing of Captain America is among the best.

Tomorrow You Live, Tonight I Die! (Captain America #111, Vol 1)
One word: Innovative. "Tomorrow You Live, Tonight I Die!" will blow your mind thanks to the art by Jim Steranko and the writing by Stan Lee. Captain America fights Hydra and regains his secret identity! It's a reminder to me that great stories CAN be told in one issue.

Captain America #1 (1941)
The one that started it all! Created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon in 1941, Captain America was a direct response to DC Comics' success with superheroes such as Superman and Batman during the previous decade. Captain America Comics #1 hit newsstands just months before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and sported a memorable cover of Captain punching out Adolf Hitler! This issue wound up selling over 1 million copies and the rest is history.

As for the story itself, the comic is broken up into multiple stories, but the important one is "Meet Captain America". Showcasing how a scrawny army reject named Steve Rogers that gets transformed into a patriotic soldier, Captain America's origin still stands up today.

Winter Soldier (Captain America #1-9 & 11-14, 2005-2006)
In 2005, Ed Brubaker started his stint on Captain America and he got everyone's attention pretty fast. His first major storyline, "Winter Soldier", did the impossible. It brought back Bucky Barnes in a way that was cool and realistic. Brubaker created an epic that was carefully plotted with amazing art from Mike Perkins, Steve Epting, and Michael Lark.

In lesser hands, this story would have been a convoluted mess but Brubaker's understanding of the the characters and plotting made it all work.

The Hero That Was (Captain America #109)
Another single issue entry from the minds of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby they take a simple retelling of Cap's origins and put a great spin on it. Lee's use of melodramatic moments and simple yet sincere dialogue perfectly compliments Kirby's dynamic artwork.

War & Remembrance (Captain America #247-255, 1980-1981)
"War & Remembrance" featured the team of writer Roger Stern and artist John Byrne. Their run only lasted nine issues but they managed to elevate some of Captain America's villains (Batroc the Leaper, Mister Hyde, and Baron Blood) into more serious threats

Another standout moment is when Cap was forced to decapitate Baron Blood using his shield. Today that might not seem like a big dead but back then, that was huge! Captain America #250, also has Rogers briefly contemplating a Presidential run. Heady stuff, especially when you think this was in 80-81!

Captain America No More (Captain America #332-350, 1987-1989)
This one still makes my head spin! Mark Gruenwald's sprawling epic run on "No More" may have borrowed from earlier runs but he ups the game with the Serpent Society, Nomad, Diamondback...and! D-Man. He also introduces us to the US Agent. A character that lets us see that stepping into the shoes of a legend is not so easy. It focused on Cap's forced retirement after his refusal to become a government sponsored agent. A groundbreaking premise as Captain America rarely spoke out against the government. Cap began to work outside of the law and adopted a new identity, The Captain. Having Steve Rogers stand up to the government and protect his own beliefs was a game changer. Gruenwald broke the mold deconstructed the personality Captain America and Steve Rogers. A true classic.

Operation Rebirth (Captain America #444-448 & 450-454, 1995-1996)
Captain hit a little skid for much of the ‘90s. He lost his way. However, for a brief time in the middle of the decade, writer Mark Waid and artist Ron Garney raised him from the slumber and back into prominence. They reintroduced the world to Cap's ex-flame, Sharon Carter, and brought back the Red Skull to prominence. The run was a good balance of come book fun, over-the-top moments, and sophisticated storytelling.

The Death of Captain America (Captain America #25-42, 2007-2008)
Death in comics has been discussed here before. Characters die and comeback on the regular. When word came out that Ed Brubaker was killing off Captain America, no one really took it serious. Yes, it got mainstream media attention but fans took a questioning glance at it.

Little did we know that the storyline would be incredible.

