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The Comics 8 Ball 4.14.14: Top 8 Wanted Comic Story Arc Adaptations
Posted by Anthony Kennedy on 04.14.2014


Welcome back to the Comics 8 Ball in the Movie Zone! Per usual, your esteemed host Anthony Kennedy and as always, we will be tackling a topic and providing you the top eight selections related to comic books. One thing to please understand, these are meant to be my personal opinion and not a definitive list, although I do considerable myself somewhat an expert. Feel free to disagree and I'll freely admit you're wrong (no hard feelings right?) With that in mind, let's get right in to it!


Captain America The Winter Soldier Thoughts

As a comic book purists I went into the midnight showing of The Winter Soldier very cynical. I had read and seen most of the critics' sound bites declaring this the "best comic book film of all time" but I still did not want to fall victim to the hype from non-comic book fanboys. However, there I was, around 2AM Friday, April 4th (yup, went to a midnight show) being blown away by this film and agreeing with most of the adulation heaped upon it. Chris Evans owns Captain America while the filmmakers did a great job of showing off just how bad ass Steve Rogers can be in battle. I got a little confused by the plot but by the end was able to follow everything that was going on. The only nitpick I have is the final battle scene where Cap, Black Widow, Falcon and Nick Fury was going to take on (***SPOILERS***) the Hydra infiltrated SHIELD to stop Insight from happening. This was too reminiscent of The Avengers with the six Avengers taking on the Chitauri. Also, we got our first retcon in the Marvel films. In Iron Man Agent Coulson kept trying to get a meeting with Tony Stark after his return from Afghanistan to and kept introducing himself as being from the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division. The implication that this was a new government department that was 5-10 years old at best. Yet, in WS, they establish that SHIELD has been around since the end of World War II and the revelation that Tony's on father was a founder in the organization. It seems quite impossible that they never reached out to Tony before the events of Iron Man especially when you consider Tony Stark made the best weapons in the world. Again, it's a nitpick and overall this is a great film.

CyberVenom: Very awesome idea! I'd read all of those! Here's mine in no order:
10. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby: the Infinity Gauntlet
9. Alex Ross and Jim Krueger: Secret Invasion
8. Sergio Aragones: Spider-Ham
7. Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams: Power Man and Iron Fist
6. Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatties: Great Lake Avengers
5. Moebius: Sandman
4. Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver: Legion of Super Heroes
3. Jack Cole: Booster Gold
2. Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona: Teen Titans or Original X-Men
1. Mark Millar and Steve McNiven: Crisis on Infinite Earths

Great list, per usual, I can behind O'Neil-Adams on Power Man and Iron Fist especially with their creativity of the time period.

Video Beagle: I'm afraid I don't understand your list. Peter David and McFarlane? Their Hulk issues are really some of the least remarkable in Peter David's time on the book. Now, him and Keown or him and Frank, or any of the other great pairings he's had like Leonardi, Kirk, or Nuak....but why would you chose McFarlane?
I get the X-Titans picture was convenient to use, but maybe some John Byrne artwork wouldn't have gone amiss. (though I'd have loved a run of Claremont/Simonson in their primes).
And we've seen a Wolfman/Perez X-Men..it was called New Teen Titans.

While you might not be a fan of their run, (I'll chalk that up to two young creatives at the time butting heads on the direction of the book or just not having the chemistry at the time) but you cannot not deny the writing of Peter David mixed with the amazing pencils of McFarlane would result in an amazing FF run.

Thanks for the feedback from everyone. Now on to this week's with 8 Ball.

Top 8 Wanted Adapted Story Arcs

This week's 8 Ball was inspired by The Winter Soldier. Seeing bits and pieces of the amazing Cap storyline that featured the return of Bucky, it got me thinking of what other classic comic story arcs I'd kill to see brought to television or film.

*Caveat: None of the selected story arcs could not have previously been adapted for cartoon, film or television. Which means no Tower of Babel or JLA: Earth 2 from DC and no Days of Future Past and Age of Apocalypse from Marvel, as Singer has stated they're the plots for his next two X-Men films. We wanna do first timers only.

