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The Hollywood 5 & 1 5.24.14: Jennifer Lawrence Vs Candice Swanepoel Edition
Posted by Steve Gustafson on 05.24.2014

Welcome back! How was your week? We're back for another week of hot women, the biggest Hollywood news, and some celebrity gossip! For some additional reading you can check out my Comics 411. This week we talked about the Best Avengers Villains! Or you can check out my Big Screen Bulletin for more movie related news and thoughts!

Click and read my interview with Playboy's Miss May Dani Mathers!

OK, who's greeting us this week? None other than Kennedy Summers! Playboy Founder Hugh M. Hefner named Kennedy the magazine's 2014 Playmate of the Year. Kennedy is featured on the cover of Playboy's June 2014 issue and inside the magazine in a 12-page pictorial that gives a nod to each decade of Playboy's 60-year existence, shot by renowned fashion photographer Michael Bernard (issue on newsstands and iPlayboy.com NOW, with additional behind-the-scenes photos and video available at Playboy's newly-launched website, Playmates.com). The statuesque blond first appeared in Playboy as the magazine's December 2013 Playmate of the Month.

Kennedy, a Berlin-born, Virginia-raised international model, holds a bachelor's degree in anthropology; a master's degree in health administration; and is currently working on her M.D. with plans to become a plastic surgeon. She also speaks French and German. "As 2014's Playmate of the Year, my mission is to help Playboy thrive, as it always has, to break boundaries and carry us into the future," said the brainy beauty. "I couldn't be more excited!" Along with her title, Kennedy receives $100,000 in prize money; an Oris Artelier Date Diamonds watch, featuring a multi-piece stainless steel case set with 72 diamonds; and a one-year lease on a MINI John Cooper Works Roadster. In celebration of Kennedy's Playmate of the Year honor, a limited edition t-shirt collection featuring images and outtakes from her pictorial will be available on PlayboyStore.com. A portion of sales will benefit Wounded Wear, a charity close to Kennedy's heart, which provides free clothing and modifications to wounded warriors and raises national awareness of their sacrifice. Kennedy is Playboy's 55th Playmate of the Year. Playboy named its first Playmate of the Year, Ellen Stratton, in 1960.

 photo Kennedy-2_zpsc46392ce.jpg

Photo Courtesy of Playboy

Last week Jennifer Lawrence took on Michelle Keegan. Here are the results:

Jennifer Lawrence 66.56%
Michelle Keegan 33.44%

To be fair, this was no surprise. The poll stemmed from FHM naming Lawrence their Sexiest Woman Alive and Keegan coming in at number 2. But we're not done with Lawrence just yet! Maxim named Candice Swanepoel as their #1 on their Hot 100.

Jennifer Lawrence VS Candice Swanepoel

 photo vs_zps9db88035.jpg


Two for you this week! First is model Vivian Kindle. Who wants to see more of her in these pages?

 photo Kindle-1_zps696e0c33.jpg

Next is the lovely Adrienn Levai. Another who I want to give more shine to here.

 photo Levai-1_zpsf0df8982.jpg

Loved reading this. It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Charlie Day said he was grateful to receive an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Merrimack College, a distinction also bestowed upon greats like Mike Tyson and Kermit the Frog. Day, a 1998 Merrimack graduate, spoke at the college's commencement Sunday and joked about receiving the honor as someone "who has made a living from pretending to eat cat food," and that Dr. Charlie Day "sounds like some sort of club DJ." "I plan to begin writing my own prescriptions immediately," he joked.

Day offered a theme to the students beyond just reminding them graduating means something besides, "I have expanded my mind, destroyed my liver, but I never gave up." That they now should do what he did, and make things happen for themselves. "I had a sense that maybe I could create an opportunity that was better than the ones offered to me," Day said, speaking of his early days in New York after leaving Merrimack. He explained how he and some friends began shooting a homemade version of what would eventually become It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. At the same time, he was offered a spot on the Fox sitcom Life on a Stick. "Do I do Life on a Stick? Or do I make another bet on myself? And this time, my friends too," Day said, recalling his thought process. "Do I make no money?"

This was happening at a time when Day was trying to tell people he was a writer, even though he didn't even own a computer. Well, you can figure out where things went, now that he's done 10 seasons of It's Always Sunny and signed on for another two years. Life on a Stick was canned after five episodes.

"Don't wait for your break, make your break," Day said. "Go make it happen for yourself."

Kitten Mittens.

Make sure you're following all the comings and goings around 411mania on Twitter! Follow me for some witty tweets from time-to-time as well. Dana White, Jesse Jane, and Larry Csonka follow me. What are you waiting for?



Wolverine v Deadpool!
In an interview with IGN, Hugh Jackman and writer Simon Kinberg revealed that there are "easter eggs" in X-Men: Days of Future Past for fans that reference the comics and previous films. Jackman said: "Maybe funniest or coolest is when he first arrives back in the ‘70s. He lands back in his apartment – and I don't want to tell you where it is. But you should pause it because there's a lot of really cool clues in his apartment. Nick-nacks and stuff that he's got around. And of course it's Wolverine, so literally he wakes up in bed, morning, and within five minutes he's in a massive fight."

Kinberg added: "The scene that takes place after Logan wakes up, at the end of the movie, in the future, is filled with obvious things that are for the fans. But there are also some very subtle things for the fans, when he's walking around the environment in which he wakes up. We wrote it wanting it to be a really deep dive for the fans, so that almost every scene would have little tickles of other moments from the comics, or moments from the movies. But we also wrote it with the intention that it's going to be the most watched X-Men movie of all-time, and if it works, it's going to bring an audience that's never seen these movies, or only casually seen them. So those things need to be invisible for a general audience."