Brubaker took Captain America out of his own book and somehow made it better. He had Cap's longtime partner, Bucky Barnes, become the new Cap, and turned everyone on its head. Brubaker added another level to the character and re-explored Captain America's place like never before. It featured battles with Iron Man, the Red Skull's daughter, and corrupt corporations, this story showed the power of the comic book story with it's sophisticated story and pacing. Not only is this one of the best Captain America stories, I'd say this is one of the best COMIC BOOK stories.

Man Out of Time (Captain America: Man Out of Time #1-5, 2010-2011)
In "Man Out Of Time", Mark Waid revisits Cap's early days with the Avengers after he was thawed out of a block of ice in the Arctic. He tries to acclimate himself to a world that has moved on without him and while these themes have been dealt with before, Waid really deconstructs the man behind the mask and explores the isolation that Cap first felt when he was brought back to life thanks to the Avengers. A strong concept, Waid manages to find ways to entertain and surprise us.

 photo Captain-America_zps8e73f16c.jpg


Do YOU want to be a reviewer for COMICS 411? Send me an email at stevethegoose@gmail.com to find out how! If we can get enough people doing a weekly review on a consistent basis, I would love to spin it off into it's own column. One step closer to getting a Comic Book section back at 411mania! Take it away, RobF and Rob Bonnette!

Superior Spider-Man #30

By RobF

Doc Ock begins to realize that maybe, just maybe, he isn't quite as superior as he once thought himself to be. It's time for the true Spider-Man to return to make things right. Dan Slott and Christos Gage are pulling out all the stops to lead us to the final chapter in the Superior Spider-Man saga. Be prepared, strap in, because it's going to be a bumpy ride.

With the Green Goblin's army controlling New York and occupying the other heroes, the Octavius-led Spider-Man is at the end of his webline. Ann Maria Marconi is in danger, and Otto's confusion between right and wrong is complicated by a little voice in his head by the name of Peter Parker. Dan Slott has accomplished the impossible and transformed Otto Octavius into a character we care about despite the dastardly deeds he's accomplished. When he finally realizes he is unworthy of the Spidey mantle you can feel the sense of failure oozing from the pages and you want to give him a hug.

Giuseppe Camuncoli delivers some of his strongest artwork to date. This issue spans several landscapes, from the streets of NYC to the depths of Octavius's mind, and throughout the issue Camuncoli's transitions are flawless.

With one issue to go before the return of Peter Parker we can take a moment to reflect on the awesomeness of Dan Slott. From Brand New Day to Big Time to Spider-Island, Slott has made Spider-Man a must read. He continues to do so here, and one can only wonder what he has in store for the returning Peter Parker.

 photo Spider-Man_zps4a6a1ae1.jpg

Black Widow # 2

By Rob Bonnette

The first issue was an introduction and demonstration of Black Widow's lethal skills as a spy and assassin, the second issue was a humanization of her as her narration is largely focused on her mistakes and the ramifications of them. She embarks on a single mission in this issue, and throughout she reflects on various errors she made and they ultimately land her in a near fatal situation. We also get a closer look her handler/manager and his role in her work, and get to see him in a light that reveals him to be much more than the accountant/personal scheduler he appeared to be in the first issue. We start off with her laid out on the ground, dead to rights at gunpoint of a man out for revenge, as she explains that she's in this predicament due to mistakes she made along the way during the job. We then flashback to when she first embarked to meet her client. Isaiah warns her that the job seems really fishy to him, but she insists that the client can be trusted and that they go back a long way with her, to a time before she hired Isaiah to help her out. This is course is the first mistake. The job is getting the son of an influential businessman off a boat in Shaghai where he's being held captive by some shady characters. Widow's judgment that the job is on the up and up comes largely from it's resemblance to a prior job, and that proves to be her near undoing. From there, everything that could go wrong does, and she ends up on the short end of a confrontation of a man out for revenge for a previous job of Widow's that took his brother's life.

