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Ten Deep 6.12.14: Top Ten Anticipated Sci-Fi Summer TV Premieres
Posted by Mike Gorman on 06.12.2014

" Top Ten Anticipated Sci-Fi Summer TV Premieres"

There is a lot going on in the world of sci-fi television this summer and not just on the proverbial SyFy Network. That said I figured this was a great week to take a look at ten of the most anticipated summer premieres. Gone are the days of the summer being a vast empty wasteland when it comes to television options. I will add that all of the selections on this list are network series and at this time I did not include any subscription service (ie, Netflix, Hulu) shows that you can binge watch in one day.

10. Under the Dome on CBS

CBS & Stephen King's Under the Dome is returning for its second season on Sunday, June 29th. There were several major revelations in the season finale, specifically about the dome's origins, but there were also many new questions asked. The opening episode of the season will be directed by King himself and promises to feature the demise of not one, but two major characters. When the show first premiered I wondered how it could be sustained as more than a mini-series and I think we are seeing the answer slowly unfold.

9. Outlander on Starz

Outlander on Starz is not necessarily your everyday science fiction television in that there are no spaceships, lasers or mysterious aliens, but this series based on the books by Diana Gabaldon does feature one very sci-fi element, namely time travel. The lead character is thrown into the past and my find her place in a very different culture. Check out this series that asks, "What if your future lay in the past?" on Saturday, August 9th.

8. The Last Ship on TNT

TNT's The Last Ship is an apocalyptic thriller that attempts to present a new spin on the story of a virus bringing about the end of civilization. As the crew of a ship searches for a cure to protect the remaining living, other forces seem at work to thwart their efforts for unknown reasons. The Last Ship sets sail on Sunday, June 22nd.

7. Dominion on SyFy

SyFy's Dominion is not just based on the events of the film Legion but serves as a direct sequel to the film jumping 25 years ahead from the ending of the film. In the series the battle between angels and mankind has come to ahead as the forces of Gabriel seem to be winning until the archangel Michael breaks ranks with his fellow angels and sides with humanity. I personally felt that Legion was an underrated film with some unique story elements I hope to see continued here in Dominion. Catch the premiere on Thursday, June 19th.

6. Extant on CBS

In Extant on CBS Halle Berry is an astronaut who has spent a year in space alone and away from her friends and family. Upon her return they discover that she is somehow pregnant. The answers to the how and why will serve as the basis for this thrilling series executive produced by Stephen Spielberg. Extant will land on July 9th.

5. Falling Skies on TNT

Falling Skies will be returning this summer for its fourth season on TNT. The show follows a band of humans, including Noah Wyle's Tom Mason, as they struggle to defend the Earth in the middle of a war between separate alien species. The show is known for its game changing twists several of which were exposed at the end of season three. Where the human forces will go now that they know more of what is really happening remains to be seen but we will get to see it happen on Sunday, June 22nd.

4. The Leftovers on HBO

When it was first announced I worried that The Leftovers would turn out to be a big network version of the religious film series, Left Behind as both seem to follow the story of a Rapture. What I discovered as more details of The Leftovers were brought to light is that the situation in this series is not as cut and dry, and humanity's fate may not be about salvation at all… or it might be. Already the series has us guessing and I cannot wait to see more! It premieres on Sunday, June 29th.

3. Teen Wolf on MTV

People who have not seen Teen Wolf and instead see it's teen focused media campaign as all they know of it may think less of me for putting it so high up the list, but after several seasons I have to admit I am hooked. MTV's series based, however loosely, on the 1980s classic film of the same name has proven itself a strong contender for the lead amongst many of the genre shows currently on television. The series has elements of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that endear it to me as a fan. Check it out when it returns on Monday, June 23rd.

2. The Strain on FX

A new take on the vampire mythos comes to the small screen this summer as Guillermo Del Toro helps adapt his book series, The Strain, for FX. Images and details of this show are only being leaked slowly as we approach its premiere and I think that is fantastic. I am a big fan of the book series and cannot wait to see the show that FX is clearly putting a lot of resources behind. The story is not about romantic creatures of the night, but of a disease that walks. Hide your eyes and take a peak when it premieres on Sunday, July 13th.

And finally…

1. True Blood on HBO

Many fans will tell you that they think that HBO's True Blood has wavered from the promise it showed its first few seasons, and I tend to agree, but I have faith in the citizens of Bon Temp, both living and dead. As a series that has proven it is eager to go over the top time and time again I have a lot of expectations for this the final season. I am eager to visit with all of the show's beloved characters one last time as we find out what their fates hold. We only have to wait until June 22nd for the end to begin!

And while I limited this list to television series there is a television event coming in July that all science fiction fans will want to check out. That's right, the unnatural natural phenomenon is striking again in Sharknado 2: The Second One on the SyFy Channel. They have even labeled the week leading up to the premiere as "Sharknado Week!" Will you been tuning in? I am assuming that this time, its personal!

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