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Alternate Takes 4.12.14: Top 5 Wanted X-Men Spin-Offs
Posted by Shawn S. Lealos on 04.12.2014

Welcome to Week 296 of Alternate Takes, my name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world.

Last year, I wrote an Alternate Takes where I looked at how they could expand the X-Men universe in movies. Basically, I looked at properties outside the actual X-Men that could work as a movie. Well, today Fox announced that they were going to make X-Men spin-off movies and one they mentioned that they were really interested in was a Mysique movie with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead. With that said, here are the best options for X-Men spin-off movies based on actual members of the team (without including Wolverine, since that has already been done).

5 Best X-Men Spin-Off Possibilities

5. Nightcrawler

So, I was trying to decide between Cyclops and Nightcrawler for this spot and chose Kurt because he has a more interesting arc for a movie while Cyclops really wouldn't work in an interesting single story arc. So, what could the movie do with the elf? Well, I have three ideas.

First if the comic route, such as the Dave Cockrum miniseries from 1984 where Nighcrawler is whisked out of our world and ends up in a swashbuckling world of pirates perfect for anyone who loves Nightcrawler, and it lets him play with swords. The second idea is for us to take Kurt back to gypsy land and have him deal with his rich history, which could include appearances by Mystique, since she is his mom.

The third idea for a Nightcrawler movie involves Excalibur. Enough said.

4. Cable

For those who don't know, Cable is the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey's clone Madelyne Pryor. He was one of the first Mutants infected with the techno-organic virus and was taken to the future, where he could be saved, to be raised. He finally returned to the present day to try to stop the villain Stryfe, which would lead to the ascension of Apocalypse (and since the 2016 X-Men movie is all about Apocalypse, that fits perfectly since there is no way they completely beat him).

The fact that none of this has happened in the Marvel universe doesn't matter. All they have to do is say that it will happen sometime in the future, and then have cable return before he was even supposed to be born.

3. Gambit

I liked Taylor Kitsch as Gambit and do NOT want to see Channing Tatum as the Cajun Mutant. I like Tatum, but he is not Gambit. With that said, I do want to see a Gambit movie. I think, in the realm of antiheroes, Gambit could make for an incredible movie (and an awesome TV show if they ever went that route).

Of course, I would purely focus on his Cajun roots as a Master Thief and I would really do an origin story, before he ever became an X-Men member. Remy was abandoned by his parents as a child and adopted by the Thieves Guild, where he was raised to be one of the greatest thieves in the world. It was also the Romeo and Juliet story where Remy fell in love with the granddaughter of the Assassin's Guild. On their wedding day, Remy was challenged to a duel by his finance's brother and killed him in self defense. In order to stop an all out war, he was banished. Tell me this wouldn't make for an amazing movie.

2. Deadpool

Yes, X-men: Origins RUINED Deadpool, but he can be revived if done by someone with a little talent. And the movie needs to be made with tongue-in-cheek b someone with the sensibilities of an Edgar Wright. Honestly, if made right, a Deadpool movie could be meta and awesome all at the same time. So, what story would I want to see? Wade Wilson's War. In this, there is a bloody massacre in Mexico and Deadpool is forced to explain his role in the massacre. So, he tells them a lot about his history. This would really introduce fans to the real Deadpool and also allow him to break the fourth wall in an organic way.

1. Magneto

I want to see a movie about a young Magneto and if they can get Michael Fassbender to headline the movie, all the better. As most people know, Magneto was placed in a Nazi concentration camp as a child and grew up hating everyone who preached persecution. Along the way, he started to become the horrible other end of the spectrum and persecuted all who weren't Mutants. I want to see him as he was developing this more than the greatness we saw in X-Men: First Class, but a look at Magneto as his beliefs are forming without the X-Men and Professor X involved.


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