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Ten Deep 5.15.14: Top 10 Wanted Solo X-Men Movies
Posted by Mike Gorman on 05.15.2014

" Top Ten Solo X-Men Movies They Should Make!"

In a little over a week the new X-Men will premiere and the internet is a buzzing with chatter about the seemingly confirmed casting of Channing Tatum as Gambit in a solo film and X-Men: Apocalypse; this has me thinking about the future of the X-Men film universe and some interesting "what if's?". One of the, POSSIBLE SPOILERS , theories out there is that next week's X-Men Days of Future Past will initiate a re-boot of sorts due to its time travel plot. With that in mind I started brainstorm some ideas for solo mutant adventures that could make solid film properties. I think that the X-Men comic book universe is ripe with characters who could carry solo films and would deepen the mythology of the overall films. Here are ten I would like to see…

10. Emma Frost

I would like to see an Emma Frost origin film that delves into her initiation and tenure with the Hellfire Club, establishing a place for the club itself in the film continuity. It was loosely there in the First Class film but I would rather see a more in depth look at and presentation of the Club as a storied organization as it is in the comics. The film could start with a more innocent Emma, as her comic min-series did, and show her growth in the darker position of the Club's White Queen. It could even be a good place to introduce her interest in teaching mutants in opposition to Xavier's efforts.

9. Psylocke

Another psychic? Why not?! I think that Psylocke's story would make an incredibly interesting film. She could be introduced in X-Men: Apocalypse in her original British form, and then her body swapping with an Asian ninja could be saved for the solo film. The contrasts of her two identities makes a very interesting story and I have to say that as a comic fan I would be thrilled to see the visual effects of her powers come to life, ie. The telepathic butterfly and the psychic blade.

8. Callisto

Most X-Men comic fans know that there is another band of mutants, aside from the X-Men, who live as a society beneath the sewers of NYC. They are called the Morlocks and are made up of the mutants whose powers are not as "pretty" as those of the X-Men. Many of the Morlocks are actually disfigured by their abilities. Callisto is their leader (well except for when she battled Storm for leadership and lost!) and a film following her arrival in the tunnels and gathering these mutants in contrast to Xavier's brood would be quite the adventure. The film would also allow for some awesome visual effects as we meet some more of the fringe mutants.

7. Legion

As we get further into this list, the actual chances of some of these films being made might lessen significantly. Case in point is a film about Legion, Charles Xavier's mutant son. In the comics, he was the cause for the "Age of Apocalypse" occurring, so if they ever decided to make that storyline a reality, having Legion established could be helpful. Aside from all of that I just think a film about a mutant who's multiple personalities manifest different abilities and his struggle to control all of this power would be very interesting. It would also allow for the establishment of Moira Mactaggert's mutant research facility, Muir Island.

6. Dani Moonstar

My love for the more obscure X-Men characters, especially the New Mutants team, becomes evident as we look at number six. Dani Moonstar was a Native American of the Cheyenne Nation who was a founding member of the first X-Men "spin-off" team, the New Mutants. She had the ability initially to reach into your head and project illusions of your greatest fears and desires. This is a film that could be perfect if they ever get to merge the Marvel film universe with the X-Men properties because Moonstar eventually became one of Hela's, the Norse Goddess of Death, Valkyries. This would be an awesome way to crossover the X-Men with Thor's story. They'd have to do some adjusting for how she originally became a Valkyrie but I think it could be made to work.

5. Kitty Pryde

A Kitty Pryde solo film would be fantastic, especially if they could hold on to Ellen Paige for the lead. A Pryde film could go off in a wide variety of directions be it exploring her role on the X-Men team, her desire to integrate mutants with humans, or even bend my solo film designation and bring to life the "Kitty Pryde & Wolverine" mini-series from the 1980s. That story would turn her into the bad-ass pseudo-ninja she eventually became in the comics. It would also be very interesting to see her powers explored on a deeper level, like when she learns she can walk on air, etc.

4. Warlock

Introducing Warlock, the electronic alien who transmits a transformative techno-virus, would bring a decidedly sci-fi element to the X-Men films. In the comic books Warlock ends up bonding closely with Doug Ramsey. Doug is a member of the New Mutants whose power is not exactly the best on the battlefield. Doug is a human translator and can understand any language intuitively. I would think including him in Warlock's story would make sense as he could initially be the only person who discovers and can communicate with Warlock. The film could feature some cameos from the X-Men film series, but more on the periphery of the story. I'd rather see the movie be about Warlock and Doug fending off an invasion by Warlock's dad, the uber-evil Magus, while no one else really recognizes what is going on.

3. Dazzler

Here's the pitch, she's a self-absorbed pop star that discovers she's a mutant whose powers are amplified by music, who tries to become a super hero but pretty much fails and is recruited to become a secret agent. What do you think? I'd go see it! The Dazzler film could focus on the trappings of fame and struggling to find your place in the world when everything turns upside down. Like Moonstar this film would ideally be set in a world where the X-Men and Avengers co-exist, and S.H.I.E.L.D. is a thing again. The story could merge elements of her comic book adventures and present her on the surface as "Britney Spears"-esque celebrity mess who deeper down desires to be a hero and is training with S.H.I.E.L.D. to make it happen.

2. Cable

For me it is hard to imagine the introduction of Apocalypse without the inevitable introduction of Cable. For many years I would have said that the idea of this film was foolish and that a major movie studio would never do an X-Men based film that got into all of the property's convoluted time travel issues but in just a week we are going to see a film version of the storyline that first introduced time travel to our merry mutants, so I guess I would say that almost anything is possible now. Of course, I do think they'd have to streamline Cable's origin maybe making him Cyclops & Jean Grey's actual son, instead of involving Jean's eventually evil clone Madelyne Pryor in the mix. A reset of the timeline after Days of Future Past would allow for this future development with the now living Cyclops and Jean. I'd say introduce Cable in the Apocalypse film, keeping him in the shadows for most of the film, and then tell his origin in a solo film. Once Cable is around, many other doors for future stories will be opened!

And finally…

1. Magik

Magik is by no means a household name when it comes of the X-Men even with her current inclusion in one of the major comic titles but I think she has the possibility of creating a whole new franchise for Marvel that would tap into both the comic book audience and the tween/teen film audience. Magik is Illyana Rasputin, little sister of the X-Men's Colossus. In one of her early appearances she is with the X-Men as they visit a mysterious island, while there she falls into a puddle of light and is immediately pulled out, except she is now a teenager. During the seconds she was missing, she spent years in an alternate dimension, Limbo, where she was raised by a demon sorcerer and alternate versions of some of the X-Men to become a powerful sorceress on her own. The story is detailed in the mini-series, "Magik," and is one of my favorite comic series of all time. The film would focus on her time in Limbo as she struggles to escape the clutches of the demonic Belasco and learns about good magic from an older Storm and feline transformed Kitty Pryde. The story is about her growth into a powerful warrior who ends up as the master of Limbo. The film would be a melding of mutant adventure and magic, with a sprinkling of teenage female empowerment a la Hunger Games and Divergent. I honestly think this one could be a fantastic film.

On that note I will close this dream list of mine. Which X-Men characters would you like to see in a film of their own or even in the next big team outing? Here's one last look at the trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past which will be in theaters in just over a week!

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