While this is going on, Isaiah finds himself in a separate predicament. He's met by Mr. Aames, a representative of a ‘private party who wishes to remain anonymous', who's looking for information about Widow's whereabouts in order to gain restitution for the damage she caused in some unmentioned encounter. Isaiah rebuffs his inquiries and tells him to try and get a subpoena, which of course will be rejected because of Widow's SHIELD/government position. Mr. Aames opts to bug Isaiah's car and tail him and the results, which we don't learn until the end of the issue, reveal Isaiah as someone not to be trifled with. After Widow manages to escape the dire position she stumbled into (the series is titled ‘Black Widow' – you knew she wasn't going to get killed, right?), she and Isaiah reconvene to hash over the results of the last few days. It's here where we learn how Isaiah handled his problem, as he nonchalantly tells his boss that he took care of the usual business. As with the last issue, Widow not making a lot of money for these jobs is a matter of discussion. As she enters her apartment to close things out as she did in issue number one, we're left with our first set of unresolved issues – the man who tried to kill her, her ongoing money issues, and the men who followed Isaiah to try and get to her. They will likely come into play at a later date.

Another good issue. They're doing a somewhat slow burn here when it comes to introducing the people around her and what roles they play, but the keep the action going for the whole book. The resolution of Isaiah's side plot caught me by surprise, in a good way. And they established in short order that we're dealing with some indestructible, infallible force in our protagonist. She's human, she makes mistakes, and she doesn't have a magic hammer or an Iron man suit to cover up her missteps. When she messes up, it can get her killed. We also get some flashbacks to her past and how her prior actions can endanger her today. I really like the job they're doing with this series so far.

 photo Black-Widow_zps42b48e96.jpg


Original Sin! Marvel is continuing to release their Original Sin "Everyone Has One" teasers highlighting the ongoing series tie-ins to their next major comic book event. The latest one is a Fantastic Four teaser, for a tie-in that begins in June in the James Robinson-written series.

Also, Marvel has released an All-New Invaders teaser for the Robinson-written Marvel series, and followed it up with further info:

"The secrets of the world's greatest heroes come undone in All-New Invaders #6," says Marvel, adding the issue will feature art by Marc Laming. "Brothers in arms. Companions in battle. Originally assembled for one purpose – battle back the Axis of Evil and free the world from the grip of tyrants. Though the Invaders ultimately helped win World War II, it came at a heavy cost. "They had orders. They disobeyed. And the cost for their defiance was impossibly high. What secret have the Invaders been keeping? A secret that could have saved countless thousands. Now the secret is out – and Captain America, The Winter Soldier, Namor and the Original Human Torch will face the consequences for their actions." "Human Torch's first mission as an official Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. forces him to confront a new superhuman with ties to the Invaders's sin," editor Mark Paniccia revealed. "The mysteries uncovered here are just the beginning. Something's brewing here that's way bigger."

 photo Original_zps51f7b8d8.jpg

Red Hood and the Outlaws! Scott Lobdell returns to Red Hood and the Outlaws in June and he promises the upcoming stories about Jason, Roy and Koriand'r, will "zig" when everyone expects them to "zag." "We're going to continue to defy expectations in the coming months," Lobdell said. "Bob Harras recently texted me out of the blue with a suggestion about Starfire that was so startling that I laughed and thought, 'Hey, if I'm surprised, then I can only imagine how much fun the readers will have!'" After his runs on Superman and Teen Titans end over the next couple months, Lobdell is coming back to Red Hood beginning with June's issue #32, working with current artist Rafa Sandoval.

He sat down with Newsarama and here are some highlights:

On what prompted the move back to Red Hood: "It doesn't feel like a move back to me — it feels like I never left! The only reason I left at all was because DC felt I might be over extended with Superman and Teen Titans needing so much attention. Now that Superman is in the capable hands of Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr., and Teen Titans is ending with issue #30, it means I have the time to return to my first love!""

