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The Comics 8 Ball 6.02.14: Top 8 Wanted X-Men Story Adaptations
Posted by Anthony Kennedy on 06.02.2014


Welcome back to the Comics 8 Ball in the Movie Zone! Per usual, I'm Anthony Kennedy and I'll be your guide in our intellectual trip through comicdom. As always, we will be tackling a topic and providing you the Top 8 selections related to comics. One thing to please understand, these are meant to be my personal takes and not the definitive list on the subject. Although I do consider myself somewhat an expert, feel free to disagree and I'll freely admit you're wrong. (No hard feelings tho?) With that in mind, let's get to this week's topic!

Let's get to some responses to the .READER FEEDBACK

CyberVenom: I could go on and on about the alternate realities! Nice picks! I'm splitting mine between Marvel and DC.


10. Tales of the Multiverse: Batman-Vampire
9. The Golden Age
8. Superman: the Dark Side
7. Gotham by Gaslight
6. Amalgam Comics
5. The Tale of Leatherwing
4. JLA: the Nail
3. All Star Superman
2. Dark Knight Returns
1. Kingdom Come


10. What If? #105: Spider-Girl
9. Age of Apocalypse
8. What If? #1: Fantastic 5
7. Ruins
6. Amalgam Comics
5. Days of Future Past
4. Future Imperfect
3. Marvel Zombies
2. Old Man Logan
1. The Earth X Trilogy

Really nice list, some of those What If? stories were awesome with the "X-Men Lost Inferno" being one of my favorites.

dizel123: "Shouldn't that be reason enough to covertly keep the Sentinel program going?"

Well, if you just witnessed Sentinels being hacked by a mutant and watched them try to kill you, would you really OK a program that created more of them? Trask assured them that Magneto's powers wouldn't be able to affect the Sentinels but he took them over anyway. What kind of idiot would you have to be to build more Sentinels under that scenario?

True! But after Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, those real life situations didn't deter the world from building more nuclear power plants. Yes the Sentinels were co-opted by Mags, but I still can not make peace with them still not trying to figure out a way to perfect them to protect them from the Mutant menace. Now if someone argued they proved to be ineffective as four mutants (Magneto, Professor X, Wolverine and Beast) were able to neutralize them and thus why continue a failed experiment, that would be something I'd have be hard pressed to find a rebuttal.

duh: AoA is the only answer for number 1. It was so good they keep coming back to it 20+ years later. It is also the far most fleshed out alternate reality with all the tie ins they keep doing to it

Agreed, it definitely was a great story and one of the most revered Marvel stories in the last 20 years. But "The Dark Knight Returns" changed the industry as a whole as it pushed comics and characters towards a more grittier tone with landmark stories "Batman: Year One", "The Killing Joke", "Born Again", and Watchmen to soon occur.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. Do enjoy the debate that occurs in the comments section and look forward to this week's feedback.

Top 8 X-Men Stories We Want to See Adapted for Film

I'm sure by now everyone reading this has seen Days of Future Past and the epic end credit scene of Apocalypse's rising. I wanted to dedicate this week's column to some of the best X-Men stories that producers could potentially mine for future films. With that said, onto this week's 8 Ball of the Top 8 X-Men Stories We Want to See.

*Caveat: Will not be using any storyline that have been adapted for previous X-Men films, so no "Dark Phoenix Saga" (I know, I know) or "God Loves, Man Kills" proper films.

Honorable Mentions:
  • "To Have and Have Not", Uncanny X-Men #172-173: "Wolverine's Wedding" is easily a good sequel to The Wolverine and could draft other X-Men into the backdrop of Japan.
  • "Mutant Genesis", X-Men #1-3: The introduction of Asteroid M on film, intra-X-Men fight and, if they were ever going to "kill off" Magneto on film, this would be the source story to use.
  • "The Tomorrow People", Ultimate X-Men #1-6: If the next X-Men film would technically be a reboot, this storyline that kicked off the Ultimate Universe version of the X-Men is it.

    #8 "The Fall of the Mutants"
    The Uncanny X-Men #225227, X-Factor #24-26, The New Mutants #59-61

    Main Character from Story Needed:Apocalypse, Angel, and the Horsemen.
    Highlight: Reveal of Archangel as newest Horsemen and battle with Apocalypse.
    Sticking Point: This being primarily an X-Factor story as the X-Men portion pretty much sucked with the Adversary.
    What I'd like to See: X-Men and Magneto investigating disappearance of mutants they had tabs on, to learn that Apocalypse is responsible to find his new Horsemen.

