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Alternate Takes 6.07.14: Top 50 DC Comics Villains (#40-31)
Posted by Shawn S. Lealos on 06.07.2014

Welcome to Week 304 of Alternate Takes, my name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world.

When I was counting down the Top 50 DC Comics superheroes, someone said I should count down the Top 50 super villains next. So, here we go I will say that this list was a lot harder because, honestly, a number of the bottom 25 could change places with each other depending on the heroes they are normally villains of. However, if anything, this list will show that there are some great villains in DC Comics.

Top 50 DC Comics Super Villains, 40-31

40. Cheetah

Some people questioned why I listed Wonder Woman so low in the Top 50 DC Comics superheroes countdown. Honestly, a hero without a great villain is not as good in my eyes as a hero with great villains. Wonder Woman doesn't have a lot of great villains and the best might be Cheetah. The most important Cheetah was the third one, Barbara Minerva. She was a former archeologist with a dark heart who chose to give herself up to the god Urzkartaga to become Cheetah. Over the years, Cheetah became Wonder Woman's greatest adversary, based originally on wantng to steal Diana's lasso.

39. Gorilla Grodd

Probably the greatest gorilla in comics is Gorilla Grodd. He is an extremely intelligence gorilla who also happens to be a telepath. While people last week talked about how great Batman's villains were, honestly I think Flash has the best villain's gallery in all of comics because they all work together and are even individually great. Here is one of Flash's villains. Grodd was part of a gorilla tribe who received super intelligence and telepathy thanks to a meteor that crashed near their home. While most of the gorillas were peaceful, Grodd was an arrogant and power humgry creature who wanted to control people's minds and take over the world.

38. Mr. Mxyzptlk

Not all villains are dastardly or evil. Some are just there to be antagonistic and entertaining. Mr. Mxyzptlk is an imp, and my definition, he just exists to cause havoc. He doesn't care about robbing banks, taking over the world or killing anybody. Mr. Mxyzptlk just wants to cause problems and his biggest nemesis is Superman. It is a perfect match-up since Superman's weakness is magic, which he can't stop. Honestly, Mr. Mxyzptlk is a character who could kill Superman with a thought, but he isn't evil just a trouble maker.

37. Poison Ivy

We are not back to Batman villains. Poison Ivy was a botanical biochemist named Pamela Isley. She is, first and foremost, a protector of the environment and an eco-terrorist. Pamela received twisted scientific experiments that drove her insane and made her believe that she was the main protector of earth. Over time, the experiment gave her the power to release plant spores and control plant life. Her brand of ecoterrorism has brought her into constant conflict with Batman.

36. Lennox

I am sure a ton of people will have no idea who Lennox is, and the man doesn't even possess superhuman powers. However, one of the greatest storylines in comic book history was Grant Morrison's work on Animal Man. One of the most shocking things that happened in that run, and the one thing that completely destroyed Animal Man's life and his entire belief process was when Lennox came to knock on the door of Animal Man's home. Animal Man had a wife and two kids and his identity was not a secret. This story was proof that it is a good thing since Lennox showed up at Animal Man's house when he was out fighting crime and gunned down his wife and children, one of which was a toddler. It was a huge moment and really changed comic books.

35. Mirror Master

I am backing up the Lennox pick with another character from that Animal Man story by Grant Morrison. Before Lennox was hired to kill Animal Man's family, they tried to hire Mirror Master. However, amazingly enough, Mirror Master wasn't bad enough to kill children. The original Mirror Master was Sam Scudder, who was the co-founder of the Flash Rogue's group, enough to make him important in and of itself. His power was to move from one mirror to the next. The second Mirror Master was Evan McCollough, and this is the character that not only appeared in Grant Morrison's Animal Man series but also helped Animal Man get to the bottom of who had his family killed. He soon joined the Rogues, just like his predecessor.

34. Weather Wizard

Next up, we have more of the Flash Rogues enemies. Weather Wizard is Mark Mardon, a villain who uses a "weather wand" to control the weather. Looking at the long previews of the new Flash TV show, it seems like Weather Wizard will be one of the first villains introduced on the new show. Weather Wizard was a burglar who stole the wand from his brother, someone who wanted to use the wand for the good but Weather Wizard wanted it for crime.

33. Metallo

Metallo is a cyborg who is pretty much invulnerable and invincible and is one of Superman's most dangerous enemies because his body was powered by kryptonite. The character was, at one time, a con man named John Corben who was crushed, only to have a scientist save his life by putting Corben's brain in the robot body and asking him to save the planet from invading Kryptonians. Now known as Metallo, he killed the scientist and became one of Superman's most dangerous enemies.

32. Scarecrow

We are back to the Batman world again. Scarecrow is Jonathan Crane, a psychologist who developed a fear gas that instilled anyone infected with it with their greatest fears to the point of an almost paralysis. Because of his constant use of the fear gas, it started to drive Crane insane. Most people know Scarecrow from all three of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight movies.

31. Maxwell Lord

Think about this Maxwell Lord helped form the Justice League and then turned around and betrayed them all, attempting to kill all super powered beings for the good of mankind. Not only did he set up the OMAC Project to kill them, but he shot Blue Beetle in the head point blank, killing him in cold blood. He was so dangerous and so evil that he used his mind control powers on Superman to get him to kill everyone for him. How dangerous was he? Wonder Woman knew the only way to stop him was to snap his neck, murdering him in front of Superman and Batman one of the rare cases where a major DC Comics hero committed murder.


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