"Part of the thing I always loved about Red Hood and the Outlaws was that from page one it defied expectations. It zigged when everyone was expecting it to zag. Instead of Jason shooting up Crime Alley, we learned his post-Batman training was more subversive than we realized. While a vocal minority of readers were more than happy to read another 30 years worth of Kori wailing over Dick Grayson, readers met a woman who was firmly in charge of her sexual agency. And while Roy had been defined more than once by his moments of weakness through his addiction to alcohol, we met an Arsenal that had never fallen off the wagon, in part because of the world's most unexpected AA sponsor. Similarly, we're going to continue to defy expectations in the coming months. Bob Harras recently texted me out of the blue with a suggestion about Starfire that was so startling that I laughed and thought "Hey, if I'm surprised then I can only imagine how much fun the readers will have!" So yeah, whatever you think Red Hood and the Outlaws is going to be — take solace in knowing you're wrong."

On the evolution of the characters in the New 52: "- Kori: I think when we first met Kori the New 52 she was still comfortable in the "I'm not from around here" role. Everything about her new relationships with these two was brand new. As time has gone by and we realize what a brilliant military strategist Kori is, we realize that she's always five or six paces ahead of the two of them. So I think initially there was a lot of curiosity there on her part -- and now there is more caution: they are simply not as smart as she is and so she has to be gentle with both Jason and Roy.

- Roy: When we met Roy, he was more than happy playing Tonto to Jason's Lone Ranger -- he felt more comfortable being comic relief because, well, he's a fun guy and he prefers being happy to being glum or needy. But as time has gone on and his relationship with Kori has developed, he's had to accept the fact that the three of them are equals. Considering how badly things went the last time he tried to form an actual partnership with someone (Oliver Queen) you can appreciate what a challenge this has been for him, and how much Jason and Kori mean to him for Roy to be trying at all.

- Jason: Jason has kind of lacked for healthy relationships his entire life. From his drug peddling dad and his addict mom and letter his — let's be honest — myopic father figure Bruce... its not like he's had a lot of experience actually interacting with people who genuinely like him. I think that was what was most surprising to Jason when he first started bonding with Kori and Roy — that they accepted him warts and all, his sense of humor, his need for space that was always competing with a need for intimacy.

It is hard to have a genuine relationship with someone if you are spending all your time and energy on someone else. Jason has spent a lot of time since his resurrection focused on his relationship with Bruce. Now that that has been put to bed and they have come to terms with who they are to each other, I think we're going to see him getting even closer to his Outlaw buddies. He has more room in his heart now."

On the solicitation for #32 that says the team is being pursued by S.H.A.D.E.: "Personally, I think S.H.A.D.E. is DC's "Most Undervalued Concept" right now! I just think there are so many super cool stories that can be told with this group! I love them! (And in case I don't mention it later, Jeff Lemire's original run was brilliant at fleshing out these amazing concepts. I remember meeting him in San Diego one year and telling him how envious I was about rubber ball sized floating headquarters created by Roy Palmer! I hate when someone comes up with an idea I'd never have thought of on my own!) Right now it looks like I have permission to bring in a famous winged bat character into the organization... and if I had my way this whole arc would function as a pilot for a new series called M_NB_T, AGENT OF S_A_E! (You can fill in the blanks!) In story, during Wil Phiefer's stellar run, we're going to see Jason and Kori take liberties with some of S.H.A.D.E.'s resources, which has the unintended consequences of putting the Outlaws on their radar.

 photo Red-Hood_zps9d53b7a1.jpg

Hulk! Marvel is putting together some continuity-light stories in the all-new Savage Hulk series. Following in the footsteps of Savage Wolverine, this new series gives a select group of creators free reign to tell a story featuring the Hulk. For this first outing this June, they turn to the multi-faceted, award-winning writer/artist Alan Davis. He did an interview about the project and here are the highlights:

On what he has planned with the story: "It's a four-issue story that takes place during an earlier period of the Hulk's history. Lots of action and hopefully a few surprises. I can't say much more without giving something away. My biggest concern has been to create a story that, even though it is set in the past-- inside a well-established continuity-- isn't predictable."

