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Alternate Takes 5.31.14: Top 50 DC Comics Super Villains (#50 - 41)
Posted by Shawn S. Lealos on 05.31.2014

Welcome to Week 303 of Alternate Takes, my name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world.

When I was counting down the Top 50 DC Comics superheroes, someone said I should count down the Top 50 super villains next. So, here we go I will say that this list was a lot harder because, honestly, a number of the bottom 25 could change places with each other depending on the heroes they are normally villains of. However, if anything, this list will show that there are some great villains in DC Comics.

Top 50 DC Comics Super Villains, 50-41

50. Terra

Terra is from the world of the Teen Titans, a former member of the group. She was also the girlfriend of Beast Boy, one of my favorite characters, so when she turned out to be a double agent, it made me hate her even more. Terra was placed inside the Teen Titans as a double agent by Deathstroke, who was working for the H.I.V.E. Things didn't work out well for Terra, who died in the battle with the Teen Titans during The Judas Contract storyline. In the New 52, Terra is part of The Ravagers and she even showed up in the Titans animated series over time.

49. Hush

Hush is a villain from the Batman world and was actually the villain in one of Batman's most famous storylines. Hush is Thomas Elliot, a surgeon and childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. Elliot hates Wayne's parents for stopping a plan to kill his own parents and decides to use his knowledge that Bruce is Batman (thanks to Riddler revealing it to him) to set out to destroy his old friend. Hush used Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Killer Cros and Clayface to bring Batman down.

48. Killer Frost

The original Killer Frost was a villain who was the biggest enemy of Firestorm. Crystal Frost was a scientist who loved Martin Stein, but never had them returned to her. She became a super villain when every cell in her body was crystallized after an accident. After her death, Louise Lincoln purposively re-created the accident to become the new Killer Frost and went after Firestorm, who she blamed for Crystal's death. In the New 52, Killer Frost is a S.T.A.R. scientist named Caitlin Snow who was her fellow scientists tried to kill, but the explosion turned her in to the new Killer Frost. In the new universe, she fights Firestorm because she understands his powers are the only thing hot enough to make her normal again.

47. Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange is another villain from the Batman universe, a former psychiatrist who learns Batman's secret identity and sets out to destroy him. In some interesting trivia, Hugo Strange was actually a Batman villain before Joker and Catwoman were even created. At the time of his origin, Bruce Wayne actually called Hugo Strange the most dangerous man in the world because he was a villain who was so smart. After the original Crisis, Strange was turned into an insane psychoanalyst with an obsession of Batman.

46. Solomon Grundy

While all the super villains listed so far have been normal people, some with super human powers, Solomon Grundy is a reanimated corpse from a cursed swamp near Gotham City. As a child, Cyrus was abused by his father until his mother finally packed her things and left her son with the evil man. Cyrus then watched as his father died a horrible death on the docks in which he worked. Cyrus grew up, beaten and angry, until one day he sold his soul to a man for great riches. He achieved these as a mobster until one day he is murdered in vengeance and sunk into the cursed swamp. The deal he made was then cashed in and he rose from the swamp as a decayed monstrous corpse and fought heroes and villains alike.

45. Killer Croc

Killer Croc is another Batman villain, this was born as Waylan Jones, a man with a skin condition that gave him a scaly hide and razor sharp claws like a crocodile. He was sent to a reform school after beating up schoolyard bullies in regular school, and grew into an adult with an intense hatred for humanity. After his first murder, he spent 20 years in prison and then got out and became a circus sideshow attraction, an alligator wrestler. When the circus went under, he moved to Gotham City and became a powerful mobster.

44. Prometheus

Prometheus is a villain dedicated to destroying all forms of justice after his criminal parents were gunned down by police. He built his skills and eventually went to the Phantom Zone and built up a resistance to the Justice League. He actually infiltrates the JLA headquarters and beats them all, including Batman, before Catwoman arrives and helps them overcome him. He murdered numerous heroes over his career and the only way the heroes eventually stopped him was with a Green Lantern arrow through his head.

43. Clayface

The original Clayface was Basil Karlo, an actor who went crazy when the horror movie he was best known for was bring remade. He killed the cast and crew, wearing the Clayface costume from the movie. The second Clayface was Matt Hagen, a treasure hunter who gained the super human power to change shapes after falling into a radioactive pool. The third Clayface was Preston Payne, S.T.A.R. Labs employee trying to find a cure for hyperpituitarism and injects some of Hagen's blood into himself and suddenly melts anything he touches until he develops a suit to contain the power. There have been a total of eight people to play the character, with the final being Johnny Williams, a former firefighter who gained his powers after a chemical explosion.

42. Doctor Light

Arthur Light is a long-time villain who battles the Justice League and Teen Titans. His powers involves manipulating light for numerous reasons, including manipulating things from Superman's laser vision to Green Lantern's ring. For most of his career, he was nothing but a joke villain, but he was involved in one of the most controversial and tragic events in DC Comics history. In Identity Crisis, it was revealed that he raped Sue Dibney. After this happened, Zatanna gave him a partial lobotomy, altering his personality to make him less dangerous. This led them to also mindwipe Batman. Those two events led to very bad things, which makes Doctor Light responsible in the end. He was also part of the group that killed Martian Manhunter in Final Crisis.

41. Black Flash

If I was rating villains based on their power, Black Flash would be very high. However, he is nowhere near my favorite when it comes to Flash villains, much less DC Comics villains in particular. Plus, it's not like Black Flash is really a villain. Black Flash is what represents death for those connected to the Speed Force. At first, it was thought that this was just the embodiment of death itself since the real Death couldn't capture the speedsters, but it is actually a Dark Force in the Speed Force. It took both Wally West and Johnny Quick, making it look like it was just Death, but then when it tried to kill Wally West, it failed and was actually defeated by him.


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