Jackman also stated that he loves the character Deadpool and thinks it would be cool to see Deadpool vs. Wolverine on screen again. Jackman said, "We sort of took a pretty strong choice on Deadpool, where we kind of stitched him up. And I love the character of Deadpool and I think that the sort of badass, fast-talking, funny, annoying Deadpool vs. Wolverine would still be cool. We've sort of done it, but I think we could have done that much better."

Kinberg said: "The post-credit sequence is a tease into what will be the Apocalypse movie. Now the Apocalypse you see – that young boy – may not be the actor who plays the character in our movie. It's a deep back story glimpse into the character, but our movie doesn't take place in ancient Egypt and will likely not star a young boy Apocalypse."

 photo wolverinevsdeadpool_zps5a833a8d.jpg

Wolverine v Deadpool 2, anyone?

This story is really heating up! David Goyer is showing his colors and causing concern over his involvement with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Goyer, who co-wrote the upcoming DC Comics film, has earned the venom of Marvel fans, as well as those of superheroins in general, by going off on an ignorant rant about the Marvel character of She-Hulk, calling her a "giant green porn star".

Goyer, who has been involved in several DC and Marvel projects over the years, appeared on the Scriptnotes podcast and talked about She-Hulk among other things. Both Goyer and host Craig Mazin went over the top, with Mazin calling She-Hulk "Slut-Hulk" and Goyer calling her the "extension of the male power fantasy" and denigrating comic book readers and writers in the process.

Mazin: "The real name for She-Hulk was Slut-Hulk. That was the whole point. Let's just make this green chick with enormous boobs. And she's Hulk strong but not Hulk massive, right? … She's real lean, stringy…"

Goyer: "She's still pretty chunky. She was like Chyna from the WWE." (This is funny because Chyna DID play She-Hulk in the porn parody)

Mazin: "The whole point of She-Hulk was just to appeal sexistly to ten-year-old boys. Worked on me."

Goyer: "I have a theory about She-Hulk. Which was created by a man, right? And at the time in particular I think 95% of comic book readers were men and certainly almost all of the comic book writers were men. So the Hulk was this classic male power fantasy. It's like, most of the people reading comic books were these people like me who were just these little kids getting the s**t kicked out of them every day… And so then they created She-Hulk, right? Who was still smart… I think She-Hulk is the chick that you could f**k if you were Hulk, you know what I'm saying? … She-Hulk was the extension of the male power fantasy. So it's like if I'm going to be this geek who becomes the Hulk then let's create a giant green porn star that only the Hulk could f**k."

Goyer at one point also took a shot at comic book fans in general when he asked, "How many people in the audience have heard of Martian Manhunter?...How many people that raised their hands have ever been laid?"

What are your thoughts on Goyer?

 photo She-Hulk_zps65199584.jpg


On The Tonight Show, Will Ferrell and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers had a "greatest drummer" face-off. The two dressed up the same outfit to play on the fact that some people say they look alike. Fallon was the judge of the "traditional drum-off", which featured four solos each. The winner was the one who "whacks, smacks and slaps the skins best." Smith did what he does best and so did Ferrell, who was quick to deliver trash talk. At one point he said: "That was cute. Do you play for the Luke Warm Chili Peppers?" Fallon actually awarded the victory to Ferrell after he brought out a cowbell to use.

The drum battle was set up after Ferrell challenged Smith (during Smiths' Reddit AMA) for charity. Ferrell drummed for www.cancerforcollege.org, while Smith drummed for www.littlekidsrock.org. The Red Hot Chili Peppers made a surprise appearance on the same show to perform a cover of Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear the Reaper", with Ferrell on cowbell.

Who do you think won?

Oh, Jennifer!
Jennifer Lawrence's appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers made some headlines this past week. Weeks ago, Us Weekly that an audience member told them what Jennifer talked about. The story went that she got so drunk at the Oscars she puked at a fancy post-Oscars party and Miley Cyrus, of all people, told her to get it together.


Get it together.

What's the VIDEO BUZZ?
Walt Disney Animation Studios has released the teaser trailer for Marvel's Big Hero 6. The film is based on the comics of the same name and features the voices of TJ Miller, Jamie Chung and Maya Rudolph. It arrives on November 7.

Here's a synopsis: Big Hero 6 is an action comedy adventure about brilliant robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who finds himself in the grips of a criminal plot that threatens to destroy the fast-paced, high-tech city of San Fransokyo. With the help of his closest companion—a robot named Baymax—Hiro joins forces with a reluctant team of first-time crime fighters on a mission to save their city.

What do you think?

Welcome back to the & 1 Model of the Week! It's pretty obvious what this is. A couple pictures of a sexy gal for you to look at before clicking to the next article. This week our & 1 Model is ...Misty Copeland! Misty has caught a lot of attention lately. She is only the second black woman ever to become a soloist in the American Ballet Theatre. In her memoir, Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, she tells her story of poverty and pain. How her mother and 5 siblings ended up living in a motel to her dance teacher bringing her protege to live with her. From the segments I've read, it's a great read.

OK, now you can say you got a little culture here.

 photo Copeland-1_zps16a06d55.jpg

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present...Misty Copeland!

 photo Copeland-2_zps7d58fee6.jpg

Before I say GOODBYE!
I started a suicide prevention resource site. Give it a look and share! www.youcanendure.com . If you or someone you know is feeling isolated, don't hesitate to call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255. Finally, if you have some down time and are looking for a great place for great fun, check out Tiger Flash Games!

All pictures courtesy of Maxim Magazine, Complex, Huffington Post, V Magazine, People, FHM, Details magazine, www.cnn.com, and www.imdb.com.


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