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Alternate Takes 4.05.14: Top 10 Captain America Villains
Posted by Shawn S. Lealos on 04.05.2014

Welcome to Week 295 of Alternate Takes, my name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world.

Well, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was just a FANTASTIC movie. It was arguably the best Marvel movie to date, with a smart script, great action and it will really change everything we know about Marvel movies from here out. I will try not to give too many spoilers below from the movie, although five of the 10 villains below actually show up in the movie and it never seems like overkill at all.

Anyway, here are the

10 Best Captain America Villains

10. Adolf Hitler

He is truly the most iconic Captain America villain, the reason that Captain America even exists to this day. However, he was only an enemy during the Golden Age and while the iconic image of Captain America knocking out Adolf Hitler was on the first ever Cap comic, he deserves ranked but no higher than the final spot.

9. Serpent Society

There are numerous terrorist factions that Captain America has faced off against. While nowhere near as iconic as AIM and HYDRA, the Serpent Society is still a group that deserves notice. They first appeared in 1985, a group founded by Sidewinder with each member symbolized a different part of American culture and politics. Each member was also named after a snake. Unlike HYDRA and others, they were not an organization but more of a freelance group of villains for fire and worked for groups like AIM as killers for hire.

8. Batroc the Leaper

The first villain to actually appear in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie (played by UFC star Georges St. Pierre), Batroc is a hired merc, but he is also one that has a conscious and an extreme desire to do things honorably. He first appeared back in 1966 and it was his feet that were his greatest weapons. While he and Captain American have fought over the years many times, they both have a strong respect for each other with Cap being the man Batroc admires over any other in the world.

7. Crossbones

Another villain who appears in the new movie is Crossbones (although I won't spoil it and they never really call him Crossbones, so you have to figure it out on your own). Anyway, he first appeared in 1989 and is best known as the person who actually pulled the trigger to assassinate Captain America in the Civil War storyline. He first rose to prominence in gangs and then became a merc for The Red Skull. It should be mentioned that they changed his origin in the new movie, but he is still a merc with a thirst for blood.

6. MODOK / A.I.M.

I wanted to list both MODOK and A.I.M. so I combined them here. Fans of the Super Hero Squad cartoon is very familiar with the character, a giant floating creature with a giant head. He first appeared in 1967 and was a technician for A.I.M. who developed his weapons, armor and powers and took over leadership of A.I.M. over time.

As for A.I.M., movie fans know if from the evil organization in Iron Man 3 who used The Mandarin to achieve their goals. They are the same in the comics, an organization of scientists who want to use their technology to overthrow all world governments. They are like a more brainiac version of HYDRA.

5. Winter Soldier

If you want to go into Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie with no knowledge of who Winter Soldier is, don't read this.

Winter Soldier is Bucky Barnes, Captain America's former best friend and ally in world War II. Much like the first movie, Bucky is believed to have died in World War II but actually lived and was rescued, suffering complete amnesia, and trained to be an assassin. In the comics, it was the Soviet Union, while obviously in the movie it had to be changed to HYDRA. Since he is Bucky, Captain America wants to do whatever he can to save his old friend even as the bodies add up.

4. Arnim Zola


Arnim Zola is the next character who appeared in the new movie, although he also appeared in the first movie as well. Of course, Toby Jones played Zola in the first movie and was the one who did the experiments on Bucky before Captain America saved him. Very similar to MODOK, Zola is known mostly for his face although this one is in a computer screen attached to a body. That isn't how he is portrayed in the new movie, as they went for a more "realistic" approach.

In the comics (and in the first movie), he was a biochemist working for The Red Skull with his full allegiance to HYDRA. One of his first experiments was to develop a way to imprint a person's mental essence into a cloned brain, which is how Zola lives on many decades later.

3. Baron von Strucker / HYDRA

Yes, Red Skull was known most for HYDRA, but Red Skull deserves his own spot while HYDRA deserves its a spot as well. Anyway, HYDRA is not only the main enemy for SHIELD, but also the bane of Captain America's existence as well. Unlike SHIELD and AIM, HYDRA means nothing as far as the letters are concerned and actually means that if its head is cut off, two more will take its place, meaning it will never die.

In the Captain America movie world, HYDRA is his greatest enemy. In the comics, they have been around since 1954 and seek both world domination and a fascist New World Order. And the reason for the other name here is that Baron von Strucker is the man in the comics who created HYDRA, and their terrorist activities is why SHIELD was created to battle them.

Watch the Captain America end credits for what you might expect from the future of HYDRA's creator.

2. Baron Zemo

You have heard the slogan two faces of the same coin? That is The Red Skull and Baron Zemo. The original Baron Zemo was introduced in comics in 1964, one of the top scientists in the Nazi party. It was Baron Zemo who developed most of Hitler's giant weapons in the comic's version of World War II and he was the bane of Captain America's life during this time. He also had an intense hatred for Captain America, because it was Cap who caused the Adhesive X solution to splash his face, permanently attaching the mask he was wearing. Since it covered his mouth, he could no longer eat, so you can imagine how angry that made him, and it finally drove him insane, so he went from being a scientist to a field agent in combat missions.

While Red Skull did it in the movie, it was Baron Zemo's plane that Captain America and Bucky tried to stop and caused Cap to end up in suspended animation and Bucky (supposedly) dead. So, in the end, it was Baron Zemo who was responsible for both Captain America and Winter Soldier in today's world. When Captain America recovered, the two began battling again until Zemo finally died.

Baron Zemo returned in the form of his son and his most famous moment was leading the Masters of Evil into the Seige storyline in The Avengers, where they almost beat the super hero team once and for all.

1. Red Skull

There is only one person who belongs in the top spot. While Baron Zemo might have been more responsible for Captain America's ills, it was The Red Skull who is his true nemesis The Joker to Captain America's Batman. Red Skull was recruited by Adolf Hitler as a teenager while working at a hotel and was trained to become to most dangerous Nazi solder of them all. He grew up and took over leadership of the Nazi terrorist program, which was a mistake because Red Skull wanted to take over full leadership of the Nazi program and killed Hitler's closest confidants until he was second in power.

It was at this time that he worked with Baron Von Strucker to build HYDRA. Thanks to a state of suspended animation, Red Skull survived and ended up alive in present day where he continued his battles with Captain America. Red Skull was actually responsible for the death of Captain America.


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