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411 Fact or Fiction Movies/TV 07.18.14: Week 442
Posted by Ben Piper on 07.18.2014

Did you miss me last week? Wait, I bet none of you even noticed that I was gone! Hmph, figures.

In all seriousness, I would like to thank my esteemed colleague Chad Webb for the solid when he agreed to fill in for me last second. As he mentioned, I was having computer issues. Long story short, my graphics card bit the dust. A couple days in the shop, and replacement card installed and Bob's your uncle. Color me a happy camper.

But time to get back in the rigors of the Fact or Fiction machine. This week, we've got Ron Martin and John Dotson. Let's see what they have to say.

1. Sex Tape will be a decent enough if unremarkable raunchy comedy.

John Dotson: Fiction. This is a tough call, but I have to go with negative on this one. Bad Teacher had its moments but was mostly an exercise of badly executed comedy. That film wanted to be funny and just wasn't, where as others make it look so damn easy. Even Jason Segel couldn't save that movie, and I'm usually a huge fan of anything with that guy. Director Jake Kasdan has potential for sure, he may just need to find the right material. That said, Sex Tape just has little going for it to make me feel like this is going to be an improvement over that film. I'm game for Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel to give it another shot. Especially if they had that much fun on Bad Teacher. Until I hear more though, this is going to remain in my Redbox future.

Ron Martin: Fiction. I don't even think this is a tough call. Bad Teacher was hugely disappointing. Not only was it not funny, but the protagonist was completely unlikable throughout the film and won at the end. Why was I supposed to be rooting for her? Because she dances in panties? Another "raunchy" comedy starring the same two people? No thanks. Cameron Diaz has never done anything for me. Aside from being a prop piece for the rest of the the cast to play off of in There's Something About Mary, I can't think of another movie she has starred in that I have actually liked. I know it's written into her contract that she has to dance in panties at some point in every movie that she is in, but after she made the list of twenty celebrities with terrible personal hygiene, I don't know if that's something I'd even want to see. I like Jason Segel enough, but maybe he needs to pick better scripts. I can't see this movie being anything more than a couple of good jokes and 85 minutes of bad jokes.

Score: 1 for 1

2. You were mostly pleased with the Emmy nominations.

John Dotson: Fact. I've never been a huge follower of the Emmy Awards, but after seeing the list of nods, I can't say I disagree with the picks. All the worthy players got their respective love, from Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, and so much more. Peter Dinklage once again is representing Game of Thrones, which has me pleased. Also I have to give major props on the nomination to Uzo Aduba as Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren from Orange is the New Black. I'm not sure if she was nominated last year, but that performance deserves so much attention. Not to mention True Detective received some nominations and that might be the best new show this year. So, overall I cannot complain. If anything, this has to be one of the most competitive years the show has seen.

Ron Martin: Fact. I don't put much stock into awards. I feel like awards are for agents who are trying to get their clients bigger paydays by saying he is a two time Oscar winner. I like what I like and I don't care if it's award winning. That being said I am mostly pleased with the nominations because all the buzz is around non-network television shows. I love that House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are getting nominations because I truly think the future of "television" is having a device (I'm looking at you ROKU) and handpicking a few channels to subscribe to each month. This makes me excited because anything that hurts Comcast, recently voted the worst company in America by The Consumerist, makes me happy. Networks will never go away, they just will buy programming that is better than theirs and screw it up, but in the short term this makes me happy. While awards don't do a whole lot for me, I will readily admit that The Emmys get it right far more than their movie and music counterparts.

Score: 2 for 2

3. Shoehorning the Doomsday character into Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice would be a mistake.

John Dotson: Fact. I'm probably the wrong person to ask this question, simply because I have no faith in this movie at all. Don't get me wrong. I really want everyone from Zack Snyder to Warner Brothers to surprise me. I do not want this movie to fail, but nothing has made me believe this isn't going to turn into a complete disaster. Which leads me to the Doomsday question... Is it a bad idea? Yes, it's a bad idea! You have an underdeveloped Superman teaming with a bloated group of superheroes, who are also being "shoehorned" into the story. Plus a Lex Luthor villain from Jesse Eisenberg that will also need development. This entire film is already one big "shoehorn" in hopes to lead to Justice League. As I said, I'm hoping for the best, but history has shown when a studio tries to accomplish too much with one movie, it usually backfires on everyone involved. Take your time and focus on the Batman and Superman relationship. The rest of the pieces will fall in place later.

