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Alternate Takes 06.14.14: Top 50 DC Comics Villains (#30-21)
Posted by Shawn S. Lealos on 06.14.2014

Welcome to Week 305 of Alternate Takes, my name is Shawn S. Lealos and you have entered my world.

When I was counting down the Top 50 DC Comics superheroes, someone said I should count down the Top 50 super villains next. So, here we go I will say that this list was a lot harder because, honestly, a number of the bottom 25 could change places with each other depending on the heroes they are normally villains of. However, if anything, this list will show that there are some great villains in DC Comics.

Top 50 DC Comics Super Villains, 30-21

30. Ares

Ares is the son of the Greek God Zeus and the God of War. He is someone who has no true allies and will fight on either side with no real allegiances. Most of the Gods of Olympus hates him because he is just so antagonistic. In the DC Comics world, Ares is a bad guy in the world of Wonder Woman, one of only two real bad guys in her world that is actually notable and interesting. What makes him most dangerous is that, on top of his powers as a God, he is also a master strategist and manipulator. Ares has been around since the start and is the reason that the Amazons have a distinct distrust and hatred for men because he is the God who led a war against the women of the world to prove male dominance. It was the war that Ares started that led the Amazons to leave the world of man and settle into Paradise Island.

29. Captain Cold

And next we have another Flash Rogues villain. This time we have Captain Cold, the actual leader of the Rogues. Just like the other villains in the Rogues, Captain Cold works with a moral code he will only kill someone if his life is in danger or if he is seeking vengeance. Leonard Snart was the son of an abusive alcoholic ex-police officer who beat his family on regular occasions. When Snart was a teenager, he ran away from home and started working as a small time criminal. After Flash arrested him, Snart studied and when he was released, he used his new education to develop his cold gun and became a super villain. He has been a Flash villain since 1957.

28. Bizarro

Bizarro, for many years, was just a comedy villain for Superman, but he was one of the best of that sort of character. However, over time, he became a villain that was very powerful, and in many ways one of the most tragic characters in the Superman universe. In the pre-Crisis world, Bizarro was a scientific experiment gone wrong. However, the more interesting origin was that he was created by Mr. Mxyzptlk based on what Joker things Superman should be like. Among the more interesting things about Bizarro is that he speaks in reverse and everything he believes is opposite of the regular earth. Honestly, creatures from Bizarro World are not evil, but just confusing. There is also some who believe that Bizarro is actually stronger and more powerful than Superman.

27. Riddler

The Riddler is one of Batman's most famous villains and has been around for many years, in the comics the old television show and even the third Batman movie. Edward Nigma is a villain who is obsessed with riddles and puzzles and uses them in almost all of his crimes. It is a pattern that usually causes him to get caught, but he is unable to stop. It also creates some interesting stories when Batman has to use his detective skills to solve the crimes instead of just his fists. This makes Riddler one of the best villains for people who love Batman's detective stories.

26. Deadshot

Deadshot is a villain similar to the Marvel villain Bullseye in that he is one of the best assassins in the world and never misses. Through his career, he has only really missed one target and that was Batman. Most people now connect Deadshot with Green Arrow thanks to the TV series Arrow. However, Deadshot started out in Batman's villain's gallery. More recently, he achieved some big time notoriety in the pages of the Suicide Squad where he and Harley Quinn developed a relationship.

25. Amanda Waller

Speaking of the Suicide Squad, that brings us to Amanda Waller, one of the biggest bitches in the DC Comics universe. To start here, forget about the hot Amanda Waller in the New DC 52. The one that really stands out as memorable was the large and in charge Amanda Waller from the older DC Universe. Waller was a widow who was very protective of her loved ones. She soon became a congressional aide and suggested that the Suicide Squad be reestablished a program that allowed super villains to receive amnesty if they pulled off dangerous missions for the U.S. Government. While she sees herself as a hero, she comes into constant conflict with heroes, such as Batman and the Justice League. She is also very dangerous, because if the villains given to her to use fail their missions, she can have them immediately killed.

24. Brother Blood

Brother Blood is a lineage of villains, and each Brother Blood must kill the previous one in order to take over the mantle. Brother Blood has been around since the 1200s and has become immortal over time. Brother Blood made his first appearance in the DC Comics universe as a villain against the Teen Titans. Blood was spreading his cult into the United States through his telepathic control and killing anyone who tried to stop him. However, he was also very dangerous because the members of his cult ran far and wide and included people such as journalists, who were able to paint him as a victim and the Titans as aggressors. The most recent New DC 52 events has brought him back as Sebastian Blood.

23. The Anti-Monitor

Honestly, Anti-Monitor is a pretty boring villain, but he is one of the most important in DC Comics history. The Anti-Monitor is the reason for the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the DC story that rebooted the entire DC Comics universe, creating new origins and combining characters from many different DC worlds. He started the Crisis that killed Supergirl and Flash and combined all the worlds, almost destroying everything in the process. He also stuck around after Crisis and was the sole Guardian of the Sinestro Corps. Even later, he returned as a key character in the Blackest Night story. He may be kind of boring, but he is very important.

22. Doomsday

Speaking of a boring character, Doomsday went from one of the most important characters in the DC Comics universe to one of the most boring because of his powers. Of course, his biggest moment came when he killed Superman (and was also killed in exchange). That showed how powerful Doomsday is, not to mention the fact that he also beat Darkseid and killed many of his right hand minions. However, what makes him boring is that Doomsday was formed as a weapon on Krypton, where he was killed and revived over and over again. This was a way to make sure that Doomsday couldn't die twice at the hands of any one manner of execution. That means that Superman can't beat him to death again. It also means that he will always resurrect after dying and become one step closer to immortality. After one too many deaths, he is now just a plot device that has gotten less and less interesting over time. However, the Death of Superman keeps him rated highly.

21. Mr. Freeze

I love the character of Mr. Freeze. Personally, I think the best villain characters in comics are the ones who have a tragic back story and are doing what they have to do to fix their problems. Dr. Victor Fries' wife became terminally ill, he wanted to save her life. He froze her using cyrogenics and set out to find a cure. Thanks to an accident, he became Mr. Freeze, someone who could only survive in sub-zero temperatures or wearing a special suit. He then used his new powers to steal diamonds and use them to continue to preserve his wife in order to save her. Instead of being a killer or a bank robber with no redeemable qualities, Mr. Freeze only commits his crimes with the motive of finding what he needs to save his wife's life.


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