On using some lesser-known and unknown connections between Bruce Banner /The Hulk and Professor Xavier and his team: "The story that established an overlap between Xavier and Banner is maybe not as well known as the oft reprinted classic Neal Adams work that immediately preceded it butthe final issue of the original X-Men run (#66) featured the Hulk. When Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia asked me to contribute an arc for the Savage Hulk title, I asked in what period the story should be set and which characters could be used. I volunteered a half dozen possibilities that I thought had merit and Mark chose the X-Men scenario. My biggest concern at the time was that someone had already told the story -- It seemed such an inevitable and necessary encounter I was surprised it had been overlooked.

 photo Hulk_zps13f20066.jpg

Batman! Kyle Higgins is done with Nightwing, but he's still got plans for Dick Grayson. In Batman Beyond 2.0, the title character is no longer working with his mentor, Bruce Wayne. In recent issues, Higgins has revisited the relationship between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon, as well as developing the former Nightwing's friendship with the young man currently behind the Batman mask, Terry McGinnis. Higgins spoke about all the upcoming events and here are the highlights:

On writing Dick Grayson: "Yeah, it's been cool to be able to work on the same character in multiple timelines. But I differentiate between the two Dick Graysons. You know, the whole DC animated universe is a favorite of mine, and when I write Dick Grayson in Batman Beyond, I hear Loren Lester's voice. But when I write him in the regular DC continuity, I don't."

"But also, there's some stuff coming up in the next year in Batman Beyond that really gets into Dick Grayson's past and Barbara's past, and Bruce's past.

Some of what you saw in chapter #16 was a precursor to the stuff we're going to be doing over the next year.

And Eric White came up for chapter #16. And that was kind of full circle for Eric — and in a lot of ways, for me — because Eric's first job out of college was to do character designs on Batman Beyond, on the cartoon. So for him to come back into this chapter — I wrote it specifically for him, and I knew I was going to do these flashbacks to all the earlier stuff from the cartoon.

I thought it would be a lot of fun, and I thought he'd kill it — and he did. And [colorist] Emilio Lopez brought it to a whole 'nother level.

For me, it's kind of full circle because Eric is really the reason that I'm in comics. Eric designed all the characters for my short film, The League. I had cold emailed him, asking him if I could hire him to design these characters. And we stayed in touch. And a year later, when I finished the movie, he handed it out. He handed out unfinished DVDs to, like, everyone he knew in San Diego, when I was there for my first year for Comic-Con.

When the movie was done, he sent out an email to every person he knew in comics, film and TV, saying, "Hey, this is really cool. You guys should watch this short film." And Joe Quesada got in touch with me, like, six hours later.

So I have Eric to thank for all of my work on Nightwing and Batman and everything.

That was very long-winded, but it was very cool to finally work together with him, and to have it be on this property."

On the "Neo World Order" storyline: "The next arc — which saw its first chapter hit [digital] Friday night [March 28] — is the beginning of our "Justice Lords" crossover.

One of the biggest storylines from the original Justice League cartoon, the Justice Lords were alternate versions of the Justice League who conquered their world after Lord Superman murdered Lex Luthor.

Our Justice League worked with Lord Batman to stop them, but as readers will see in the next few weeks in both Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond, there's way more to the story. How does our Wonder Woman factor in? Why has she come back to our timeline? And why is Terry heading to theirs?

It's a pretty huge story that Chris and I have been working on for the last couple months. It's pretty exciting that it's finally coming out. I think people are going to be pretty floored by some of the twists.

And, I should mention, this crossover is just the beginning. In the next few months we'll be announcing our next Batman Beyond arc... which, yeah. Remember all those questions from my first chapter? What happened to Dana and Terry, why did Bruce and Terry split up, what was the big "event" that happened in the missing year? This crossover tees up the answers. It's going to be a pretty big Fall of 2014."

 photo Batman_zps62b3d770.jpg

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That's all the time I have. See you next week!


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