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Ten Deep 5.22.14: Top 10 Baby Movies
Posted by Mike Gorman on 05.22.2014

"Top Ten Baby Movies"

This past week one of my best friends and his wife brought their first child into the world. To mark this moment I decided to dedicate this week's Ten Deep to those movies that star babies or are about babies being born. Some of them are funny and some are terrifying, much I suppose like the miracle of childbirth itself. So congratulations to Andrew & Jessica on the arrival of little Nina Sophia, and now, let's get to the movies!

10. Baby Mama

Baby Mama is far from a perfect film but it provides some hilarious moments between Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and juxtaposes them with some nice moments questioning what it means to be a mother. Like most good baby comedies this one wraps itself up into a nice, convenient package in the end that teaches both leads a lesson and grants both of their wishes.

9. Look Who's Talking

Here we step into the film that personified the baby movies of the 80s, namely the babies all talked. Look Who's Talking took it to new levels though with Bruce Willis playing the lead chatty kid who took it upon himself to make life challenging for Kirstie Alley and John Travolta.

8. The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

With The Hand that Rocks the Cradle we delve into the world of obsession when it comes to children and coveting families. The film takes this to a suspenseful level but I have certainly seen that Rebecca DeMornay glare in the eyes of some women I know when they hear someone else is pregnant.

7. Baby Boom

1987's Baby Boom positioned itself as a mix of comedy with social commentary on the idea of women of the day being too focused on work and not on family. Was the film trying to make a feminist statement or denigrate feminist when Diane Keaton, working woman, had a baby thrust upon her? I'm honestly not interested in delving too deep; I just know that the movie certainly made its fair share of solid jokes along the way!

6. Labyrinth

If you're older sibling, you can certainly relate to the idea of wishing your younger sibling(s) would just go away… and in Labyrinth, the wish comes true for one young girl who must venture out into a magical underworld to find her baby brother. What solidifies this film on this countdown is David Bowie's turn as the baby snatching baddie who does his fair share of singing with the Jim Henson menagerie created for the film.

5. For Keeps

Molly Ringwald made a name for herself staring in more than a handful of 1980's teen comedies. At times the stories would dip their toes into the serious but for the most part stayed pretty light hearted. In For Keeps she switched it up and proved she could carry a deeper role as a teenage mother who found out that reality can be harsher than she envisioned.

4. Junior

Ivan Reitman's Junior proved that pregnancy comedy was not just for women. And I stress the comedy aspect over the pregnancy because of the nonsensical nature of the situation Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito find themselves in here. This one not only hit high notes when it tried to show men the challenges a pregnant woman faced but when it played around with the physical condition of pregnancy versus Arnold's usual physique.

3. Juno

Interestingly enough the next movie on this list is directed by Ivan Reitman's son Jason. Juno features some amazingly creative writing by Diablo Cody telling the story of a teenage girl who has to grow up pretty fast when she finds herself pregnant. As you meet all of the characters in the film you find the irony to be that Juno, the teen, is more mature than most of the adults who get involved. There is no magical fairytale ending here, just people doing what they feel is best for a baby and themselves. I think that is one of the reasons this movie really resonated with audiences.

2. Raising Arizona

Raising Arizona asks the question what are you to do when you can't have a baby of your own but you know someone who has too many to handle? The answer in this Coen brothers' classic is you take a baby and run. There is clearly much more to the story but the quirky characters and absurd elements to the storyline are what really make this one tick. It also helps that the babies seem to be enjoying the antics of the story as much as the audience.

And finally…

1. Rosemary's Baby

The number one spot goes to the original Rosemary's Baby, not the adequate remake recently on NBC. I selected this film as the best baby movie because it takes all of the real fears of an expectant mother and amplifies them into a true tale of terror. Rosemary's descent into madness as she discovers the true parentage of her child and seeing the child for the first time are brought to life in horrific fashion. This one is for anyone who has looked at their child and not seen their own features smiling back.

Luckily for me birthing this week's list was not painful, but you may have some concerns of your own over an omission or two. Let me know all about it in the comments below!

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