    #7 "The 12"
    Various X-Books

    Main Character from Story Needed: Cyclops, Cable, and Jean Grey.
    Highlight: Apocalypse gathering 12 mutants needed to transfer his essence into a new vessel, Wolverine regains adamantium and is revealed as Death.
    Sticking Point: How to explain Cable and if their will be time travelers Nate Grey and Bishop.
    What I'd like to See: If the next film is Apocalypse centric, why not take the basic outline of this story to introduce him? It will allow for new characters to be shown on film, explain Wolverine gaining his adamantium, and give us an X2 style mutants united against a omnipotent enemy.

    #6 "Dancin' in the Dark"
    The Uncanny X-Men #169-170, #179

    Main Character from Story Needed: Callisto, Caliban, Shadowcat, Angel, and Storm.
    Highlight: Introduction of the Morlocks, Storm vs. Callisto, and Caliban's "marriage" to Kitty Pryde.
    Sticking Point: How to fit Kitty Pryde into the new timeline given her age in film cannon?
    What I'd like to See: Deter from the first encounter the X-Men had with the Morlocks and instead use it as an intro to Kitty Pryde as the Morlocks kidnap this young mutant to marry Caliban and the rest continues on as written. There's a possible tie-in to another must-see story later down the list.

    #5 "The Age of Apocalypse"
    X-Men Alpha, X-Men Omega, and various other X-Books

    Main Character from Story Needed: Apocalypse, Magneto, Rogue, Sabretooth.
    Highlight: Sabretooth-Blink-Wild Child relationship, final battle between Mags & Apocalypse.
    Sticking Point: Do we want to see another time/alternate timeline film where protagonists must fix the timeline.
    What I'd like to See: The entire storyline as I remember.

    #4 "Fatal Attractions"
    X-Factor #92, X-Force #25, Uncanny X-Men #304, X-Men #25, Wolverine #75, Excalibur #71

    Main Character from Story Needed: Professor X, Magneto, Wolverine, and Colossus.
    Highlight: Magneto's brain shut down and Wolverine loses his adamantium.
    Sticking Point: Quicksilver being revealed as Magneto's son and do we want another X-Men versus Magneto film story.
    What I'd like to See:A great story of Magneto pursing a space utopia in Avalon and retaliation against Earth for trying to prevent it leading to mind wiping confrontation between Magneto and Professor X.

    #3 "A Green and Pleasant Land/
    X-tinction Agenda"

    Uncanny X-Men #235-238/#270-272, New Mutants #95-97, & X-Factor #60-62

    Main Character from Story Needed: Wolverine, Havok, Storm, and Cable(???).
    Highlights: Rogue and Wolverine captured and fight their way out off Genosha, the Genoshan Magistrates attack on Xavier's school, and the death of Warlock.
    Sticking Point: How do they integrate Cameron Hodge and explain Cable without upset comic fanboys.
    What I'd like to See: Opening scene of Wolvie breaking a mutate out of the island toward freedom, the Magistrates Xavier school attack and capture of several team member, the trial and giving us the classic infiltration of the slave state for the rescue.

    #2 "The Brood Saga/Broodfall"
    Uncanny X-Men #156-157, 162-167, 232-234

    Main Characters from Story Needed: Cyclops, Storm, Professor X, Wolverine
    Highlight: Professor X revealed to be infected, Wolverine fighting a off Brood infection.
    Sticking Point: The Starjammers connection and how to get the X-Men in space?
    What I'd like to See: A space, sci-fi, adventure where the X-Men have to deal with the threat of the Brood James Cameron Aliens style and just when they think they've neutralized the threat and escaped to Earth, the revelation that Professor X is infected and we get final battle between the X-Men and the Brood. A change of pace story from the usual superhero movies we've gotten.

    #1 "Mutant Massacre"
    Uncanny X-Men #210-213, New Mutants #46, X-Factor #9-11,
    Thor #373, Power Pack #27, Daredevil #238


    Main Characters from Story Needed: Mr. Sinister, Sabretooth, and Angel.
    Highlight: Morlocks genocide and Angel losing his wings.
    Sticking Point: Fitting Angel into this new timeline and making him a character worth caring about that his wing's impalement resonates with the audience.
    What I'd like to See: Integrate parts of the "Dancin' in the Dark" storyline where the X-Men are distracted with that situation before realizing that they're in the middle of Mr. Sinister's plot to wipe out the Morlocks.

    Can't wait to hear your feedback on my X-Men film adaptation suggestions for the future of the X-Men film franchise. That's my list, let me know where I completely missed mark and what didn't deserve inclusion at all. And if you want to hear more comic book talk from me, take a listen to this week's Geeked Out from PodcastJuice.com as we go in heavy on the current state of comic books and dare ask if Marvel and DC comics should be killed off.

    Join me next week for another edition of the 8-Ball! Have a great week and don't forget to read the many other great columns, news articles and more here at 411mania.com! It's still real to me damnit!

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