Ron Martin: Fact.. I'm not a comic book guy. My comic book movie going experiences include the original X-Men trilogy, a few Batman films and the very first Spiderman. That being said, I thought the premise of Batman vs. Superman was a good idea based on just the fact that Batman was going to go up against Superman and I thought that might be interesting. I have since lost interest realizing that Hollywood is using the Holy Grail of movie superheroes (Batman) in order to give their Golden Boy whom they can't seem to get over as much now matter how much they try (Superman) a rub. On top of that, the movie is basically going to be a two hour infomercial for a Justice League movie, which in turn will be a two hour infomercial for "please pay attention to these other DC superheroes who are not Batman" spinoff movies in a bizarro version of what happened with The Avengers. Taking two iconic figures from the same genre and pitting them at one another's throats can work (see Freddy vs. Jason). Yes, they will need someone pulling the strings for them to battle and save face. My understanding is that they have Lex Luther for that. Putting other characters in outside of those three and their various hanger-ons (Alfred, Lois Lane) is forcing them down the audiences throat.

Score: 3 for 3


4. The Purge: Anarchy won't be anywhere as good as the original.

Ron Martin: Fiction. I say this not because I have high expectations for the movie, but because I didn't have a particularly high opinion of the first movie. I believe the entire premise is flawed. However, I do like the idea of the sequel movie not focussing as much on the crime aspect (though it is still there), but on a vigilante father getting revenge on those who commit the crimes. As a person who hosts a podcast about horror movie franchises, I can tell you that eventually this franchise will wear out its welcome and become inane. I don't believe this is that time and I see no reason why The Purge: Anarchy can't surpass it's overrated predecessor.

John Dotson: Fiction. Simply because the first one wasn't that great to begin with. Financially the film did incredibly well, but the movie itself critically was a bust. So, it can only get better from my standpoint. Also, as I was doing some investigating, the critics have already called it a slight improvement over the first, which is promising. Most of what I wanted from the original seems to be in the new film, so I'm willing to give it a chance. The streets of chaos portion of The Purge is really what fascinated me anyways. Does that make me weird?

Score: 4 for 4

5. You're bummed that Hellboy 3 is unlikely to ever get made.

Ron Martin: Fiction I like me some Ron Perlman and I like me some Guillermo del Toro. This would not seem to make since with my answer, but hear me out. Del Toro is just too busy as his name is attached to almost a dozen projects. Without Del Toro, I don't think we could trust the movie. Other than that, I don't get too stoke over prequels these days as Hellboy 3 was rumored to be. It's an overused and abused concept. For every prequel we wanted to see (The Godfather 2) there are a billion we don't (every other prequel ever). Even the good ones are unnecessary. Was anyone foaming at the mouth to see twentysomething James T. Kirk or Wolverine when he was just a pup? Prequel is just another device that Hollywood has grabbed by the balls in order to squeeze that last bit of blood out of the stone without having to do something creative. Why do something new when you can pay youngers actors less to portray already known characters no matter how overused and beat down they are? Back to the original question -- seeing as it was likely to be a prequel, it does not bother me that it will never be made.

John Dotson: Fact I don't mean to bust Ron's chops, but Hellboy 3 was never intended to be a prequel, but a sequel which would complete the saga of Hellboy fulfilling his dark destiny. Does it make sad we may never see this fully realized? Hell yes! I love these films for better or worse, and was excited about the promises that the 2nd film set up. It would most likely be the darkest of the series but sadly the most expensive. The problem is, Guillermo Del Toro is still a director that hasn't found a mainstream fanbase yet. Do the internet geeks love him? Yes! Do I love him? Yes! However, I'm not surprised the studio has said "no," because his movies haven't found a spark domestically. Even the Hellboy movies weren't financially successful on a noteworthy level. Someday, maybe we will see Hellboy bring about the apocalypse. Perhaps, if Pacific Rim 2 does gangbusters on the next America run the studios will change their minds.

Score: 4 for 5

6. Shane Black and Fred Dekker teaming up on a Predator sequel is an idea you can get behind.

Ron Martin: Fact. This is good timing as I just watched a Fred Dekker movie yesterday (Night of the Creeps) and realized it is a much better film than even it's cult status gives it. Add to the fact that the previous time these two teamed up, we got the great Monster Squad and why not give them a shot? I would be a little worried that Dekker hasn't been involved in a feature film since 1993, but then again, it's a Predator sequel -- it doesn't have to be a cinematic masterpiece. It may be a good way for Dekker to get his feet back into the pool while breathing something a little different into a franchise that still has legs. I wouldn't call it a "must see," but if it's going to get done, I feel like they could do a lot worse than Shane Black and Fred Dekker.

John Dotson: Fact. I'll be honest. I wasn't familiar with Fred Dekker until I looked him up on IMDB. I know, I'm going to get hell for this, but I still need to see Monster Squad. It's on my list, just haven't made my way to that title yet. However, Shane Black involved with a Predator sequel is enough to have me invested. He's a fantastic writer as well as director. Plus, Predator was one of the first films he appeared in back in the day. Almost seems like destiny if you ask me. I love the original, and with Shane Black involved, we may have a film on our hands that can compete with the John McTiernan classic. The news story also uses the word "inventive," so that just raises my curiosity on what these guys have in store for Predator.

Final Score: 5 for 6

And that's that. Ron and John are in almost complete agreement. Thanks to them both for taking the time, and see you next week!




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