Honorable Mentions:
  • "Civil War": Many believe the tone set and the end of Winter Soldier could be setting this massive storyline up.
  • "Gifted", Astonishing X-Men #1-6: If Bryan Singer is hell bent on ripping off every great X-Men comic stories, why not try this awesome arc from Joss Whedon.
  • Identity Crisis #1-7: I know this will never be given a feature film treatment, but this is ripe for animated home video release or possibly the Arrow series.
  • "Pride & Joy" Runaways #1-18: Would love if Marvel brought this to Netflix as a one off season.
  • "X-Tinction Agenda", Uncanny X-Men 270-271, X-Factor #60-62, New Mutants #95-97: Without introducing the entirety of the X-Family, there is great source material to work with for a film.

    #8 Hang Up on the Hang Low
    100 Bullets #15-18


    This may appear to be an odd choice, but I absolutely loved this four-issue story arc in 100 Bullets and would make for a great one-shot film as part of (in my dream world) anthology film series adaptation for this excellent book.

    #7 The Ultimates 2
    The Ultimates 2 #1-13


    There's a lot of love for Volume 1 of the Ultimates Universe, but I contend that Volume 2 is freaking awesome. Loki convinces SHIELD that Thor is fake, Hawkeye's family gets merc'd and Captain America is branded a traitor, oh yeah and the United States gets invaded. Clearly, the way things played out in the Marvel cinematic films this can't be executed --Thor and Asgard are all but confirmed as real-- too bad.

    #6 Emerald Twilight
    Green Lantern (vol. 3) #48-50

    If they ever wanted to wash the stench away from the Ryan Reynolds film, the storyline of a distraught Hal Jordan destroying the Green Lantern corp would be a great way to execute it. It would have the ancillary affect of bringing new actor on-board to as an all-new Lantern, either Kyle Rayner or, as fans of the Justice League cartoon are clamoring for, John Stewart.

    #5 Under Seige
    Avengers #270-277


    Here's hoping Joss Whedon incorporates the amazing decimation of the Avengers squad from Roger Stern's epic story arc into Age of Ultron. They just introduced Baron Strucker into the Marvel film universe, Zemo can't be too far behind, can he? And what better way than having him form the Masters of Evil to take down Cap and company in brutal fashion.

    #4 Infinity Gauntlet
    Infinity Gauntlet #1-6


    They're already putting the pieces in place for this early '90's mini-series as we have seen three of the six Infinity Gems being revealed. Hopefully they go all the way with it and give us the huge interstellar battle of Thanos versus the the Marvel superheroes including the death of said heroes and Thanos vs the cosmic entities. Hey if we can get the very dark Harry Potter children's books, this can be adapted as well.

    #3 What Ever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow
    Superman #423 & Action Comics #583


    Alan Moore's farewell to Pre-Crisis Superman deserves to be put to film. There's no way Warner would do this as theatrical release, so maybe the animated film department could give us a home video release of this awesome Elseword tale.

    #2 Born Again
    Daredevil #227-233


    We're getting a Daredevil show, so this needs to be the season long story arc for season two. It has the hero being broken down, the bad guy on the verge of complete victory of his nemesis, many boss fights and even love story as Karen Page tries to get back to Matt Murdock. No excuses Netflix. make this happen!

    #1 The Killing Joke

    One of the darkest stories ever from one of comics' darkest creators. While a home video animated film is most likely what we'll ever get, imagine bringing the Joker back into the previously created Nolan Bat universe. It would be an excellent way to introduce the new man behind the Joker face paint, the story would be so dark and engaging that it would allow fans to get to know a new actor as Joker.

    Well that's my list. Agree, disagree, did I miss someone that deserved to make this list? Let me know! Join me next week for another edition of the 8-Ball! Have a great week and don't forget to read the many other great columns, news articles and more here at 411mania.com! I'm done.

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